Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Middle of August

Wow, I can’t get over how fast time is zipping along. Of course, that means cooler weather will be here soon. Well, down here in s.e. FL that won’t be until around the end of October, as September can be/usually is, pretty hot and humid.

The past three mornings I’ve worked outside from 1-2 hours, sweat running. The shade is much nicer to work in than where the sun is hitting, that is for sure. Monday I weedwacked, until I could do no more. My arms start shaking and feeling like jello, that was the morning I worked only for an hour. My left arm is still sore from that work out. Yesterday morning I mowed, and then trimmed along the driveway, that was for two hours.  This morning I washed and hung out a load of laundry, then did some trimming of hedge around the secret garden, another two hours. I hope to tackle the main garden paths that are really overgrown starting tomorrow morning.

Afternoon sun, driveway heads north, and then west.


The Confederte Jasmine on the arbor by the caravan needs a haircut, and I’m not showing what else needs doing in that area. I selectively take photos. Smile Where I park is more or less behind me. The cement in photo is one of the runners.


Below are the berries from the Beauty Berry bush. My first time growing this. Aren’t the berries pretty?


This sweet little flower below is from the shrub, Melochia tomentosa L., otherwise known as  Teabush, Pyramid Bush, Woolly Pyramid Flower. The people I bought it from just called it “Gray Leaf” shrub, because at times the leaves are a grayish-green. 


The flower below is from an unknown groundcover. It looks pretty growing with the ‘wandering jew’ leaves.


Below is a Drift rose, coral in color, which I got this past spring.


Below is first the bud taken on the  9th of August, and then the full blown rose on the 11th. The rose is Mr. Lincoln. It smells heavenly.



The cookies below were made to take to a small home group study from my church. Brown sugar crescents on the left and peanut butter on the right, two of my dear husband’s favorites.


This past Saturday morning I went to a baby shower. I knew the family but no one else. It was fun and I enjoyed making the gift. Mom and Dad both loved it, Mom said the colors were perfect.  They are having a little girl. The skein of yarn below and the finished blanket. I also crocheted the tiny little baby and had that in my stash to use for the pkg.




Well, I guess that is it from Plum Cottage for now. I’m ready to get horizontal to read before sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.

Count your blessings, see the good and beauty in each day, take time to breathe, listen to the silence, and enjoy. Ask God for strength when you need it, and ask for help from others as well. You and they will both be blessed and one day you will do the same for someone else.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady


Leslie Kimel said...

Your homemade cookies look so delicious! And I love the blanket you made for the baby and the beautiful way that you wrapped it. You have such an artistic eye!

Dewena said...

You accomplish so much, Lorraine! Even when it is just the shady early morning areas now. I love all the colors you show in your garden but especially the lavender ones--including those pretty berries.

And I'm sure that baby blanket will be treasured, far beyond the baby years.

Andrea said...

Hi Lorraine, i can't imagine the extent of work being done in your garden when they get overgrown. How can you manage that! It is a blessing that you have winter when some plants die and trimmed naturally, but there is still work to be done! Best regards and take care.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful flowers and yummy looking cookies.Don't overdo the work in that heat.I know you know when to quit and I'm sure you listen to your body.Have a great rest of the week.

Pam's English Garden said...

Love that Beauty Berry bush, Lorraine. You are wise to limit your work outside to a couple of hours a day. That's what I do in the heat and humidity -- it's been as bad as Florida here this month. Those cookies ... yummy! P. x

Sandra said...

Oh those cookies look delicious, yum :) Here in Texas we have the same kind of weather, so won't really see cool temperatures until end of September/October, last year it was November hahaha

Hope you're having a blessed day,

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

More pics of your lovely flowers!! It's always a serene visit here. The blanket you gifted is lovely. We have had three weeks of temps in the high 80s and low 90s with humidity levels almost the same as the temps. We have not been spending much time outside.
xx, Carol

Jane said...

What a pretty blanket! I'm sure the new parents are thrilled to have it. They're predicting a warm September here, so we won't be seeing Fall until October also. Hate when Summer cuts into my favorite season, Fall. Don't know how you manage to keep your yard from turning into a jungle. Don't overdo it, please!


Betsy Adams said...

Oh My Heart.. Peanut Butter cookies are my all-time favorite cookie. LOVE them... I saw yours and my mouth watered.

Your August flowers are so pretty.. We have had a very very very hot, humid and DRY summer. Needless to say --our flowers have suffered (just like we have). I'm so ready for FALL and some cooler temps.


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rainey, You sure have been working hard. Your property and flowers are gorgeous. Your cookies look so delicious. These are two of my favs also. I simply love peanut butter and could live on it!! lol
The sweet blanket you made for the baby is adorable. Love the design and the colors.
Wishing you a great rest of the week and restful weekend. Blessings to you, xo

BeachGypsy said...

I love all the pictures and aleays enjoy a glimpse into ypur sweet pretty tropical yard and home. Your flowers are so beautiful! How do you water? Hose? Soaker hoses? Carry out water? I hand carry milk jugs of water most nights for the porch plants and flowers-- they are struggling in this heat--- and we hose water as often as possible. A good soaking rain is always so welcome and of course they prefer rain water over "our" water!! Lol and believe me they sure know the difference! Ha ha ha lol glad you liked the cottage--- such a little storybook place!! Love the baby quilt!!!

Melanie said...

You are a busy woman, especially with all that yard work! The cookies you made look absolutely delicious. I'm sure everyone appreciated them. How beautiful that baby blanket is...I cherished and still have the baby blankets that were made for my children.

Terra Hangen said...

You created a lovely gift for the baby shower, and I like the idea of a "Secret Garden". Those Beauty Berry bushes and their berries would be fun to add to my garden.

Nancy J said...

Beautiful blanket, and a gift wrapped up with love. Super garden flowers, as always, and your words mean so much to me today, hugs from a cold place down south in NZ.

Mountain Mama said...

It's nice to see you have your energy back again, Lorraine - it feels good to get things done, doesn't it? Love your baby gift, so thoughtful!

Jessica Jarrell said...

Those Beauty Berries are gorgeous! I wonder if any animals eat those? At any rate, those cookies look yummy! I've never heard of Brown Sugar Crescents. I've got something new to Google this morning! 😁

Julie said...

I just love your package decoration!!! I love handmade package wrappings! Your blanket will be loved for many years!!! Great work!