Sunday, January 31, 2021

Last day of January

Hello Folks ~ I just spent two hours watching and singing along in a time of worship and praise to Jesus our Great God. My heart has been blessed, I feel invigorated and oh so thankful to Jesus for all that He has done and is doing and will do in my life.

I grew up on the old hymns which influenced my life greatly, and I still love them, but in the 60's rock n roll spoke to me and still does even though I'm approaching my 72nd birthday in March. Today, a lot of praise and worship music is rock n roll in style and at this time, this video was just what I needed to bring some joy and light back into Plum Cottage once again.

We are told to make a joyful noise to the Lord and there are many ways and styles of music to do this. I believe they are all pleasing to Him, slow or fast, if from our hearts, they bring Him joy. I wanted to share this you-tube video. My dear husband played lead guitar here at home with different musicians via albums, tapes, cds, the web and I could hear him in some of this music tonight. He is in heaven praising Jesus and oh how wonderful it must be to be with our Savior, Friend, Provider, Healer, Restorer, Comforter, Giver of all good things, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

With that, I will close this post. Next post will have pics of tree trimming done here at Plum Cottage, but I had to share this time of worship tonight.

Have a great week. If you haven't sought out Jesus yet, I pray that you will. You won't be disappointed.

Love, hugs and prayers,




Thursday, January 21, 2021

Thankful for so much

Hello Friends ~ It is a cool, sunshiny morning here in s.e. FL, USA. I've just filled the drainboard with more clean dishes, rinsed and drying now. A few more to do, and I'll be caught up until I dirty some more.  I am thankful though that I have food to eat, to dirty the dishes. Thankful for soap and hot water to wash the dishes. Thankful for the healing warmth of dishwater on my healing wrist/hand. I am planning to soak wrist/hand it some hot epsom salt water later.

I am thankful for the sweet gift of a hyacinth bulb in water from my dear friend Sandy. She stopped by one day after work bringing me this gift. She wanted to give me something to smile about and to let me know I am loved. I do not remember in my almost 72 years the joy of smelling the scent or enjoying the beauty of a hyacinth so this has been a real treat.



The scent is so lovely and the flowers are so pretty. They did make me smile and feel loved as I enjoyed them while washing dishes this morning. Thank you Sandy. 

I am thankful for Sean and Stan who came over this past Saturday morning and worked for a little over three hours replacing more privacy fencing.  I helped a little, very little. 

Picture below was at the end of the day's work. To the left is facing south, between my property and the neighbor's who just sold their property. She had helped with $ for fencing and I am so thankful for that. The fencing in the middle of the photo is on the west side. I met the lady who lives there with her husband, for the first time. Really nice and so was her husband who I met later. She told me that her husband wanted to talk with me and gave me his cell phone #. 

Sean and Stan continued with fencing, and after they had left and I had some lunch I called the husband. I was nervous, but Sean said before he left that maybe it would be something good. 

Sean in background, Stan foreground. They dug holes for fence posts, mixed and poured concrete for 5 sections of fencing.

I took this photo below the next morning. The tree with brown seed pods is what the west neighbor wanted to talk to me about.

This is the first 3 sections of fencing done. More will be bought when finances are available. It looks so nice and I KNOW they greatly appreciate the new look.

The neighbor husband was home when I called and told me he wanted to talk to me about that tree. I went over to their place, the tree is close to the fence line and drops the majority of seed pods into their property. With my permission, he would like to have the tree cut down and he would pay for it. Oh my, this brought tears and of course I said yes. I apologized and told him that my husband had passed away 8 years ago and I was taking care of this place on a small ss check, doing the best I could. He and his wife were both sorry for my loss and he said we are to help each other. He also told me he is a handyman. Amazing. (My dear husband was a handyman, antique restorer, artist, wood worker.)

I said more fencing would be done, when I could afford it. He asked me how much the fencing was per section and I told him and also told him about the other neighbor giving me $ to help with fencing and he said maybe they could help with that also. Tree removal and new fencing is good for both of us. Fencing was good for other neighbor also.

We will see what happens. For now, this is the latest and I am so thankful. 

Now for some climbing Don Juan roses. I wish you could smell these. They are wonderful. I have other roses also scenting the air. Such a joy!

Below is Bermuda's Kathleen. A sweet rose.

