Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Work in progress

Good morning Folks, here we have the gift of another day.  Right now it is 81 but with the humidity the real feel temp is 98. I was out earlier working in my main garden. I have a jasmine vine that was like Jack's beanstalk, growing, twisting and taking over everything. I work outside 1-2 hours in the mornings when I feel like it and the weather permits. Every little bit done makes a difference even though I feel like I'm hardly getting anywhere. There is still so much to do for clean up, deweeding, etc in this main garden, all in good time. I want to move potted plants to the area, maybe get some planted into the ground.

I made a short little video, nothing fancy, just raw footage. It is amazing what 'real' you tubers can do with their videos with all of the editing and adding music, etc. That is a lot of work and some of it is absolutely beautiful!! I don't have a video editing program. I just did a quick google search and saw that there is a free 'Open Shot' program that I'm going to look into. It would be fun to make 'nice' little videos. 

Here is the video. I'll do another post with still pictures of this project. I just downloaded them and have to edit them before making a post. That will take some time.

 That's it for now. Enjoy your day and be thankful.


 P.S. I ordered  from Amazon a sunhat dark gray UPF 50+. Foldable and washable. Has a nice mesh section to let breezes in. I read that the dark colors were found to be better for UPF according to a study done in Spain, I think is what I remember reading. The hat fits nicely. There is a cord to tighten it around your head, then there is the chin strap to keep hat on during wind.

Sunglasses are also from Amazon. A friend had these on one day and I tried them They go over your prescription glasses or you can wear them normally as you would any sunglasses. These are GREAT!!  UV protected and polarized.

I've been using now for a couple of years a good electrolyte powder to mix with water. Gatoraid has nothing beneficial in it so I googled and found this one from Key Nutrients. I drink this on days that I work outside. It tastes great and I feel good using it.

I'm not sponsored by any of these companies. This is just my personal little review. Summer is coming and these will be a great help for FlowerLady. ;-)



Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Plum Cottage Flowers

Happy Spring ~The first day of spring was my 74th bday. Time is zipping right along. I've been enjoying lots of flowers in bloom down here in tropical south Florida. We've also had some days that felt like summer, then a couple of chilly times when 'cold' fronts have moved down this far. The past few nights it's been in the high 50's. Day time temps have been beautiful, mid 70's to 80. This is probably the last of chilly weather though. Summer will be here shortly with it's humidity and hot temps.

I'll share some pics from Valentine's day up to now for your enjoyment.  Too bad you can't smell the wonderful scents that fill the air. Lots of bees, butterflies and also some hummingbirds have been visiting the hamelia patens flowers and the coral honeysuckle.  The hummers are too fast for me to get a picture.

 "Angel Face" her lovely scent fills the air for several feet around her.

Blue Butterfly bush

Pink Hibiscus

Art glass solar flamingo with cats whiskers flowers


'Diva' hibiscus


Orchid from Mary

Thunbergia erecta or Bush clock vine or King's Mantle

Florida native Coral honey suckle - hummingbirds love this

Black and blue Salvia


Miss Joaquim vanda orchids ~ These grow wild all over the property and bloom several times a year.

St. Francis with Louis Philippe or Florida Cracker Rose


I don't know what this next little flower is, it self seeds and is a pretty thing. It's about the size of a quarter, maybe.

Pink hibiscus after some rain

Here we have Double Delight rose. I've noticed that she closes up at night, reopens in the morning looking different. She's a beauty with a lovely rose scent.

Shown with periwinkles

Here the roses are two days later.

I am so thankful to my Creator God who gave me so much beauty to enjoy right here at Plum Cottage. Each day is a new gift. May I always be thankful and give Him all honor and glory for what He has done, what He is doing and what He will do in the future.

Easter is coming and I celebrate Jesus who died on the cross for my sins as well as the sins of everyone else. and rose up from the grave after three days, so that I and any who believe in Him will have life eternal and be with Him forever. All we need to do is believe He is who He says He is,. Jesus, God Almighty.

 Have a wonderful spring and a glorious Easter.