Thursday, January 21, 2021

Thankful for so much

Hello Friends ~ It is a cool, sunshiny morning here in s.e. FL, USA. I've just filled the drainboard with more clean dishes, rinsed and drying now. A few more to do, and I'll be caught up until I dirty some more.  I am thankful though that I have food to eat, to dirty the dishes. Thankful for soap and hot water to wash the dishes. Thankful for the healing warmth of dishwater on my healing wrist/hand. I am planning to soak wrist/hand it some hot epsom salt water later.

I am thankful for the sweet gift of a hyacinth bulb in water from my dear friend Sandy. She stopped by one day after work bringing me this gift. She wanted to give me something to smile about and to let me know I am loved. I do not remember in my almost 72 years the joy of smelling the scent or enjoying the beauty of a hyacinth so this has been a real treat.



The scent is so lovely and the flowers are so pretty. They did make me smile and feel loved as I enjoyed them while washing dishes this morning. Thank you Sandy. 

I am thankful for Sean and Stan who came over this past Saturday morning and worked for a little over three hours replacing more privacy fencing.  I helped a little, very little. 

Picture below was at the end of the day's work. To the left is facing south, between my property and the neighbor's who just sold their property. She had helped with $ for fencing and I am so thankful for that. The fencing in the middle of the photo is on the west side. I met the lady who lives there with her husband, for the first time. Really nice and so was her husband who I met later. She told me that her husband wanted to talk with me and gave me his cell phone #. 

Sean and Stan continued with fencing, and after they had left and I had some lunch I called the husband. I was nervous, but Sean said before he left that maybe it would be something good. 

Sean in background, Stan foreground. They dug holes for fence posts, mixed and poured concrete for 5 sections of fencing.

I took this photo below the next morning. The tree with brown seed pods is what the west neighbor wanted to talk to me about.

This is the first 3 sections of fencing done. More will be bought when finances are available. It looks so nice and I KNOW they greatly appreciate the new look.

The neighbor husband was home when I called and told me he wanted to talk to me about that tree. I went over to their place, the tree is close to the fence line and drops the majority of seed pods into their property. With my permission, he would like to have the tree cut down and he would pay for it. Oh my, this brought tears and of course I said yes. I apologized and told him that my husband had passed away 8 years ago and I was taking care of this place on a small ss check, doing the best I could. He and his wife were both sorry for my loss and he said we are to help each other. He also told me he is a handyman. Amazing. (My dear husband was a handyman, antique restorer, artist, wood worker.)

I said more fencing would be done, when I could afford it. He asked me how much the fencing was per section and I told him and also told him about the other neighbor giving me $ to help with fencing and he said maybe they could help with that also. Tree removal and new fencing is good for both of us. Fencing was good for other neighbor also.

We will see what happens. For now, this is the latest and I am so thankful. 

Now for some climbing Don Juan roses. I wish you could smell these. They are wonderful. I have other roses also scenting the air. Such a joy!

Below is Bermuda's Kathleen. A sweet rose.

On a kind of bummer note, my Roku has presented me with a 'green screen' and I've not been able to fix it yet. So no enjoyment of watching you-tube on my big screen TV, just from my computer, not nice at all. But, maybe this is a good thing. I am to be 'thankful' in all things. A God-send perhaps to get me up off my derrière. This past month of not being able to do hardly anything because of hurting my wrist has made me sit in front of you-tube much more than normal. I need a dose of good fiction to read. I have quite a few spiritually uplifting books that I'm reading and they are very good. Fiction is also good and I have nothing new to read.

I've done a little gardening, very little compared to what needs doing. Tuesday I drove to get groceries for the first time since I fell, 19 Dec. It felt good to be out, but also felt great to get back home. Wrist was tired and hurting a bit. I do wear my wrist brace most of the time, except for washing dishes, and showering. I've washed and hung out 3 loads of laundry. Most of Christmas is down and packed back up. Needs to be taken out to the workshop. All in good time.

I will end this post with a very inspiring video that came into my recommendations this morning from you-tube. It made me very thankful for God and His great love for us all.

Thank you for visiting, for your kind comments and words of encouragement. It's all priceless.

I am thankful for you.

Love, hugs and prayers,



Rebecca said...

I'm so happy that the Lord has gifted you with just-the-right neighbor! I sure enjoyed the window views and the lovely hyacinth...

Have you read any Elizabeth Goudge? I'm reading The Heart of the Family, the third in a trilogy. I am enjoying it.

Dewena said...

Lorraine, your pictures are so good! The Don Juan by that lamp with the sweet shade is so cozy and comforting. And your hyacinth photos, too. I was just reminding my husband yesterday that the grocery store should have them in soon as was both always enjoy watching them open up and reveal their color. Little things like that are such a help in winter.

I'm so happy that you're getting fencing done and it looks like you're going to have nice new neighbors, what a blessing that is! I'm so glad your wrist pain has lessened but since it's only been a little over a month I'm guessing you're in for a lot more time before it heals completely. I'm sure you're being careful but I can't resist urging you to do just that!

L. D. said...

I am so glad that they are nice neighbors. Both sides do gain from the fence and it does look nice. I had a branch that I had cut back on my tree as I noticed my neighbor was busy raking up his yard from it. The red rose is so gorgeous. I sympathize with your arm pain as I am still dealing with pain from my surgery off and on. It takes so long to heal up. Can you get on your computer and check on your Roku account. We had a credit card expire and they just shut us down.

