Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crocheted Wire Work

Good evening Friends ~ Hope your day was a good one. We did more outside work this morning, sweating as we worked, drinking water and working in the shade of a big umbrella.

We've had late afternoon, early evening thunderstorms the past three days with LOTS of rain and wind. Our drought is definitely over.

Last night I made my first crocheted wire basket, using a spool of very fine wire from 1928, that DH had had in his workshop and gave to me. He gave it to me after I read a book from the library about crocheting with wire. This basket was the first time I've crocheted with beads also, so it was a fun project. Crocheting with wire is definitely NOT like crocheting with thread. A big difference. It's harder and it's a little rough on the fingers, but I enjoyed it. The tension isn't the same, as the wire is stiff. We think the wire might me nickel. Haven't gotten it tested yet.

Today I made two more baskets and one heart. I took pictures, but they are not that great. I've got to learn how to take pictures of this kind of work, it's not like taking pictures of flowers. Practice will make better. So forgive the poor quality of the pictures. I hope to sell these pieces in my online Etsy shop, which I've created, but not opened for business yet.

Anyway, here are the pictures of my little pieces, three baskets, one heart. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

This is my first basket, the beads are a midnight blue color.
The basket measures 3 1/2" high x 3" in diameter.

This is the second basket made, using glass tubular beads.
This one measures 2" high x 2' diameter.

This last basket has little brown beads and little cream colored ones,
which don't show up very well in the picture.
This one measures 4" high x 4" long at the top edge.

The heart measures 2 3/4" high x 3" wide.

That's it for tonight. I'm ready to get horizontal to read for awhile. Last night I dreamed about crocheting. I wonder why? ;-)

Have a good night and a great week.

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Darla said...

Those are just too darn cute!

lilsista said...

I love what you've made!!! The heart one is my favorite! I don't know how to crochet or I'd try this out! There are endless possibilities for this work! You could make wire potholders for hot dishes on the table...:0) Have a nice day! Smiles :0)!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Those are so sweet and how talented to crochet with wire!

sweet bay said...

Those are lovely!

Anonymous said...

They are so sweet! I really love the heart. I have instructions for a knitted cuff made with wire, but as you said it's really hard on the fingers. I like lilsista's idea about wire potholders too! Aren't these blogs a wonderful source for ideas?

FlowerLady said...

Thank you Darla.

Lilsista ~ Glad you liked. I love hearts and plan to make more of them.
Yes, there are endless possibilities working with wire. This is very fine wire I'm working with. Wire potholders is a good idea for heavier wire.

Catherine ~ Thank you. I didn't know about crocheting with wire until I found a book in the local library. It was inspirational, then DH brought me a spool of fine wire from his workshop that he said he probably wouldn't be using for anything. Today I used a larger hook that makes working with the wire easier and the work more uniform.

Sweetbay ~ Thank you, they were a joy to make.

Thanks CountryWoman ~ Yes, blogs are a wonderful source of info, inspiration and encouragement.

Thanks for looking at my work and for your kind comments.