Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So far, I’ve heard nothing

Good morning Folks ~ Here it is Tuesday morning and I am thankful for this new day. I had a restful sleep, and yesterday was a peaceful day as I worked on another beaded heart. I was humming along with music, or watching you-tube as I worked and enjoyed myself. I was doing something I love, right here at home. Something I have started making an income from.


Do what you love

and the necessary resources will follow.

Peter McWilliams


This job offer mentioned in my last post, was out of the blue, and in my circumstances I had to say yes, that I was interested and willing. If it was meant to be, it would be, has been my thought and prayer. Your prayers and my faith in Jesus have kept me calm. So far, I’ve heard nothing, and actually, I am relieved. I don’t really want to work ‘full-time’. At this stage and age in my life, it’s not something I really want to do. I’ve just been reading a book called, ‘Choosing Simplicity ~ Real People Finding Peace & Fulfillment in a Complex World’, by Linda Breen Pierce, loaned to me by a friend. My dear husband and I have been living a simple life from the beginning of our life together, now that he’s gone, I want to continue in this lifestyle. To get a full time job now feels like going backwards, not forwards. I kept thinking of the drive to and from work and could see it in my mind’s eye, I kept thinking about 40 hours + from home and that just wasn’t appealing at all. I would much rather have some sort of part-time work. What I’d really like, is to work right here from home doing something I love. I kept thinking of the job and how it would start to fill my mind with all that it would entail. I would lose some of the peace and tranquility that has become part and parcel of my life now. Things would become hectic & nerve-wracking. The more time/days have passed and the phone hasn’t rung, the better I feel. I hope I don’t hear from them. It feels right to me. So that’s where things stand right now. If I do hear from them, I’ll have to deal with it then.

Anyway, last night I thought to myself, OK, now is time to fill out the forms for a resale tax # and for a fictitious name for doing business.

Here’s my work from yesterday. It’s a start, and I’ve plenty more to do on it yet. Seed and bugle beads and fresh water pearls so far. This is what I really love to do, create hearts.


Today I plan to get some laundry washed and hung out, go to the library to return/get books, to Walmart to return a 3-way LED bulb that didn’t work in three different lamps that I tried. Plus, I need to get a few things at the grocery.

Here is aother photo, showing part of my life, then I need to eat, and get going for the day.

My sweet Miss Tork.


I will close this post with a wonderfully encouraging scripture verse, taken from Pinterest.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Jeremiah 29:11  Visit my Miscarriage blog @ joyanddragonflies.com #miscarriage #scripture #hope:



Ruth Hiebert said...

I am glad you have total peace about the job situation.God will provide as is needed.

Jessica Jarrell said...

Oh, Miss Tork! What a cutie patootie! She's a gorgeous kitty!