Deb said...

Hello Lorraine - your new fencing looks great! Sounds like you have super nice neighbors. So glad your wrist is healing. That was quite a fall you took. You may remember that I fell and broke my hand while out walking the week before the Covid lockdowns began. Not fun. As always, I love your beautiful flowers! See you again soon!

Ann Thompson said...

How nice that they put the new fencing up for you. It looks great. Sounds like you have some wonderful neighbors there too.
I had some problems with my firevstic for tv and I unplugged it then plugged it back in and it was fine

Ruth Hiebert said...

Sounds like you have some great neighbors. good neighbors are priceless.

ellen b. said...

How wonderful that new fencing looks. So happy to hear you had some good helpers come by. Also what a blessing that you were able to communicate with your neighbor who is willing to pay to remove the tree that they are not happy with. Still praying for complete healing for your wrist!

Nancy J said...

New fencing. a handyman right next door, a new President, so much happening that you so deserve. All good things happen in time. Take care of your wrist and do not try to tackle too much. XX

Lynn said...

Here's an old saying "good fences make for good neighbors". I believe it
it means that yards are protected, but good neighbors know you're on the
other side. It would be nice if this new friendly neighbor does pay for the
tree removal, instead of insisting you take care of the problem he feels
it causes him. Not many folks would be willing to help in the price at all.
Love the multiple photos of the progression of the hyacinth. Lovely pink,
and then your outside flowers, a wonder as always. Hope the homeopathic salves
have helped your writs. Your secret garden is looking happy with new fencing.
Take care and don't work too hard. Lynn and Precious

Mother Em said...

Beautiful neighbors, beautiful fence. When we had our fencing put in, we opted to have the beautiful side facing into our property (except what faced the street), wherein the neighbors got the post side. Guess it the homeowners choice on how to install.

If that is the Japanese lantern tree, I truly understand why he wants to cut it down. Wish we would. I've picked up the lanterns all summer, fall and still find them - seeds everywhere.

Take care with the wrist, enjoy your lovely, special neighbors and God Bless.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

What a blessing to have such good neighbors who are taking an interest in helping you with fencing, tree removal, etc., and then that lovely hyacinth! What fun to watch it grow and blossom!! So glad that your wrist is healing. I can imagine how difficult it has been for you to do all the things you need to do let alone some things you'd like to do with it hurting. I know you will be happy to get "back to normal". May God continue to heal and bless you and give you sweet fellowship with neighbors and friends.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The hyacinth is beautiful. Such a sweet gift.
So glad you have wonderful neighbors who are working with you on the fence and tree.

The Merry Olde Dame, Holly said...

I love the photographs of your hyacinth and the roses! Those are exceptionally beautiful photos. And glad to hear the neighbor with the concern about the tree is helpful, not mean about it. Good neighbors are such a blessing. During this COVID lockdown, I have begun blogging again after a long absence. And I found your blog listed on several other blogs I love reading! Blog hopping is so uplifting and I feel I have been out and about visiting afterwards.

Sallysmom said...

Thank you for sharing so much. This has made me really do some thinking about being thankful more.

Kit said...

So wonderful that you are getting help with your fence and tree. People can be so nice. You take care and stay well. Love, KK

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Lorraine. I'm glad that your wrist is feeling a bit better. Please take the time you need so it can heal all the way. Your new fencing looks beautiful. I love the look and smell of the new wood. What a joy it must be for you to have the men helping. That was a very admirable thing that your neighbor offered to you. It is always good when neighbors help each other. Your roses are beautiful and I love the photo of your beautiful gift on your windowsill..Stay well my friend..xxoJudy

Morning's Minion said...

You have a gift for capturing beauty--in your gardens and in the lovely vignettes inside your little house. It is always refreshing to spend a few moments enjoying your photos.
I like your fence--as Robert Frost wrote, "Good fences make good neighbors."

BeachGypsy said...

hi there Lorraine, so glad to see you had stopped by. Glad you are doing good. I saw that book on Deweena's blog and now I want it too, it does LOOK GOOD! The last garden book. I just love your pictures. I love all the pretty flowers and the garden but I sure do love to see your pretty indoor pictures too, especially the ones you take in the windows/windowsills with all your pretty things there. It's rainy here today....lots of raindrops.

M.K. said...

What amazing blessings your neighbors are!! That's truly God's work, and to hear that one man is a handyman too. I'm so thankful for that support for you. The fence looks so good - fresh wood is pretty! I hope all goes well with the tree removal. Take care of that wrist!

Terra said...

The Don Juan roses, such beauties, your hyacinth must smell so gorgeous and you have friendly new neighbors, Now be sure and rest your wrist as it heals.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Lorraine, that red rose made my heart sing. It's simply beautiful. It sounds like you are thankful for many things, and it's so special that you appreciate all of them. Your neighbors sound like a nice bunch of people. I have met my neighbors as well in the mountains, and they have been so nice, always lending a helping hand. That's important to have good neighbors I think. I love all the lamps and lighting you have in your home. I still have to get some lamps to make it more cozy. Oh, I'm looking at that red rose still my heart. Your home is charming, and it says "welcome" to me. : )