Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spirit Lifters

 Good Wednesday morning dear Friends ~ It is partly cloudy, there's a gentle breeze, it is 72 degrees F at 8:58 a.m. EST. 

Yesterday morning when I went outside for a morning walk around, I was blessed by the scents filling the air, seeing all of the different blooms and by the birdsong that filled the air. I was thanking God for it all when I came to the main garden, I saw that I had forgotten to turn off the sprinkler. Oh no! Thankfully, it wasn't full blast, but still, I have to pay for water, and hopefully this little mishap won't be that expensive. I turned off the faucet, continued to walk around enjoying the beauty and telling myself not to let that ruin my morning. 

Below are some of the blooms I enjoyed.

The first orchid is from dear friends Nanci and John.

These next orchids are Miss Joachim, a Vanda orchid I believe. They grow all over the property. Break a piece off with some hanging roots and they will grow anywhere.

I think this is another Vanda, although I'm not certain. This was a friend who moved to CA 32 years ago.

These next photos were taken this morning.
This little orchid is another prolific grower, spreads like crazy.

Here is a shot of it blooming along the fencing by the caravan/clothesline garden.

This little rose is a 'carpet rose'. Very sweet.

These next two shots are of 'International Herald Tribune'.

Another view of orchid from Nanci & John.
Love the sunlight and shadows on the petals.
I believe this is 'Prosperity' rose. Really delightful with a delicate sweet rose scent.

I got an email on Sunday from a dear sweet friend, Kris at 'Junk Chic Cottage', telling me I would be receiving an early birthday present. A lovely devotional she thought I'd enjoy. The author of this book has written several others you might want to check out on Amazon.
It came in yesterday's mail and I love it. Thank you Kris.

It came in a lovely gift bag.

I read through the titles of 90 devotions and chose for my first reading 'Growing as God Intended'. It was inspired by Proverbs 31:16. "She inspects a field and buys it. With money she earned, she plants a vineyard." 

Below is what spoke to my heart.

Ok, that's it for now. I need some breakfast as it's 10:18 a.m. already. Time zips along when working on a post, editing photos, etc.
Enjoy every day you are blessed with and thank God for all that He has done, for what He is doing and for what He will do in the future. You are in His loving care. Trust Him.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Joy and giving thanks

Good Friday morning dear Folks ~ Thank you all for your comments on last post. There is always something to deal with in our lives, and hopefully we can handle them, learn from and grow through them. 

The month of March is marching right along. This is my birth month. I will be 70 years young on the first day of spring. Where oh where has the time gone? I met my dear husband on my 17th birthday. We didn't start dating until months later, but meeting him was a best birthday gift to me from God. Little did I know that we would end up marrying and having 43 years together. 

I am thankful for this 70th year birth month. Yesterday I was blessed with having a new 'handyman' come here to Plum Cottage and take a look at my list of projects and doing some of them. I was told about him about 3 months ago, but didn't meet him until a week and a half ago at church. He can do LOTS, including crocheting. He told me that when he saw some crocheting that I am working on. He is going to be able to help me clear this property of 'junk' and needless to say, I am thrilled to bits. He is a curbside shopper, a dumpster diver, has a sense of humor and I thank God for him. He and my dear husband would have gotten along just fine. I've been praying for help for the past 6 years. We don't always have our prayers answered when we want them. We must have faith and be patient, trusting God that He will work all things out, for His honor and glory and for our good.

I have

Yesterday Dale fixed outdoor faucets for me so that now I don't have to drag hoses around. I have the usage of all faucets again. YAY.

My living room ceiling fan light pull chain would no longer work, it was stuck, I tried several times and it still wouldn't budge. This happened right after I put new bulbs in it. Well, yesterday I pulled on the chain to show him my problem and lo and behold the chain worked!!! I looked over at him in shock and he said that happens a lot when he goes to work on something for someone. He suggested I make sure to pull the chain straight down.

He changed out light bulbs in two ceiling fixtures.

The fan for the 'power' part of my desk top computer was what was making the noise, so he took that out and home with him so that he can get the right size for me. He was going to see if he had any in his computer stuff.

He hung the architectural piece that has been sitting on my living room floor for months, and he cut and put up the mantle shelf for over the TV.

Two views of the mantle at two different times of the day, daylight and evening.

 I love the whole look!!! My DH would love this and I know he will thank Dale when they meet in eternity.

Now for some color and beauty from the gardens. I wish you could smell all of the wonderful scents that are happening here. Just heavenly. Jasmines, roses, lime and lemon blooms, other scented flowers also. 

                        The next two roses are 'Carnation Rose'. A nice scent. 

George Tabor Azaleas 

Louis Philippe rose with a wild flower that grows all over the place.

This is climbing 'Maman Cochet', with a wonderful scent.

The frog prince has laid his crown down on a mushroom.

    Peach hibiscus.

'Prosperity' Roses'

'Sandpaper vine' called this because of the texture of the leaves. Also called 'Queen's Wreath'.
There are more pictures but I'm waiting for them to be downloaded, so I will end this post now.

          Have a wonderful weekend and remember to set your clocks ahead one hour.