On a kind of bummer note, my Roku has presented me with a 'green screen' and I've not been able to fix it yet. So no enjoyment of watching you-tube on my big screen TV, just from my computer, not nice at all. But, maybe this is a good thing. I am to be 'thankful' in all things. A God-send perhaps to get me up off my derrière. This past month of not being able to do hardly anything because of hurting my wrist has made me sit in front of you-tube much more than normal. I need a dose of good fiction to read. I have quite a few spiritually uplifting books that I'm reading and they are very good. Fiction is also good and I have nothing new to read.

I've done a little gardening, very little compared to what needs doing. Tuesday I drove to get groceries for the first time since I fell, 19 Dec. It felt good to be out, but also felt great to get back home. Wrist was tired and hurting a bit. I do wear my wrist brace most of the time, except for washing dishes, and showering. I've washed and hung out 3 loads of laundry. Most of Christmas is down and packed back up. Needs to be taken out to the workshop. All in good time.

I will end this post with a very inspiring video that came into my recommendations this morning from you-tube. It made me very thankful for God and His great love for us all.

Thank you for visiting, for your kind comments and words of encouragement. It's all priceless.

I am thankful for you.

Love, hugs and prayers,


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

One day at a time

Good morning Folks ~ here we are almost to the middle of January already. Time is zipping right along. I pray that you all are doing well, staying safe and finding some joy in each new day that we are blessed with.

My wrist is still healing, it will take time. I'm learning more patience in this time of covid, and to trust God with everything. An online friend told me about a linament, Zhen Gu Shui. I googled it, read the reviews and ordered it in a spray. It came yesterday and I've used it twice. I'll let you know what I think after using it for about a week. So far, I do believe it has lessened the pain. The healing of this linament goes all the way to the bones. 

I had a hard time with opening cans with my swing away can opener because of this injury so looked up electric can openers. I got discouraged looking at ads and reviews. One I really, liked but the reviews mentioned metal slivers and that turned me off. The next day in my you-tube feed I got a recommendation to watch a video for this very can opener. It was done by a lady and she did a very good review. This opens the cans around the outer edge, unsealing the lid from can, no sharp edges. The way you would get metal slivers is by letting the can do another revolution, instead of stopping after the first one. This works fantastic, what an invention.


Here is her link: Hamilton Beach Electric can opener

I am so itching to work in my gardens, but at this time just do very little as everything continues to grow. This is just one area that needs work. ;-)

 I ordered two new hand garden tools that I really needed. One came a week or so ago, and the other is due to be delivered today. I did try out the hedge shears just to see how they were, and oh my I can hardly wait to do some serious hedge trimming. Both were bought through Amazon, and gift money from friends bought these two tools.

Corona hedge shears below.

Felco pruning shears below.

I have carted out some more cut limbs piled out back by the 'caravan', to the front curbside to be picked up by brush people on Sat. Needless to say, I go slowly and don't do too much. 

My friend Sean and another man from his church will be here on Saturday to work more on replacing fencing. That will be nice.

Here are some of the flowers that are blooming now. I wish you could smell the roses and other bloomers whose scents are filling the air. No names at this time as my wrist is really starting to bother me as I type.

That's it for now. If you need peace and joy in your life, seek Jesus. Talk to him, give him all of your cares.

Love, hugs and prayers,


 P.S. Link for artistic filters in last post: Artistic Filters

 You upload your photo and have fun.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

A New Day

Good morning Folks ~ Here it is the 5th of January already. It was in the low 50's when I got up this morning. The sun is shining in a big blue sky and I am thankful to be alive and enjoy this gift of a new day.

My wrist is healing slowly, steadily but surely. I am using my creams, wrist brace. Had to resort to getting some ibuprophen as acetaminophen just wasn't helping. Needed the anti-inflammatory part, which is helping. I only took one yesterday, and will probably take another in a bit as my wrist is hurting from being here working on the computer. After I finish this post, I will shut the thing off and do other things, like wash more dishes. I can only do about a drainboard at a time. Am almost caught up.  We so easily take things for granted, like all of the things we can do with our dominant hand/arm.

Last night's supper was super simple, kind of boring, but filling. I have a hard time using the can opener, so looked in my little pantry to see what I might have that doesn't need the opener, and found a can of Vienna sausages, not great, but I bought those in case of lack of food because of covid. Anyway, it wasn't bad, just not exciting, had added garlic and onion powders, and cooked with frozen mixed veggies served over instant mashed potatoes and with a glass of merlot. It was filling. Today I have chicken breasts in the crockpot. They had been BOGO at Publix, which is always a blessing.

I played with an art program his morning, that you can use online to change the look of your photos. The first photo is the actual one and the rest are using the filters. It was fun.


That's it for now. Wrist is protesting. 

Be well, stay safe, be thankful. 

Have a great week.