Friday, August 5, 2016

Feeling better

Good evening Friends ~ I want to thank all of you for your encouraging comments and emails lately. Being a widow has it’s moving forward times and it’s grieving times. The past couple of months, I’ve been feeling rather down for several reasons, but yesterday afternoon I felt a sense of peace and energy envelope me. I thought about it and wondered if people were praying for me right then. I know I am being prayed for by my church family, my physical family and my online family. I just can’t explain exactly how I felt but I felt motivated to pick up my life and move ahead. Each day is a gift and I want to live each one in the now, not dwell on the past, or even worry about the future, just live today as it comes to me. Jesus is my strength and He has promised to always be with me and I believe that, I’ve just been a tad depressed lately and lost my focus.

After my wave of motivation, I totally cleaned up the kitchen last night, I woke up around 4:30 this morning and got right up, ready to go for the day. I remembered a dream I had last night about two kisses between my dear husband and myself and smiled and felt joy. Short sweet dreams are gifts.

This morning I decided to go to Walmart for a few groceries and some nail polish. I saw colors on a friend of mine the other night and told her I like the colors, but hadn’t been brave enough to try them, yet. So, I came home with 4 colors and here they are on my hand.

Left to right ~ Grease Lightening, Blue Me Away, Jazzy Jade and Re-teal Therapy. These are all by Sally Hansen, so non-expensive. I wanted a color my friend had by ELF called Skinny Jeans, but can’t find it anywhere, even online. I don’t think it is made anymore.


These colors make me feel happy and artistic. These are my natural nails. Pretty soon they will need trimming but this is how they look today. I decided to paint them all on so as to get a feel for how they look.

While at Walmart I saw a floor lamp that caught my eye, for $10.94. I’ve been needing a good floor lamp for my bedroom.  This is perfect. The top light as a 3-way bulb, and the reading light has lower wattage light, energy efficient. I bought an LED 3-way bulb and when I tried it in three different lamps, it does NOT work, so I’ll be taking that back. I have an older bulb in it right now. Here’s a photo from the box picture. It is perfect for what I wanted and the price was right.


For supper tonight I fixed grits, and an omelet made with some left-overs and cheese and toasted Italian bread with butter & Pineapple Sage jelly. The jelly was one of 6 varieties won in a give away from Lemon Verbena Lady on her blog last year.

Below is a photo of the heart shaped bread slices, which made me Smile when I realized what I was seeing as I was spreading the butter.


Now I am comfortably full, kitchen is cleaned up and I’m feeling ready to get horizontal and read before falling asleep.

May you all have pleasant weekends. I pray that we will all seek to see the good in each day, even in the midst of bad happenings.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady


Melanie said...

That's how grief goes - periods and waves of sadness and then finally, some contentment and peace. I'm glad you can feel the prayers of others envelope you and that you had a sweet dream of your husband. Love all the different shades of blue nail polish you bought. Nice to get yourself a little "pick me up" here and there.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

So glad you are feeling better. I really like your nail polish. I have not worn any for years, but after seeing yours I just may buy me some. You are in my prayers and just take one day at a time. I think that is all we can do in this life.

Nancy J said...

Lorraine, love those nails. And as for the grim and bad, I decided a few weeks ago to ignore all the " Bad Stuff" on TV and concentrate on everything that is happy, bright, beautiful and not sad. This isn't easy as there is always so much about war, abuse, death and more, so I often get up and walk away from it. I think I saw this light or one similar on another friend's blog the other day. Lovely.

Mountain Mama said...

So glad to read that you are feeling a bit better, Lorraine - I'm sure your sweet hubby would want you to live your life, and remember him with love. Someday you will be together again, but for right now, he comes to visit in your dreams. Love the Jazzy Jade, by the way - great color!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I am sure you were receiving prayers at just the moment you felt better. That is certainly how it works. Lovely nail polish! Smile EVERY time you look at you nails, please!

xx, Carol

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Rainey! I like thinking that you were being prayed for at that moment...I do know prayer makes a difference. And I'm happy you're feeling brighter. I suffer from depression and I'm learning to take each day as it comes and be mindful of the moment. It truly does feel right to live and think like that. I meditate twice a day and have found that to be extremely helpful. I absolutely love all of your new polish colors. I like them all together like you're wearing them too! Very pretty and creative looking - I'm gonna try it! Hope you're getting a few breezes over there!

Ruth Hiebert said...

God is so good.I can feel your joy in this post and that is uplifting.The nail polish looks great on you.Have a fantastic weekend.

Friko said...

Amen to all of that. My Beloved is still with us but his days are counting down.
I too have been sad and depressed for a long time now but, like you, I suddenly feel that I mustn’t lose focus on life. It is such a gift, a gift not to be squandered.

It is August already, summer will soon be over, but we have this one and if there’s not to be another one, we must take joy from what we have.

I too shall try to keep this mood going for as long as I can.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Love the nails!!!
Glad you're feeling better. You always find new things to work on and I love seeing your creations.

Rebecca said...

I don't wear nail polish. Can't seem to keep it from chipping. I like any/all of those blue colors! Tempts me.

I'm going to be very tired tonight. After a day cleaning out my mother's closet, I came home & hubby and I sorted and rearranged books on some shelves we've moved upstairs to a small bedroom to make room for a "new" bedroom in an old all-purpose sort of room.

Have a pleasant evening and good Sunday all day!

Celestina Marie said...

So glad you're feeling better Rainey. Prayers have been answered. God is so good!! Love your fun nail polish colors. The floor lamp is a great find. Looks like it will give good task lighting. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Blessings always xo

Susan said...

