Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Overgrown, cleared out, rediscovered

Good morning Folks ~ Here it is nearly a month since my last post. Time seems to be passing so quickly. I've been able to tackle the back of my main garden. The jasmine vine that is back there took over. What a mess!! About 6 feet out from the fence, encroaching on paths. I can usually work out there a couple of hours in the mornings. 

We've been having some nice cooler weather, we've gotten some much needed rain. The rain in Ft. Lauderdale, south of me, caused flooding of homes and businesses. 2 feet of water. This was a couple of weeks ago. Since gasoline comes into the area via ships, and trucks take the gas from the port to gas stations, because of the flooding it wasn't possible and gas at stations became unavailable. What a shock!!! I was finally able to get gas Sunday. What a relief that was! We don't realize how much things mean in our lives until we can't get them or don't have them anymore.

Sunday a week ago we had horrific thunderstorm activity here with heavy rains, we got almost 3 inches in 24 hours. There had even been tornado warnings that thankfully I hadn't seen. Was glad when the storm vacated the area. I was able to mow Saturday and it's a good thing I did as we've had more rain each day since then, more on the way. We were really dry here so this rain has been a blessing for watering my gardens and refilling the water table down here.

Below are some pictures of the jasmine before and after.

Starting to unearth pots, etc.



Beveled mirror is a section from a wall hanging made up of several of these in various sizes. We found the mirror many years ago. I've been separating the individual pieces from the backing. This one I had attached to the fencing. It slid down some time during the last few years but didn't break.

When I changed my position a little I noticed the lady's reflection in the beveled mirror. This touched my heart for some reason. i think it is the look on her face.


What a surprise to see her face reflected three times in the mirror, because of the beveled edges.


Part of the old, old dead portion of vine stem.

Finding this lady again after years of neglect, hidden under the overgrown vine made me think of myself, burdened down by life. First by God's calling my dear husband home in 2012, losing the job I'd had for 17 years, 2 1/2 years later, (because of boss closing business and  moving across the state), then covid happened 3 years ago. The whole world found out what it's like to be sequestered, on lock down, no physical contact with others.

I watched a lot of uplifting msgs, and music on you tube, read my Bible and other uplifting books. All of this kept me growing in faith. I googled churches in this area, after the one I had been going to closed down and was not opening back up any time soon. I found the one I've been going to for the last two years, and have found my 'church family'.  I have a wonderful group of ladies that meet on Wednesday mornings for prayer and a Bible study. That has been a huge blessing also.

Will share an uplifting song that came my way in the past couple of days. Jesus has been my strength. Life without Him would be desperate and bleak. Thank you Jesus for Your promise to never leave or forsake us.

Thank you for visiting, for your encouraging words, for love and prayers. They/you mean more than words can say.

Love, hugs and prayers,