Monday, October 18, 2021

Thank you!

Good morning Folks, it is just getting light out. Birds have started to sing their greetings to the world. I will be heading outside shortly to do more clearing of overgrowth. Saturday my dear friend Wendy and her husband Mike came over with a dump trailer and we, but mostly them as they didn't want me overdoing things, started loading old lumber, wood, etc. They took that load to the dumping station near me, came back and we proceded to fill the trailer again, but it going to station again will be happening today. This particular station takes anything, so my property should be looking great as each load of 'stuff' leaves. 

 I know my dear Mark is ever thankful and shouting for joy that I have been blessed with so much help this year. All of this accumulated 'stuff' didn't happen overnight, it happened over the years. When he first left this planet for the heavenly plane, I could NOT deal with everything. He had told me near the end if his life here when he was bedridden, "Rainey, get rid of the junk. I know you hate it." He could not pass up use-able things items dumped on the side of the road hence the overload. We used some, sold some and stored some. 

With the help of another female friend a few years back, and her husband's dump trailer, she and I loaded it with metal and took it to the scrap yard. 3,000 lbs equaled $300 back then. Now it is a lot less. That was the start of the clean up. This year, Juvenal took 18 pick up loads of more metal to the scrap yard, he got the $ for his help in clearing away the metal. Now everything else is starting to be cleared out. Mind you, I have kept out decorative iron bits, some things I think maybe I should keep, ha, for what? I am not a builder, I was Mark's helper in all of our projects. I would get ideas and he would bring them to fruition. So most ends up in the dump trailer or will end up there. It feels GREAT, I feel invigorated. A burden is being lifted. I am forever thankful to God for working all things out in His timing, for my good and His glory. I am thankful for helping friends.

Ok, I want to say thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments about my video short. I have a couple more that I took the same morning that I will put here. I will make next ones in landscape mode for wider views. I haven't looked for a free video editor yet, too busy to give it the time.

In this first one you will see a butterfly flit by at the very beginning. That was a treat! 

 The next one is a bit of my front patio area.

 Coffee is finished and I'm ready to get outside and start work for the day while it is cool.

God's blessings on you all and may you feel His nearness. 

Don't lose hope.

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

Friday, October 15, 2021

Learning to make a video and upload to youtube

Hi Folks ~ Well, here we are in the middle of October already. Time is zipping right along.

I want to say a huge thank you for all of the kind, encouraging comments on my last post, and thanks for sharing your own stories as well. 

 Things are moving along here at Plum Cottage. Step by step, day by day, things are getting done. A LOT has really been accomplished this year and I am thankful.

I'm going to share a little video I took yesterday, just to see 'if' I could do it on my phone, and then upload it to youtube, which took a bit of googling, but I finally did it. What I need to know is, what are some great video editing programs that are 'free'?

In the video there are birds singing and traffic noise from the 5 lane road out front. I look forward to learning and improving. It is exciting to be learning and getting into something new.


Have a GREAT weekend and count your blessings. ~ FlowerLady