Prayer is a powerful thing and I'm glad you were energized and lifted up by it. I love all 4 of the nail colors you bought and your lamp. It's fun to try new and different colors. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Debbie Harris said...

So good to hear that you are feeling better, and you just know others were and are praying for you,I for one, sweet lady. :-)
How fun your nails must be for you, all bright and cheery.
I like the new lamp, hope it works good for you in the bedroom.

Much love to you~~

BeachGypsy said...

Oh! new header--and it's so pretty. You are so good at making those! Love love love those pretty mermaid fingertips, so very beachy and tropical. Did you decide on a color or leave them all in a variety? Sometimes I do fun stuff like that just "for the fun of it". ha ha LOL Hope you are having a good weekend. I do like the new lamp. We also just got one, ours is all multi-color though. For now it's in the living room. Its been so hot our garden are so very neglected and WILD AS CAN BE...have you been able to get out in yours much and keep up with it?

Leslie Kimel said...

I love your new nail polishes! I agree that blue shades always look very cool and artsy. I'm so glad you are feeling better. Your supper sounds delicious!

Val said...

Ha! Those hearts! You know I love them. :)

Here's to good days. :)

I like blue nails too--They look good on everybody.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

A sweet and wonderful dream followed up by nail polish therapy ...put a smile on my face :) You have lovely hands and nails ! You must always remember to put on your gardening gloves!!! :) XO

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Lorraine,
So glad you are feeling better. Sometimes those moments of clarity come at just the right time. Living for today and not worrying or dwelling in the past has been a lesson for me too. As scary as the future can feel to think about it is good to stay focus on the day in front of you. Glad you have had this burst of energy. Prayer is powerful. Wishing you a great new week ahead.

Cheryl said...

I am glad that you are feeling better, Lorraine. Grief is so fickle that way. It grabs you out of the blue when you least expect it...or it slowly creeps back in to stay for a while. Thankfully, the Lord gives grace to meet each day.

Blue nail polish, a new lamp that is just right, and heart-shaped bread...all gifts!! :)

Betsy Adams said...

Glad you are feeling better... Those pretty nails would make me SMILE if I had them... Beautiful!!!!!!


M.K. said...

I'm glad you're a bit better, FL. I know it's been a rough few months. It doesn't help that it's been a very hot, exhausting summer! I love your nails! You have pretty nails -- mine are just pathetic. They were never good or sturdy, but since I turned 50, they are awful and I have to keep them trimmed with no white showing :( My favorite of those colors is the one on your middle finger -- just the right tone of blue/teal. Lovely. But they all look good, and these days it's quite stylish to wear different colors on different fingers you know :)

Karen said...

Rainey, Oh so happy to hear you're feeling better! I love the nail polish and your nails are gorgeous! The lamp looks perfect, just what we crafty people need to light our needlework. The sweet dreams are such a gift; sending a hug to my dear friend.

Traditional Simplicity said...

Hi! I'm so glad you are feeling better. You have been on my heart for the past several days so I thought I'd pop in and see how you are. I love the fun nail polish! I tend to go for fun or goofy socks to lift my spirits. They hid in my boots or I wear them around the house.

Hugs to you and wishing you God's peace,


Jeri Landers said...

There will always be the ups and downs, but you are able to pull out of it , of that I am glad. You have pretty nails, lucky you! Mine have always been paper thin and I just keep them short as possible.

GretchenJoanna said...

I appreciate your sharing about your widow's feelings and your activities.... it seems that sometimes you just have to "go with the flow" and try to do sensible things like get enough sleep and exercise and good food, and then the flow, by God's grace of course, will take a good turn eventually.

I'm expecting that for myself in the coming days - I've been experiencing the usual downturn that happens when I've returned from being away with my children, and face the mountain of work and responsibilities - alone.... but I am not alone, glory to God. May He give us of Himself more and more.

What nail color do you like best of those blues? I like Jazzy Jade. It's helpful to see them all together, isn't it? You are inspiring me to a pedicure :-)

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

understand all you share.
take care
and thank you always for your kind words
you post on my journal...

Traditional Simplicity said...

I just had to pop over and share with you something. I sent an email, but not sure if that was the right one.

So, I'm in church today trying to listen to our pastor's homily but I'm so distracted by the flowers in front of the altar. I'm sitting there trying to figure out which embroidery stitch would make that shape and how would I get the center of the flower that way using beads. And oh! I would have to use a smaller ribbon for those delicate petals. Oh Lorraine! Do you look at plants and flowers this way now? Will I always get distracted now that I have been watching videos?

Hugs to you,

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hi Lorraine~
It's been a bit since I've commented @ your blog, but I do stop in! : ) and am glad to hear you felt strength and joy lately.
As a widow, I do know how you feel and have 'ridden those waves' too~ I so appreciate those times when God sends the anointing of peace and joy; and - - productivity! Yes : ) It feels good
to 'feel' motivated to do things around the house. Blessings to you,
Karen O

Dewena said...

I read this earlier and then came back to read it again, wanting to remember your words of wisdom in this and your current post. I love that you put it so simply and natural. It makes me remember that that is exactly what Christ wants us to believe. Just a day by day going forward and trusting that he is big enough to provide and care for us, and that he truly wants us to enjoy the good gifts he gives us every day.

Even beautiful nail polish! And my goodness, you have lovely shaped nails! They do deserve pretty polish.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Sending hugs and yes grief seems to grab us and holds us tight when we are not expecting it but we are not alone. Hugs B