Saturday, November 16, 2019

Starting to decorate

Hello Folks ~ Low temp this morning 65 and real feel was 61. It has felt good all day having cooler temps. Right now at 5:46 pm EST it is 70 real feel 66. Tonight it is supposed to get down into the 50's. YAY!!

Thank you all for kind words of encouragement on my last post. My heart was blessed.

This morning I went out early to Walmart to get one item, and ended up getting some Christmas bits and pieces. I had the idea of 'purple' and found pieces but had no idea what I was going to do with them exactly. After I got home, an idea came to mind and I started acting on it.

As I was editing photos, I realized I should go back to Walmart for 2 more of the purple poinsettias. Here is the tree as it is now. I also need some kind of lighting, I need to see what I have in my stash of lights from last year. I either need something overhead to make it be lit up, of string lights.

 This is after I copied and pasted on two more of the flowers. Makes a difference. Oooops, I see another adjustment I need to make looking at this photo now.

Here are some artsy pictures. This was the last piece I picked out and it made me laugh with joy.

 Here is one of the two purple hummers, they did not have feathers.

 Here is the other one.

One of three purple poinsettias.

Here is another one. You can see the glittery spirals, 20 to the box, but I actually got 23. ;-)

Next is an unknown red rose that has a wonderful rosey scent.

And, I'm happy to say that when Miss Bea saw her new robe she broke out into a smile and said "I love it". I asked her if I could take a picture of her in it to post on my blog to share with you  and she said yes. She is a dear and we both feel God led us to each other when we needed each other.

Ok, that's it for now. It is really hard to believe that the holidays are so close. Enjoy all of the preparations, good times with family and friends and be thankful.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

Living each day, flowers, rain, God's goodness

Hello Folks, it is a wet, gloomy day here at Plum Cottage. I've got some Christmas jazz playing, lights are on to help dispel the gloom. Three windows are still covered from Hurricane Dorian 2 months ago. One of the men who helped me had a double hernia operation so has been out of commission.  Hopefully this week or next I can get help to get these off. Then the bulb in my hanging light in the living room blew out and I cannot unscrew it. Sheesh! I don't want to break the bulb, so instead of fretting I'll just go about my business using other lighting and get on with my day.

The temp is 81 and with the humidity feels like it is 84 at 8:12 EST. The a.c. is on and it is comfortable in here I have scented wax in the warmer and it will start smelling like cinnamon and apples shortly. I've got some home caring to do in the next two weeks before Thanksgiving. I have invited my friend Rita over. She's the facilitator of GriefShare, and we've become close friends since our first meeting last fall. Now I am her assistant. She has been a widow for 5 years. I am so looking forward to fixing a special dinner for the two of us. We are both looking forward to the time spent together. (I always enjoyed making special meals for hubby and I. I've enjoyed cooking/baking since jr. high home ec classes. Now I have over 300 cookbooks. :-) I really need to purge more books, Have gotten rid of some but there are still GOBS more to go through.)

I want to say thanks to those who have checked up on me. I'm still here, trying to take each day as it comes, learning to be content with what I have been blessed with. Life certainly changed for FlowerLady when her husband was called home to be with his Maker and Savior. There are unfinished projects that I'm living with and hopefully will work on some of them myself as I can. My energy level isn't what it once was, and neither is my motivation. Visiting some blogs kind of depresses me and makes me feel a tad jealous of all that they can do. Something I'm not proud of. I've much to be thankful for. Compared to some people around the world I am rich. God has blessed me over and over, mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.

Just yesterday I was blessed with a little gift to brighten my day and it made me thank Jesus off and on throughout the day every time I saw it. 

First off, I had gone to GoodWill to look for a robe for my friend Bea, she asked me to look for one since I was going there. I did find one, nice and heavy, 100% cotton. It was $2.99, 1/2 off that price, then with srs. discount, my total was $1.20. Being 94, Bea really feels the changes in temperature and has been wanting a new, heavy robe. This one really is nice, best one on the rack. I will take it to her tomorrow.

A few stores away from GW was American Thrift store and in there is where my little gift was waiting for me. I looked at Christmas decorations first, hardly any there, hardly any at GW either. So, I moseyed up and down the isles, making my way over to the linens.  I don't really need any sheets, etc. but if I saw 100% cotton and cheap, I might be tempted. I  walked down the isle and near the end, lo and behold, I stopped short, found a price tag, oh my goodness, can this be true? I checked it over, no rips or stains. Off the rack it came and to the check out I headed. Here is my gift below costing me a total of $3.20. (not straight on the bed).

I love it. I crochet and the time that went into making this just boggles my mind. A ball of thread  would cost almost as much as what I paid for it. I am truly blessed and thankful for this gift. God gave me something to cheer me up and that was inexpensive.

Next I went to Dollar General, 2 boxes of Christmas lights, some green garland, and miniature pine cones for decorating with. I am getting into the mood.

I did crochet some angels and snowflakes to take to our GriefShare 'Surviving the Holidays' meeting this past Sat. We had 15 including Rita and myself. The angels were a hit. I stiffened them with a mixture of white glue and water, and sprinkle them with glitter.  I threaded them for hanging, and took a small tree to our meeting, hung them on there and the attendees could choose whichever they wanted. (FIY ~ It took around 8 minutes to crochet each angel, and probably around the same for the stars.

I've done some baking also, oatmeal-raisin cookies for the two guys who helped with hurricane prep work.
Two of the drop cookies came out in the shape of hearts, I ate them. :-)

 I made pumpkin cookies for our GS meeting.

Am looking forward to cooking/baking for Thanksgiving.

Now for some flowers that are in bloom lately.



'Red Carpet Rose'

I've been blessed by seeing a hummingbird lately, always makes me smile and feel thankful. Unfortunately camera isn't close and even if it was, they flit about so fast it is hard to get a picture.

Last, but not least, is my sweet Miss Tork.

That's it for now, I need to get up and get 'doing'.

May your holiday season be filled with joy, love and peace.


Monday, November 11, 2019

Thanks to our Veterans

“For the veteran, 
thank you for bravely doing what you’re called to do
 so we can safely do what we’re free to do.” 

For the families of veterans, 
thank you also, for keeping the home fires burning.

God's blessings on all of you. 


My 'Sailor' is now with his Maker.
I am proud of him for serving his tour of 4 years, near the end of the Vietnam War.

I am proud of all who are serving in the military,  proud of those who have served in the past, whichever branch you are in.

Thank you.


This is an old tile that we picked up somewhere in our travels.