Monday, July 27, 2009

Blooms of Yesterday

Good morning. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was another hot and humid day yesterday, but as I was out walking around, I spied some possible pictures, so came back inside for my camera. Click on pictures to see enlarged.

Duchesse de Brabant first two pictures.

Homere, next two pictures.

The rest of the pictures are of Maggie, some with ground orchids.

If the rose puzzled its mind over the question how it grew,

it would not have been the miracle that it is.

J.B. Yeats 1871-1957

Musings from FL zone 10

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot and Humid

Here it is nearing the end of July already. It is hot and humid here. The humidity drains us of energy. I was out for awhile this morning trimming, weeding and had to quit because it is just too awful outside. It is clouding up and looks like we will get some more rain. We've had a lot, so much so that it's hard to keep up with everything. It is becoming more and more of a jungle as some things take over. We sure look forward to cooler weather. I just checked the weather site and it is 85, but with the humidity feels like it's 105.

Below are some pictures, click on them for a larger view.

This first one is of Pink Pet, or Caldwell's Pink.

This is of our driveway.

This is crepe myrtle.

Mexican petunia

Rain lily.

This is Tork, our helper and mostly overseer for projects.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer,

keep cool,

don't work too hard,

drink plenty of water to keep re-hydrated,

take breaks,

and have fun.

Musings from FL zone 10

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes
on the grass under the trees on a summer's day,
listening to the murmur of the water,
or watching the clouds float across the sky,
is by no means a waste of time."
Sir J. Lubbock

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crocheted Wire Work

Good evening Friends ~ Hope your day was a good one. We did more outside work this morning, sweating as we worked, drinking water and working in the shade of a big umbrella.

We've had late afternoon, early evening thunderstorms the past three days with LOTS of rain and wind. Our drought is definitely over.

Last night I made my first crocheted wire basket, using a spool of very fine wire from 1928, that DH had had in his workshop and gave to me. He gave it to me after I read a book from the library about crocheting with wire. This basket was the first time I've crocheted with beads also, so it was a fun project. Crocheting with wire is definitely NOT like crocheting with thread. A big difference. It's harder and it's a little rough on the fingers, but I enjoyed it. The tension isn't the same, as the wire is stiff. We think the wire might me nickel. Haven't gotten it tested yet.

Today I made two more baskets and one heart. I took pictures, but they are not that great. I've got to learn how to take pictures of this kind of work, it's not like taking pictures of flowers. Practice will make better. So forgive the poor quality of the pictures. I hope to sell these pieces in my online Etsy shop, which I've created, but not opened for business yet.

Anyway, here are the pictures of my little pieces, three baskets, one heart. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

This is my first basket, the beads are a midnight blue color.
The basket measures 3 1/2" high x 3" in diameter.

This is the second basket made, using glass tubular beads.
This one measures 2" high x 2' diameter.

This last basket has little brown beads and little cream colored ones,
which don't show up very well in the picture.
This one measures 4" high x 4" long at the top edge.

The heart measures 2 3/4" high x 3" wide.

That's it for tonight. I'm ready to get horizontal to read for awhile. Last night I dreamed about crocheting. I wonder why? ;-)

Have a good night and a great week.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have a Great Weekend

Good morning folks. Here it is Saturday already, the middle of July. It has been terribly hot and humid here. We've been doing some work outside early in the mornings and by 9 can't take being out there anymore, when it feels like it's 103. The humidity is what does it. It just saps you of your energy.

Anyway, life goes on each day, we do what we can when we can. We had another big thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. The rain is great though, so I'm not complaining, especially after being in drought conditions for almost 4 years.

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun, don't work too hard, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, and be thankful for your many blessings big and small.

Musings from FL zone 10

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When A Man Loves A Woman

This post is with love for my DH, the man who loves this woman. Without his love, I wouldn't be who I am today. I am thankful to God for the love we have been blessed with.

Below is a good youtube video of this beautiful song.

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'Incense' Passion Flower

This first picture is of the main garden this morning before the heat and humidity set in.

Do click on the pictures for a larger view.

This next set of pictures is of the passion flower vine 'Incense'.
The scent is wonderful and I just love the colors.
I was out trimming the hedge around the secret garden and saw these.
They grow wild and spread without help from this humble gardener.

Musings from FL zone 10

Night Blooming Cereas

Hi there. Here is my second group of pictures taken today.

This cactus was given to me by a customer a few years ago, as one section of this plant. It has climbed up into the pine tree and I don't get the full benefit of this glorious plant, in it's scent and the loveliness of the full-blown bloom. My pictures are the morning after, and to me still something to behold.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

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Roses and orchids

Good afternoon. Hope you all have had a lovely day today. I went out early to weedwack and do some weeding and trimming. Boy, once that sun reaches a certain point in the sky it starts being miserable. It was a hot, humid time in the gardens. I checked the weather and it was 89 but felt like it was 102, no wonder I was feeling dragged out. I just left some trimmings to be raked up tomorrow morning as I had had enough.

