Friday, August 24, 2018

A burden lifted

Well Folks, it was quite the morning yesterday. The crew showed up at 9:13, and were done at 11:27. They worked hard and fast, no dilly-dallying and I talked to one of the men afterwards and found out they had already done one job before coming here and had two more to do in the afternoon. They cleaned everything up!!!

I don’t see how they can do this work day in and day out, especially in the heat. They were all soaked when they left here.

I did feel bad about losing the palm, but it was way too close to the house, roots were spreading over the patio stones, going under the patio stones, and moving along the foundation of patio and house. The fronds at times hit the power lines, not good, sending sparks here and there. It is a relief to not have this worry on my anymore. No more falling fronds.

I can enjoy the neighbor’s palm to the east, who have one of these. It is a one story apt. complex next door, maybe 8 apts. For the past few years, the new owners, who I do not know, have been renting to veterans. They are relativey quiet and keep to themselves. They are only loud when they are all watching some game or other together, yelling for their teams. Sometimes I smell delicious barbecue aromas.

None of the owners of this complex have ever taken care of the overgrown trees since we moved here, the summer of 1973. My dear husband used to cut limbs back from our side. We would then cut them up to manageable sizes and haul them out front to be picked up by the county for grinding into mulch.

Yesterday this crew came with a bucket truck for cutting the palm into sections, and they had their own grinding machine spewing the grindings into a truck. The palm sections could not be ground as it was just too fibrous and would bind up the grinder blades. The sections cut from the tree were about 3’ in length, then on the ground were cut up into more manageable pieces for the guys to carry/lift into truck. Those chunks were heavy.

It is always a shock when things are cut ‘way’ back, but when I went out and did a little walk about, it just felt so much more open and brighter of course. Everything will grow back, except for the palm. Stuff grows so fast down here, especially when we have a lot of rain.

I am glad this is done, giving me some respite for 2-3 years, before having to have things trimmed again, well except for the stuff that grows over the driveway, that will probably be 6 months. The front hedge really was scalped, but once I get out there to weed wack the grass in the one foot swale that is between sidewalk and the hedge row, it will look nicer. I remember the last time my dear husband tackled the two jasmine vines in the front hedge row and I was shocked because it looked so bare, but, those vines are tenacious and will fill in once again, as will everything else.  I think I’ll throw some 4 o’clock seeds into the hedge row and maybe a few other things as well. There are red firecracker plants growing out there and they are nice.

Now for some before and after pics.

08-23-driveway        08-24-driveway-south2   

08-23-driveway-north2      08-24-driveway-north

      The ficus to the left of photo below was at least 10-12 ft. tall.


What a difference, so much more open and you can see the trees across the street in the background.




The palm, an end of an era.   

08-23-palm-before   08-23-one-frond-left08-23-palm-center      08-23-starting to-section



Front hedge definitely got a haircut. I just need to weedwack the grass, hopefully tomorrow morning.

08-23-sidewalk-before      08-23-sidewalk-after

I’m standing out on the sidewalk looking northwest at Plum Cottage. What a difference without all of the foliage from trees. It really won’t take long though before it fills back in and not feel so bare and ravaged.


I look forward to moving potted plants back in place, and moving others into new spaces to make it all compact and easier to care for for me. I have felt hints of fall coming and those are wonderful. DH used to laugh at me when I would mention in August, “fall is coming”. We still have Sept to get through. It is really hot and bright and humid outside today. I did grocery shopping this morning and will be taking a nap shortly. It’s hibernation time.

I hope there won’t be too many that will hold against me, the taking down of the palm. It was truly a necessity.

When I went out this morning it felt as if gloom and a burden have been lifted and I am oh so thankful to God for working all things out. There is still more to do in taking care of this property, but this particular gift to me has given me more hope and trust in God who has a plan for me. He answers prayer, he nudges others to help out and I am thankful more than words can express.

There is more sunlight coming into the living room, especially through the stained glass window on the east where the driveway is.

