Thursday, June 2, 2022

Turtling, Contentment, Gratitude

Hello Folks ~ Here we are into June already. Time is zipping along so fast!!

What on earth is 'turtling' you might ask? I hadn't heard the word until I read it on my friend Gretchen's blog, 'Gladsome Lights'. When I read the thought on this, it was encouraging for me to keep plugging away at my own pace. "Turtling ~ The practice of moving forward, no matter how slowly, when one is feeling overwhelmed by decisions and tasks. We must keep turtling." Do any of you feel this way?

Clearing the property has definitely been a 'turtling' experience. The 'stuff' didn't accumulate over night, it happened over years. This past year has certainly seen some changes here, changes for the better. More are yet to come, as my motivation and energy allow. My mind thinks I can still do things, but alas, my body says differently.  

Below is a work in progress. My friends Wendy and Mike were just here last week and he weedwacked this area. I've got cut limbs from the rattle tree, and different bits and pieces of 'stuff' to still clear out. The blue tarp is to kill grass/weeds.

 I threw cement blocks, wood, whatever, to place temporarily in front of plants so that the weed wacker would not wack them down. ;-) Vanda orchids that grow like weeds I stuck along the fence rails. They bloom several times during the year.


Here is a little video I did a week or so back.


Now that summer is almost here I must get out early, between 7-8 to get a good start on whatever project or work that needs doing, before the heat and humidity are unbearable.

The sketch below is an idea I got after watching some garden you tube videos. I had two 4x4x8' posts and some decorative iron. My friends Sean and Stan were here to trim front hedge and whatever else I might need to have done. I told them my idea. We realized after the posts were in the ground that for my idea to work the way I envisioned, I would need 10 foot posts. So, we just left these 8 footers until I could get the right size. They have gone down in price by $5 since they were here so that's a good thing. My friend Wendy will be picking them up for me as they won't quite fit in my little van. I was going to make a little wood fence using fence slats that I have in my stash, but I've changed my mind on that idea. 

I do look forward to this coming together and having the garden space come to life with flowers and butterflies, instead of 'stuff'. My dear hubby told me before God called him home, to get rid of the junk, as he knew I didn't like it. Well, I let go of some stuff, have regrets about letting some of it go, but... I did keep decorative wrought iron pieces.  I think the space between posts is about 6', without going out into the heat to check for sure.

 Now for some of the beauty that I enjoy here. 'Flying Flowers' are always a delight. The zebra longwing is our state butterfly.

Double Delight rose.

I brought a couple of the blooms inside to enjoy. Excuse my windows, they do need cleaning, but they also are double paned and have lost their seal which makes it cloudy. Window replacement is not an expense I can afford.

My friends Nanci and John, who I've known for over 20 years, through my working next door to their antique shop for 17 years, took me to lunch a couple of weeks back. John got out of their truck and said we have something for you. I gasped in delight when I saw it. They no longer wanted it and thought of me.  It's a beautiful, old cement planter.

Here Nanci and I are enjoying our lunch of fish n chips, coleslaw, and hushpuppies. I had an Arnold Palmer to drink. The background is so Florida looking, palm trees, big blue sky. It was nice and breezy so we decided to eat outside. This place is known for it's fish n chips. We always enjoy going there.

Here I am holding one month old Ellie. She is a beautiful baby!! My first time holding a little one this small in many, many years. Pure delight!!
A hydrangea given to me by a friend just before covid. This is the first year it has bloomed for me and I love it. I need to repot it.

I loved the way the sunlight was hitting this shell windchime.

Sweet patooties, who were born on the property. I'm checking into a spay and release program that's free I think, to get the mother fixed and then the black one here. The tabby is a male. I do feed them a little in the mornings, I just couldn't help myself. Sheesh! The mother has had two more and I don't feed her or them. They are surviving. The tabby lets me pet him a little bit.

This is 'Tiffany', a lovely scented rose. 'Double Delight' smells wonderful also.

Here's my 16 years young Miss Tork purring on one her favorite spots, my chest. We bond for awhile, then she moves on.

I am learning contentment, and I am thankful for my life. I really have much to be thankful for.

I will close with a quote from John Piper, from a devotional from Desiring God, and some encouraging scripture from the Bible. May God bless you with His peace.
"The joy God gives us is not a fragile joy,
ready to vanish in painful circumstances. 
It is strong enough to sustain fragile people through them." 
John Piper 

God has been my source of strength and joy for many years, but especially these last 9 1/2 years since He called my dear hubby home. I do have times where I get down, and call out to Him to lift me up and He does.
Jesus is always near, closer than we think. We need to just talk to him, trust him, have faith and patience that all things will work out. It doesn't mean we won't have trials, we will, but He is with us, and will sustain us.
Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you 

Even to your old age and gray hairs
    I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
    I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

Isaiah 46:4
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7 
Thanks for visiting.
Love, hugs and prayers,