Friday, July 10, 2009

Pictures from today

Today it is very warm and humid out, with hardly a breeze stirring, overcast skies, not so nice to be outside working. I decided to take some pictures instead. Hope you enjoy them. My gardens are delighting me more and more. Gardens are an ongoing, daily growing process. Just as our lives are. May we, and our gardens grow more lovely and peaceful with each new day.

Below is one of my favorite prayers of David, taken from Psalms 143:8, the King James Version of the Bible.

Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning;
for in thee do I trust:
cause me to know the way wherein I should walk;
for I lift up my soul unto thee.


Remember to click on pictures for a larger view.

This is of the main garden. The flowering tree on the right is Spicy Jatropha.

On the left and at back you see light pink flowers, those are from Crepe Myrtles.

The darker pink on the left is Plumeria, which leis are made from.

Hibiscus flowers are in the lower right.

This is the hibiscus in lower right of above picture.

These are ground orchids. I got them last year.

This is a look past the ground orchids to the new seating area we just worked on.

The Victorian wire bench was already back against the fence.

I got the idea to have a lattice roof and started gathering 'curb-side shopped' pieces to do this with that we have been saving for whatever projects might come to mind.

I put the idea to DH and he suggested using the metal studs for the rooflet. I was using the lattice elsewhere. We had the wrought iron screen stashed, and the old clothesline pole in cement was stashed too. We had old painted fence boards that we used for the fascia on the front and south side.

I have a Phyllis Bide rose bush growing up over the north end. St. Vincent Lilac Vine will be growing up over the south end, I hope. I want to paint the wire bench a purple, I think. Maybe the studs also and maybe even the wrought iron screen. :-)

This is a ginger, light purple flowers if I remember right.

This is looking from the north side. The back supporting beam goes from our fencing between us and our neighbors, and the fencing at the back of the main garden.

This is up front again, looking toward the front gate. The 4 lane highway is about 10' from the gate. The rose in the foreground is Chrysler Imperial, with Vanda orchids behind. There are Louis Phillipe roses growing by the front gate arbor.

Vanda orchids next two pictures.

This is Duchesse de Brabant with spotted croton leaves. We have two or three different kinds of crotons.

This is my shed's garden on the east side of our cottage. I wanted to show the crepe myrtle blooms. Louis Phillipe and bougainvillea are usually pictured, they are more or less resting now.

The next two pictures are of a sweet little unknown orchid. The tag for it blew away in one of the hurricanes.

This is a cast piece of aluminum with shells. I headed out to take a picture with the cast piece horizontally as it should be, but my batteries needed recharging. :-(

And as Bugs Bunny used to say,

'The bea, the bea, the bea, that's all folks',


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Dirt Princess said...

I love your garden

Becca's Dirt said...

Love your seating area. Very creative. Your place is fabulous. You work hard in it for it to look so good. Love all of the little pretties.

L. D. Burgus said...

I like all of your views of your garden. I like the purple idea. I am going to paint my two gates the color of blue that you have on your two hanging buckets at the bench. Of course you would have orchids, they are beautiful. We can buy them readily at Loews and Home Depot and then they die. All you plantings in the different areas work well. I really liked you verse today also. Thanks for that.

Debbie's Garden said...

Everything has really taken off since your spring garden tour. I love all your iron.

Star said...

A very lovely garden with some quite unusual and original ideas in it. You must be very proud of it.
Blessings, Star

sweet bay said...

Your garden looks like a tropical paradise. I *love* the orchids.

LeSan said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day. Your garden looks so inviting and interesting. So many things and blooms to keep your interest. The private rooms and views are so tempting. It must smell wonderful there!

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures - thank you sharing!

FlowerLady said...

Thank you all for your comments. Sometimes all we see is what needs to be done in our gardens. Reading your comments is very encouraging and makes me see my gardens through your eyes.

DP ~ Thanks.

Becca ~ Yes, I do work hard when I work in the gardens, but I still have weeds and other things that need taken care of. I'm just not going to stress about it all, life is too short and precious to do that.

L.D. ~ I thought of that color blue of those two buckets also, but really love the purple idea. Your gates will look lovely and I look forward to seeing them painted. My orchids are mainly the wild type. I would love to have some of those really beautiful ones, but have already had some of them die on me, so I don't buy them. Glad you liked the verse also. It is one of my very favorites.

Debbie ~ All of the rain that we've had is what made the gardens fill out to overflowing. I've got so much trimming that needs doing and it's just too dang hot. I try to get out early, but even then it can be miserable out. Iron is addicting.

Star ~ Thank you. Original and unusual sounds good to us. We do work with things we have, some ideas work others don't. We have fun along the way. I am enjoying our gardens more and more.

Sweetbay ~ Thanks a bunch. It is a tropical paradise here, when we're not in drought conditions, and when hurricanes aren't blowing through. The heat and humidity can really get us down, so we just take things slower and do things earlier in the day. Orchids are nice when they take care of themselves. These all do.

LeSan ~ Thank you, it was a beautiful day. There are nooks and crannies and places to rest. I want to have more focal points in areas to draw your eye more. It does smell wonderful when roses, jasmine, crepe myrtles, and plumeria are blooming.

Thanks again everyone for visiting and leaving your comments.


Sue said...

What a fun project. It turned out great! I love the photos of your gardens.