Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hurricane Ian

Good morning folks, where I am, southeast FL, we are under tropical storm watch. The west coast of FL is bracing for Ian. We will see if it stays on the predicted course, or comes more our way. It if turns this way, I'll have to get out the plywood hurricane shutters. SIGH! I wasn't nervous until a little while ago when I saw a you-tube video saying it could be heading our way, as worse case scenario.  I am praying for all in this hurricane's path.

Sorry I've not posted in awhile, summers really drain me of energy, and always make me feel somewhat ill, so I hibernate. Any work I do, is in the morning and only for an hour or two, mainly trying to keep it somewhat maintained around here. My sweet friend Wendy came and weedwacked for me last week and it looks so much better. I need to mow again as it's been a week, and after the rain that we are getting from Ian already, it will only grow higher. ;-)

Hope you are all doing well. It's hard to keep up with blogs since Blogger did away with email notifications. So sorry for not getting to visit a lot of you. I've missed so much.

Enjoy each day you are blessed with and keep Florida in your prayers. I'll post again after Ian moves away from us.

Love, hugs and prayers,