I did get out and took some pictures. I will have a couple of posts of them. This one is of Prosperity roses and Vanda orchids with hamelia patens or firebush in everyday humble garden language. :-)

Have a nice evening and a great day tomorrow.

Click on pictures for larger views.

Musings from FL zone 10

Friday, July 10, 2009

Savory Chicken Pies

Savory Chicken Pies

1/2 lb. bulk pork sausage
1/4 c. butter
1/3 c. flour
salt and pepper to taste
1 13 3/4 oz. can of chicken broth
2/3 c. milk
2 c. cubed, cooked or left-over chicken
1 (10-oz.) pkg. frozen, mixed vegetables, thawed

In saucepan brown sausage, breaking into pieces; drain on paper toweling. Pour off fat. In same saucepan melt butter. Blend in flour, salt, and pepper. Stir in chicken broth and milk. Cook and stir till thickened and bubbly; cook 1 minute more. Add browned sausage, cubed chicken, thawed mixed vegetables; heat through. Divide mixture among six 1-cup casseroles. Top with Savory Pastry. Place casseroles on baking sheet. Bake at 425 degrees for 25-30 min. Makes 6 servings.

Savory Pastry
1 c. sifted all-purpose flour
1 tsp. celery seed
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. paprika
1/3 c. shortening
1 T. water

Combine flour, celery seed, salt, and paprika; cut in shortening. Sprinkle with water, a tablespoon at a time, mixing with fork till all flour is moistened and dough clings together. Gather dough together; press into ball. Roll 1/8 inch thick on lightly floured surface. Cut into 6 circles the size of the casseroles. Cut slits near circle on top of each casserole.

Note: This is delicious! I made it in a 9"x10"x2" glass dish. This recipe was taken from ~ Better Homes and Gardens Good Food on a Budget 1975. This cookbook was my late MIL's and it was given to me after she passed away. I want to say right here that I am thankful for all the recipes that Mom sent me as a newlywed while we lived in Spain and from then on.

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Pictures from today

Today it is very warm and humid out, with hardly a breeze stirring, overcast skies, not so nice to be outside working. I decided to take some pictures instead. Hope you enjoy them. My gardens are delighting me more and more. Gardens are an ongoing, daily growing process. Just as our lives are. May we, and our gardens grow more lovely and peaceful with each new day.

Below is one of my favorite prayers of David, taken from Psalms 143:8, the King James Version of the Bible.

Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning;
for in thee do I trust:
cause me to know the way wherein I should walk;
for I lift up my soul unto thee.


Remember to click on pictures for a larger view.

This is of the main garden. The flowering tree on the right is Spicy Jatropha.

On the left and at back you see light pink flowers, those are from Crepe Myrtles.

The darker pink on the left is Plumeria, which leis are made from.

Hibiscus flowers are in the lower right.

This is the hibiscus in lower right of above picture.

These are ground orchids. I got them last year.

This is a look past the ground orchids to the new seating area we just worked on.

The Victorian wire bench was already back against the fence.

I got the idea to have a lattice roof and started gathering 'curb-side shopped' pieces to do this with that we have been saving for whatever projects might come to mind.

I put the idea to DH and he suggested using the metal studs for the rooflet. I was using the lattice elsewhere. We had the wrought iron screen stashed, and the old clothesline pole in cement was stashed too. We had old painted fence boards that we used for the fascia on the front and south side.

I have a Phyllis Bide rose bush growing up over the north end. St. Vincent Lilac Vine will be growing up over the south end, I hope. I want to paint the wire bench a purple, I think. Maybe the studs also and maybe even the wrought iron screen. :-)

This is a ginger, light purple flowers if I remember right.

This is looking from the north side. The back supporting beam goes from our fencing between us and our neighbors, and the fencing at the back of the main garden.

This is up front again, looking toward the front gate. The 4 lane highway is about 10' from the gate. The rose in the foreground is Chrysler Imperial, with Vanda orchids behind. There are Louis Phillipe roses growing by the front gate arbor.

Vanda orchids next two pictures.

This is Duchesse de Brabant with spotted croton leaves. We have two or three different kinds of crotons.

This is my shed's garden on the east side of our cottage. I wanted to show the crepe myrtle blooms. Louis Phillipe and bougainvillea are usually pictured, they are more or less resting now.

The next two pictures are of a sweet little unknown orchid. The tag for it blew away in one of the hurricanes.

This is a cast piece of aluminum with shells. I headed out to take a picture with the cast piece horizontally as it should be, but my batteries needed recharging. :-(

And as Bugs Bunny used to say,

'The bea, the bea, the bea, that's all folks',


Musings from FL zone 10