Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spirit Lifters

 Good Wednesday morning dear Friends ~ It is partly cloudy, there's a gentle breeze, it is 72 degrees F at 8:58 a.m. EST. 

Yesterday morning when I went outside for a morning walk around, I was blessed by the scents filling the air, seeing all of the different blooms and by the birdsong that filled the air. I was thanking God for it all when I came to the main garden, I saw that I had forgotten to turn off the sprinkler. Oh no! Thankfully, it wasn't full blast, but still, I have to pay for water, and hopefully this little mishap won't be that expensive. I turned off the faucet, continued to walk around enjoying the beauty and telling myself not to let that ruin my morning. 

Below are some of the blooms I enjoyed.

The first orchid is from dear friends Nanci and John.

These next orchids are Miss Joachim, a Vanda orchid I believe. They grow all over the property. Break a piece off with some hanging roots and they will grow anywhere.

I think this is another Vanda, although I'm not certain. This was a friend who moved to CA 32 years ago.

These next photos were taken this morning.
This little orchid is another prolific grower, spreads like crazy.

Here is a shot of it blooming along the fencing by the caravan/clothesline garden.

This little rose is a 'carpet rose'. Very sweet.

These next two shots are of 'International Herald Tribune'.

Another view of orchid from Nanci & John.
Love the sunlight and shadows on the petals.
I believe this is 'Prosperity' rose. Really delightful with a delicate sweet rose scent.

I got an email on Sunday from a dear sweet friend, Kris at 'Junk Chic Cottage', telling me I would be receiving an early birthday present. A lovely devotional she thought I'd enjoy. The author of this book has written several others you might want to check out on Amazon.
It came in yesterday's mail and I love it. Thank you Kris.

It came in a lovely gift bag.

I read through the titles of 90 devotions and chose for my first reading 'Growing as God Intended'. It was inspired by Proverbs 31:16. "She inspects a field and buys it. With money she earned, she plants a vineyard." 

Below is what spoke to my heart.

Ok, that's it for now. I need some breakfast as it's 10:18 a.m. already. Time zips along when working on a post, editing photos, etc.
Enjoy every day you are blessed with and thank God for all that He has done, for what He is doing and for what He will do in the future. You are in His loving care. Trust Him.


Thelma said...

I love the orchids. We have some going wild here in the forest. I transplanted a yellow Lady's Slipper in my flower bed and enjoy it each yr. We are still covered in snow here in Eastern Quebec. It's been a long Winter and I'm anxious to see flowers. Thanks for sharing yours. Take care..Thelma..

Out on the prairie said...

went to a botanical garden indoors yesterday and saw some lovely orchids a club maintains.

crafty cat corner said...

Only crocus and daffs out here at the moment. Thankyou for the lovely photos they made me smile with pleasure.

Ann Thompson said...

I have to pay for water also.
The flowers are all so pretty.

Dewena said...

Kris is such a sweet woman and I know that she must have had you in her heart for this particular book that will be such a blessing to you. The prayer you circled is wonderful! We should each remember that when we start to doubt our value. I wonder if you realize just how much you mean to your blogging family, Lorraine? You are the neighbor we all wished lived right next door, and thankfully via blogging you do and we're able to share your life in Plum Cottage and walk along the paths admiring the plants that seem to bloom ever so much more willingly for their gardener.

Love to you,

Ruth Hiebert said...

I am sure that God knew I needed some 'pick' posts today. This is the second one I've read which is just so inspiring.God is good and orchestrates our days according to His plan. Thanks for sharing the pictures and thoughts.

outlawgardener said...

Oh my, you live in a magical climate where orchids thrive and a broken off piece will yield more. Here they're pampered house plants. What a sweet early birthday present!

GretchenJoanna said...

Spirit-lifters - YES! It's great to walk around the garden and be blessed by the plants that have bloomed, and an extra boon to be able to post pictures so people all over the world can see them and be lifted in our spirits, too. Thank you, Lorraine!

