Friday, July 7, 2017

This & that

Good morning Folks ~ From what I’ve seen and read on your blogs, you’re all off to a good start with summer. Fun, food, projects, travels.

Just had a tiny bit of rain earlier, need more. I went out yesterday morning to handwater plants in containers and had to stop because it was so miserable out. Very humid and heavy out, I was sweating buckets, so came back in and hibernated.

I’ve been dealing with a tad of depression, missing my dear husband and dealing with learning to live alone on a limited budget. I see ‘things’ I don’t have, and start ‘wanting’, instead of being ‘content’ with what I have. I certainly have much to be thankful for, and I don’t really ‘need’ the things I’d like to have. I can work with what I have, rearranging, (shopping in my own little cottage), and paint works wonders in giving a fresher, new look.

My dear BIL & SIL have moved into a new place and have blessed me with two matching bookcases, and a media/tv stand. This is causing me to purge books in my living rooom from two ‘curbside found’ units. Friends are buying me a flat screen tv, so I will be getting rid of the huge older/heavy tv that I have.  BIL will help me get it out of here, and set up new tv with my media system. I plan to paint the living room too. I look forward to the new and improved look.

Changes are hard, but purging the books feels great. I don’t need all of the art books, books on antiques (as they no longer apply to my life), and other books & magazines that have no further interest to me. In going to the flea market to sell for around 15 years, we bought ‘lots’ of things very cheap, and a lot of those things were books, books and more books. I will be getting rid of a lot of cookbooks also, but not right now. For now I’m just concentrating on the living room’s west wall of books. (Have more bookcases in the bedroom, kitchen, and other end of living room, not to mention in my creative space too. All in good time. Now that I’ve started, I ‘want’ it all done now. Patience, FlowerLady, Patience.)

Below is how the west wall looked before I started purging.


Below is old tv, and you can see why I made a faux mantle and hung a curtain. Smile I will be getting rid of the tv and piece it is sitting on, plus purge most of the stuff  that is in the unit.


Below is the new tv stand that I will be getting. There is a flat screen tv on wall above this piece. I will put my new tv on the stand I think. I’m thinking of having BIL make a mantle shelf over the flat screen, between and connected to the two bookcases. I’ll see what he thinks when the time comes. For now, I need to keep purging.


Forward progress.


Here are a few recent outside pictures.

Zebra longwing butterfly and tropical honeysuckle.


I was at the scullery sink the other day and spied a mourning dove sitting on the statue’s head. I hoped it would still be there when I came back with camera, it was.


Here’s an enlarged view.


That’s it from Plum Cottage. I’m heading outside to do more hand watering.

Enjoy your summer plans.

Love your family and friends.