Grass needs mowing. My B&D electric lawn mower that I’d had for three years, 2 yr. warranty, started smoking and not running right. I spent a couple of weeks googling electric mowers and ordered one this past Sunday. Just got an email it was shipped today, should be here by next Wednesday. This is a Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25012. I may have to use the weedwacker before it gets here. I hope not. Did that last week on some high grass that needed it and using that tool is such a wear out. I’ll let you know what I think of this mower. Making decisions by myself is nerve wracking.

The same day my lawn mower smoked and croaked, a few minutes later I was raking with my favorite rake that I’ve had for years, and the handle broke right where it attaches to the rake tines. For Pete’s sake. I was able to get the wood out of the rake part, trim down the handle and then screw two things back together. This is maybe the 3rd time this has had to be done. Eventually I’ll have to break down and get a new handle if not a new rake, as tines are starting to break off too. Winking smile

It’s time for a cup of Pukka Cleanse tea. This tea is delicious and healthy. Ingredients are: Nettle leaf (40%), peppermint leaf (25%), fennel seed (25%), dandelion root, licorice root, aloe vera leaf (concentrated natural extract).Naturally caffeine-free. 100% organically grown and ethically sourced. (Info from Amazon).

I have a relatively new electric tea kettle and love it. My old pyrex pot cracked when I forgot about it and it ran dry. So that when I moved it off the hot glass stove top onto cooler section, snap, crackle and pop.  That was the end of that.  This was another item I googled. It is a Hamilton Beach Gooseneck. Heats the water to boiling very quickly. Much faster than waiting for water to boil on the stove.

Mug says, ‘Celebrate the little things’. The honey is Florida Orange Blossom honey. Hmm, hmm.


I’ll be doing a future post on the Moringa Tree leaf powder and general info on this ‘miracle tree’.

I received an email awhile back from Four Roses Bourbon. Jackson & Perkins has come out with an Anniversary Rose to celebrate the Four Roses Bourbon’s 130th anniversary. The email said in essence, since I am a rose lover, would I write a review of this rose in exchange for the receipt of this rose when it is available in my area. (Should be next month.) The rose is beautiful, red of course, and should grow well in my zone and it will grow in containers also. I am excited. Of course, I wrote back ‘yes’.

They will also send me a bottle of their signature Four Roses Bourbon. There is a love story attached to this bourbon and the flavor description sounds delicious. I will be celebrating our 49th anniversary on Sept. 8th and maybe this will arrive by then so that I can have a little celebratory drink.

So, things are happening. Life goes on, one day at a time. I am thankful for the gift from God, the Great Creator, of each new day I am blessed with. We go and grow through things in this life, hopefully drawing us closer to Him. He loves us more than we can imagine.

Time for supper now, a Marie Callender’s Creamy Mushroom/Chicken pot pie is baking. They were 4 for $10, 15 oz. size. Good deal! I love these when I don’t feel like cooking.

Have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are. Count your blessings. Love others, hug someone, be kind, be forgiving, encourage others.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Just a quick note

Good morning Folks ~ I know I’ve been missing for a bit, summer doldrums.

This will be short as I’ve got to get outside early to do a couple of things before a tree/hedge trimming crew get here. That palm tree that has been dropping fronds and spreading roots, will come down today. I called the local botanical gardens society and talked to the palm guy and Royal Palms aren’t worth anything now, unless you have a lot of them. No one wants them. I am tired of dealing with falling fronds, being startled as they hit the porch  or house roof, won’t have to worry about them falling on me or other’s vehicles. When they fall green they are very heavy. I have to deal with getting them off the roof, and then cutting them up to manageable size to take out front to be picked up by the county. Enough already. I’m not getting any younger.


Driveway looking south. I won’t miss this look or the falling fronds.


Looking north


I have been praying about dealing with the overhanging tree limbs from neighbor’s property, my own trees that need trimming and the hedge out front that needs the jasmine at both corners and some shrubs cut way down to a manageable height for me to deal with. I have been trimming what I can, as high as I can. Friends that give me a ride to Bible Study each week have a lawn/tree maintenance man who they deal with, do trade with, etc. and at no charge to me, that man and his crew are coming here this morning. What an answer to prayer. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. And oh so thankful. God hears are hearts cries.

So, later today I hope to take pictures of the new look. I will lose some shade, but at least it’s nearing the end of August.

Other bits and pieces of life later. I’ve got to eat and head on outside.