Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Hello Friends ~ Just a quick note to let you know that after 18 years of having this 'sweetie peetie' in my life, she has gone on to be with her Creator. I will see her again, and life will be so much better then. We will be perfected, living with God Almighty, Jesus, who gave life to both of us.

It is so quiet with both her and my dear husband gone from my life. His passing was 11 years and 4 months ago, her passing was just this past Friday. I'm still adjusting. She had a tumor in her tummy, and fluids drained showed cancer sells and it was time to let her go, so I did with tears streaming. The vet and his staff were so kind and gentle. Lots of hugs from the staff. 

They said she looked much younger than her 18 years, her heart was healthy, and that she was a sweet kitty while they did an x-ray, drained her and did some bloodwork.  

I miss her sweet comforting, loving spirit. She was so pretty.

I crochet 'comfort' blankets and Miss Tork was sometimes close by lending her own comfort to me.

She loved to sit on my chest or be up on my shoulder, sometimes tucking her head under my chin. This photo below was taken on my 75th bday this year, March 20th.

Sweet Miss Tork had been going downhill for awhile, perked back up, then her tummy started swelling, hence the vet visit. Her first, as the last time she went was when she was spayed, 17 years ago 

I hope to be back to posting more regularly. Thank you for checking in on me. Have had some stressors this past year. Some I am still dealing with.

God is my strength when I am weak. He will see me through each and every day, I just need to relax and let Him carry my burdens. I have cast them on Him and do NOT need to pick them up again. He is working all things out for His honor and glory and for my good. 

Count your blessings, let your loved ones know, whether human or animal, that you love them. You never know when time is up for either you or them.

 Have a lovely week, and God bless you, drawing you ever closer to Him and His Great Love.


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Happy Valentine's Day

Good morning Folks ~ here it is another Valentine's Day. Today is a day that celebrates love in a big way. Let us remember that love can be shown on any given day, not just on a designated day. Everyone needs love, always.

I wanted to share 'hearts' that I've been blessed with, given to me by God. My dear husband used to give me hearts he found, bought, or made, but the last one from him was in 2012. These hearts from God are pleasant surprises that make me smile and say 'thank you'. He lets me know I am loved, even though my dear husband is with Him and can no longer let me know he loves me. God loves me.

These hearts are from this year.

The first one was on my breakfast plate. I had reheated refried beans with ground beef, topped with a fried egg. I cut up the egg and when I got ready to eat, lo and behold there was a piece of egg white in a heart shape.

 'Angel Face' fallen rose petals.

I saved the petal and taped it into my journal.


This heart is made up of begonia petals.


Yesterday I went grocery shopping and wanted something to celebrate 'love'. I can still celebrate even when by myself. This is a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting from the grocery bakery dept.


For Valentine's Day the pastors at my church take the widows out to lunch at the Olive Garden. We have a good time and it's a real treat celebrating love with church family. I am blessed. I am looking forward to our lunch today, after our ladies weekly time of Bible study and prayer.

That's it for now. Do take time to celebrate love in your life, past and present.

Feel the love of our Creator God surrounding you.