I went out today and actually found a place to sit in the sun and get so warm I had to move out of it. THAT has not happened in many moons. I also took pictures of the plum blossoms and the rosemary and the birds, and it made me extra happy just thinking about telling friends in Blogland about those pretty things.

Vee said...

You have a vardo? Oh I am so jealous. 🙃”Friends are the roses in the garden of life” and your friend blessed you. I like the way you made that notation in your book and dated it.

Anne Payne said...

I adore all your Orchids!! It always fascinates me that they grow like in S FL. My sister has a green thumb with them too and has the air ones growing in her tree branches. Amazing!!! I have a Cattelaya (?) miniature Orchid that finally re-bloomed this year. I need to take some photos and post them. The blooms are only about 1" - 1 1/2" across. Looking forward to some warmer temperatures but with all the rain we've had, we are dreading the insects hatching out. The gnats are already starting to show themselves, and two huge flies got in the house last week. They were so big they sounded like miniature airplanes! haha...where do they hide all winter??

Have a great weekend, Rainey... {{hugs}}

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I loved seeing your flowers but I have to say the Orange flowers are just so really gorgeous. I am definitely partial to Orange Flowers. Such a lovely gift from your friend. If I were a jealous person, I'd be jealous of your weather! In northern Indiana we are in our Muddy Mess part of It's Almost Spring.
xx, Carol

bj said...

It's still far too chilly here to have beautiful flowers like yours. I sure am ready for pretty days full of sunshine and

Melanie said...

72 degrees, sun, flowers...sounds perfect to me! I can't even explain how much I am itching for that kind of weather. We are still stuck in winter mode here in IL. Brown and gray everywhere you look. Temps in the 30's.

Kris is such a sweetheart. That looks like the perfect book for you. I know you will enjoy it.

Terra said...

That garden devotions book is an ideal birthday gift for you. I admire your pretty orchids, they are happy in your garden.

ellen b. said...

I'm amazed that you can grow orchids. So pretty. All your flowers are pretty! How nice to receive that gift in the mail. Hope you have/had a beautiful birthday! Glad you didn't dwell on leaving the water on and still enjoyed your garden and all that God has given you. Blessings on a new week ahead!

Darcie said...

What a perfectly lovely devotional for has your name written all over it! Thank you for sharing a passage with us! Happy 'almost' spring!

Hootin' Anni said...

So beautiful are your orchids!! I've often thought of planting mine in soil...outdoors, but always fear it'd get too cold for them & keep 'em in pots, indoors.

What a sweet gift for your birthday.

KathyB. said...

I am always amazed that orchids grow so easily for people anywhere at all. My house orchids do well enough for me indoors and bloom again and again, they will never flourish and propagate like yours. Simply beautiful !

Debby Ray said...

What lovely orchids...beautiful blooms! What a lovely gift you received from Kris...that looks like a wonderful devotional. Have a blessed weekend!

Zaa said...

We still have snow .. but occasionally the sun does shine so Spring is near... It was so lovely to see the flowers... The orchids are gorgeous. How wonderful to have them growing in your garden...What a lovely devotional...Thanks for sharing all the beauty today.,,,Hugs

M.K. said...

What a beautiful post! You have so many gorgeous flowers blooming at your home. The garden must smell fabulous all the time! That last quote is so comforting -- discover our talents, and feel free to use them, and know that God is pleased in it! Amen.

Rebecca said...

Over the weekend we enjoyed getting out and raking old leaves out of the front beds... Only a few signs of spring exist here. Your photos and flowers are beautiful and give me hope that eventually we'll see so e buds and flowers...😊

jerilanders said...

Hi Lorraine, The book passages describe you exactly!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Good Afternoon on a COLD day in Tennessee.... How are you? Noticed you haven't posted in awhile --so am checking on you today!!!!

Love love love your Orchids.... SO beautiful....

Your new devotional book sounds terrific. How nice of Kris.