Thursday, February 11, 2021

Love is in the air

Greetings Folks ~ Here we are into the week where we celebrate Valentine's Day, a day of celebrating Love. I am oh so thankful for the love dear husband and I shared in our 43 years together. My heart/mind are full of memories. I love him more today than ever and I look forward to the day we will be together again. It won't be like we lived this life, but, we will be together and love, peace and joy will be all around. We will be with Jesus our Great God, Who IS Love, gives love and is the reason we can love others.

 I am loved, I am blessed.

In this photo below, I did not even see the pale, ghostly flower until I viewed the picture in phone. I don't have a clue as to what it is.
This is 'Hugs-n-Kisses' hibiscus. Bought a couple of months after God called my dear husband home. No two flowers are alike as you will be able to tell in these two different colored blooms, on the same plant. I love this hibiscus and am thrilled with each new bloom.

Now for some snippets of love inside Plum Cottage.


Love is a gift, relish it and share it.
Now it's time for me to head outside again to do some more clean up of  brush piles. I was able to work outside for about 1 1/4 hours yesterday morning, making forward progress. The day before I'd only done about 15-30 minutes. I'll share pics later.
Love, hugs and prayers,

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Trees trimmed

Hello Folks ~ Here it is the second day of February. Yesterday we had LOTS of wind all day, through the night and it is still windy this morning, although, not as bad as it was yesterday. The sun is shining at the moment. Right now at 10:23 EST it is 52 degrees but real feel is 48. 

On my way back to house after feeding my barn girls, I noticed greenery laying across the back of the driveway. I looked closer and realized that the dead pine tree that the wonderful night blooming Cereus cactus was growing on, was standing no more. Sean mentioned cutting it down when he was here on Friday, well, the wind blowing it down saved him some work, except for cutting it up now. Below is the tree being encroached on by the neighbor's trees. The cactus was at the top.

What a bummer to not have these beautiful cactus blooms anymore, unless, I break off bits to put somewhere else. But, do I really want to deal with that heavy cactus again. Maybe not. Where would I put it? It was for a season.

Amazing how three different tree projects happened in a stretch of 4 days. Sean came over on Friday and worked from around 9:30-4:30, we had a light lunch and I took several breaks. :-)

Here's the driveway in November

I kept trimming what I could to keep the limbs off vehicles that come here.

Driveway now after Sean's hard work.

 Piles for me to cart out front to be picked up. Pick up is one day a week.

Here is the downed pine tree. You can see it to the left in the photo above.

Sean was here Friday, then the tree trimmer to cut down the 'rattle' tree came Sat. morning. In one hour he and his partner had it cut down, cut up into small sections and stacked. I will be carting it all out front to be picked up. (A little at a time.)

Excuse the junk, old fencing etc., it will be all cleared away. There's more iron, etc. that will go also and I will be oh so glad. My neighbor who paid to have this tree cut down said, it all didn't get here in one day, it took years, and it won't get taken care of in one day, but it will be gone. That was kind of him to say and encouraging. A week or so back, he did give me $ to pay for the rest of fence sections (5) to finish off fencing project between us. Sean and Stan will be back to work on that when they have a free Sat. They both have jobs.

Look at all of those dang seed pods. I know that Ervin is so glad that tree was cut down before the three days of wind happened or else he'd be cleaning up the pods all over his property. They are here for me to deal with. ;-)

 So, now the clean up and cart out starts, a little at a time. I just do what I can til my body says stop.

Below is a picture of the caravan which looks kind of neat with the path going to it through the wandering Jew - Tradescantia zebrina - ground cover.

Below are some of the blooms happening here at Plum Cottage.

And, a couple of hearts that showed up for me to enjoy and put a smile on my face.

I started this post yesterday, finishing it up this morning. Low this morning 45, real feel 41, inside around 60. The sun is shining, there's little or no wind, I've not been outside yet. I hope to vacuum today and bake a loaf of banana bread.

Whatever you do today, seek good and beauty. Call on 'The Shepherd' to be your help, guide, comfort, strength, provider, and healer.

Love, hugs and prayers,