Tuesday, June 15, 2021

New mattress, new little a.c. much needed rain

Hello Folks ~ Here it is almost the middle of June already. Time is zipping right along. I hope you all are enjoying each day that you are blessed with. 

"When you arise in the morning,

think of what a privilege it is

to be alive...

to breathe,

to think,

to enjoy,

to love."

Marcus Aurelius 


Every day is a gift from God. We were created by him. In Acts 17:28a the Bible says:

 For in him we live, 

and move, 

and have our being...

May we be ever mindful of our Creator and Savior. He loves us deeply, more than we realize. One day we will see Him face to face and what a glorious event that will be. As a believer, this gives me much peace for this life and life eternal.


Down here in s.e. FL we finally have gotten some much needed rain. Of course, that liquid sunshine makes everything grow even faster. No rest from gardening in this state, unless you have a gardening crew. There are so many flowers scenting the air, it is wonderful. Sweet almond, blue two lips, thryalis, orange jasmine, other jasmines, roses when there are blooms, begonias (the white angel wing flowers), crepe myrtles (Queen and regular) and I'm sure there are others that I can't think of at the moment.

Thank you all for your comments about mattresses. I went to two different stores in the area, the one where I bought mattress, is Mattress Firm. Even though it was a couple of days after the holiday sale I was given half off on the mattress and on the low profile foundation. I was very pleased with the service, the salesman was nice and helpful. I couldn't afford a new Tempurpedic, which would be my preferred mattress, and he showed me the Sleepys 10" Doze mattress. I have been sleeping so much better. The salesman, Frank, called around to their local warehouses and was able to have the mattress and foundation delivered from Miami the very next day. For a fee, they also carted away the heavy 20 year old Tempur and the foundation. I do recommend this mattress and company, and no they are not compensating me in any way, this is just my own impression/experience.

The morning that they were to deliver, I woke up around 3:30, I couldn't go back to sleep and went out to the kitchen. My big Friedrich's a.c. unit was running and then I heard a click. I looked towards the a.c. and the plug had been tripped. I looked closer and water was dripping AGAIN from the unit. I quickly unplugged it, got the cover off, then proceeded to suck water out of the pan with a turkey baster, as best I could. I noticed a LOT of black mold inside. Oh for Pete's sake! I started looking at small a.c. units on HD's website and they had them on sale for $229. I could have someone install it in the scullery window again and not have to worry about a bigger replacement unit just yet. But, I really needed something to keep this FlowerLady cool, especially sleeping at night.

I texted my friend later in the morning, and he would put the small unit in window for me. He and the mattress delivery guys showed up at the same time. The mattress guys were quick, and Sean had the window unit in soon after. Thank you Sean. While it is only a 6,000 BTU unit, it is keeping this little 675 sq ft cottage cool. I have the setting at eco, auto, and thermostat at 74 for the most part. I've had it going for 11 days now and I'm praying it will last me a good while until I figure out what to do. It's something I am praying about and God will work it all out at the right time. For now I am thankful for this little unit, it is a Toshiba. 

Had a good 'scare' the other evening. I was at the scullery sink, getting ready to fill dishpan with hot sudsy water, when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and lo and behold there was a young woman standing there looking in. We freaked each other out. I just pointed at her and ran for my sandals and headed out the kitchen door. I loudly said 'hello' several times as I walked around the property. No answer, and it was dead quiet, didn't feel like anyone was there at all. Still, I was shaking, came in and got my phone and car keys to lock the car, and then walked the property. Nothing, I didn't feel anything. I came in, ate one ready taco that I had fixed, didn't feel like the second one.

I prayed to not be afraid and prayed for the young woman.  When it came time for bed, I claimed the verse in Psalms 4:8 ~ 

I will both
lay me down in peace,
and sleep:
for thou, Lord, only

makest me dwell in safety.

I slept just fine all night.

I went to church the next morning and when I came home, I noticed something that answered the mystery as to 'how' this person had gotten into the property, since it is all fenced off. I had checked breachable spaces in fencing night before but nothing looked disturbed. I have two gates that I unlock to get into property, the small side gate, and then the driveway gates to drive through.

She had climbed the small gate to get in, and in her haste to leave the property, she left behind the clue, almost a full can of energy drink. She is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the love of Jesus grabbed onto her from being here.

Now for some pictures, no words, as my right wrist is starting to bother me. It's been 6 months since I fell and sprained it. That whole arm aches at times, especially if I use it too much.

Success, I bought and changed out an old leaking spigot. That was so satisfying to have accomplished, even though it was just a small thing. Got a wrench, plumber's tape and did the deed.

Ok, that's it for now. except for a reminder to 'stay hydrated' especially if you are a senior. I need to drink around 80 oz. a day. As a senior, staying hydrated is very important for our overall health and well being.

Love, hugs and prayers,