Tuesday, July 26, 2022

A glimpse of my Plum Cottage Jungle

Good morning everyone ~ thought I'd make a little video showing part of my overgrown jungle gardens. I was surprised to see that 'Tabster' was sitting in the first 'faux bois' chair shown in the video, didn't see him until I watched it. I did pull out some grass from the garden, lots more to do. I'm inspired to get out there 'early' in the mornings after seeing this. 

 Thanks for visiting, and for your kind and encouraging comments that you leave. Morale boosters.

Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady


Saturday, July 23, 2022

It's about your mindset

Hello Friends ~ It is another hot and humid day down here in s.e. FL. Not as bad as some of the vloggers that I watch on you tube. Still bad though. I worked outside Wednesday morning from 8:30-10:50, and have NOT done any work outside since then. It was 83 but with humidity real feel was 92. When I stopped I was hanging out laundry on the lines and couldn't even finish, I had to come inside, as it was 90 and felt like it was 100. I had taken a few breaks and drank my electrolyte water, but at the end I was starting to feel a little funny, so I left the rest of the laundry in the basket to get to later. I drink water all throughout the day, have done that for years and years. For any of you that work outside, please stay hydrated. When I went inside, my shirt was completely soaked. I felt better after being in the a.c., drinking more water and having a bit of lunch.

I mowed, trimmed the driveway hedge, and started to hang out the laundry. I have 1/4 of an acre, but thankfully all of that doesn't need mowing. Below is the front portion of grass in front of the driveway gate. It goes over about another 5' to the right where there is an indent.

  This is looking to the north now. I'm about to start mowing. When I get the urge to mow, it's usually good that I do it, because rain will be coming sometime. Not always as predicted or not. (It has rained the past two mornings, giving us some much needed rain.)

I am so thankful for this battery operated lawnmower that was a gift from friends. I mow in half the time and it is so much easier than dragging a heavy 100' extension cord around.

Now I'm  at the north end of the driveway looking south. Behind the picket fence is my clothesline area, with the caravan to the right. My little wash house in the middle of the picture &  hidden under several flowering vines.



 I took the photo below while on a electrolyte drink break. It's under the pole barn awning. So much cooler under there than out in the sun. I'm looking east.

I love growing flowers. It is work, but there is so much joy in growing them. Just this past week, I saw that gardening work burns 300 calories an hour. Not to mention all of the toxins we sweat out. 

Here are some of the bloomers I have giving me joy at this time. 

Beauty berry, and Miss Blackie. If you look close, you will see all of the 'grass' that has taken over this front garden of mine. It has been sadly neglected with all that has been going on this past year.

Clerodendrum, thomsoniae, red bleeding hearts that grow in s.e. FL.

Here is Double Delight rose.


This is an unknown, I also have it in purple and a red one I think.


This is a favorite of mine, Sweet Almond. The scent is wonderful!!


This is an orchid that grows like a weed here. Vanda Joachim.

 Here are links for the chilling cloths and the electrolyte powder, both are from Amazon.

I will close with an inspiring quote from a young lady's vlog 'Little House on the Mountain'. It came just when I needed some encouragement. 

'Romancing an Ordinary Life'

"It's not about what you have or even the season of life that you are in, 

but it's about your mindset. 

It's about seeing splendor in the ordinary 

and experiencing the wonder in the mundane." 


The past two years have been rough. Things are a little better, but 'not back to normal', they will never be back to the way it was. Things are more expensive as prices keep going up and up. There is so much negativity, fear, anger all around us. It can be so easy to get sucked into despair if all we think about are the negatives. Here's a verse from the Bible that I will leave with you today.

Let's count our blessings and look for the splendor, wonder and beauty that is all around us. May our eyes be opened.

Love, hugs and prayers,