Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Growing from Seeds

These pictures below are nothing to write home about.
Growing from seeds though is exciting,
even though we may have to wait awhile to see actual blooms.
Patience is needed, if we don't have it naturally, we learn it.

I was given these seeds by generous Florida gardeners.
I am thankful to them for sharing from their gardens with me.

Several of these are supposed to have lovely scents and I am looking forward to that.

I will post pictures when these bloom, hopefully sooner than later.
Click on the links to see pictures of flowers and read info on each plant.


Desert Cassia is the plant in the left side of the pot with little leaves on each stem.

For a picture of it in bloom and much larger than my baby
visit GreenBeamPro

This next seedling is white powder puff tree.

For more information, visit RareFlora

This next one is Vitex. Info can be found here

This is Lance Pod tree. See here Rare Flora

Popcorn Cassia another yellow flower shrub.

Foliage smells like buttered popcorn.

This next one is Jerusalem Thorn.

I'm not crazy about thorns but the flowers were neat.

Last but not least, dwarf white orchid tree.

Musings from FL zone 10


Tootsie said...

I grow everything in my garden from is so rewarding to see it all grow!

FlowerLady said...

Hi Tootsie ~ I've seen your lovely gardens and I think it's wonderful that you've grown everything from seeds. Very rewarding for sure.


Sandra said...

You know what? I'm horrible at growing anything so seeing this post just makes me smile :)

I love your seedlings and seeing everything growing so well, makes me want to give it another try.

Marla said...

I usually gow by seed but didn't have the time this winter to get them started in the basement.

Dirt Princess said...

Nice goodies you got there! I am with Tootsie. I Like to grow things from seed! I just don't have a greenhouse, so that makes it a little hard

FlowerLady said...

Sandra ~ Do give growing from seeds another try. I don't have 100% success, but plenty do sprout and grow into lovely plants.

Marla ~ Hopefully, this winter you'll be able to get some seeds started again in your basement.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Darla said...

Love to start seeds too!

sweet bay said...

I love to start plants from seed. Much of my 32' long front porch is covered with seedlings!

FlowerLady said...

Darla ~ I think once we have success at growing from seeds, we're hooked. It's so much cheaper than buying grown plants.

SweetBay ~ I bet it's nice going out every morning to check on your seedlings.