Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More ‘musings’

Hi Folks ~ Some have asked if I’m up to this job, especially full time, at my age, (which is 67 years young). Well, I won’t know until I do it. There’s a possibility that I could work 9:30-4:00 instead of 8:30-5:00. That would certainly work better for me. I will mostly be sitting on my behind, answering the phone, typing and in the computer and filing. The commute to work is a nice one, about 10 miles from home, less than 30 minutes away.

I will be taught the computer program part by one of the owners of the shop. It will be a learning curve. It will stimulate my mind, it will be good for getting me out of my ‘stay-at-home-comfort-zone’, help with feeling lonely and grieving, and maybe I’ll be able to help others through my job too. Not to mention the income being an answer to prayer too.

In Etsy’s ‘opening a shop’ info, they do tell you to ‘don’t quit your day job’ before you know you can make a living off of it, if that’s what you need to do. Some do it as a hobby, me I would be doing it for income. I didn’t quit my day job, I lost it a year ago because my boss sold the building we were in and moved across the state. I’ve been praying about a job, have had a couple of things mentioned to me, but nothing has panned out until this possible position. Under my circumstances, I couldn’t say ‘no’, when I was first called by my friend to tell me about it. I have just been ‘scared’.

Since I don’t have my dear husband to talk to about things anymore, I am bouncing my thoughts off you all. I’m sure they are somewhat disjointed at times. Your feedback & your prayers are very encouraging to me. My husband would be encouraging me too if he was here because the pay with bennies are better than what I had at my last job for 17 years. If I don’t give this job a try, (if it is offered to me and not someone else), I will regret it, I know, and then all of the ‘what ifs’ and ‘regrets’ would bug me. I’m willing to learn new things and will trust Jesus/God to be my strength, just as He is now with my being at home. He is always with me. Am I nervous, heck yea. I was nervous when I started my last job too, but that eventually went away and the years marched on, until here I am now.

My dear sis-in-law Sue has been a big help with talking about this, pros and cons. She’s encouraging me and praying too. Here’s a line she wrote today,"if you are suppose to have this job, it is a done deal with God. No sense to worry at all." Amen.

So, I’ve got a week to try to wait patiently and not stress over the interview. Just be myself. (I may just finish painting the bathroom.) They are a small office, 5-6 people, Key West style, so a laid-back atmosphere, which I love. I already dress the part pretty much. This morning I went to GoodWill because it is Sr. Citizen’s day, to see if I could find some colorful tops and maybe a pair or two of slacks. Well, I did, 5 tops and 1 pr. of slacks. The tops cost me $2.36 each the slacks were $3.22, they are sort of stretchy/skinny. Yay, me. Fabrics are silk, cotton, rayon and blends.


Oh yeah, my ‘prize’ for the day was a beautiful, hand crocheted table cloth, my cost as a sr. was $3.75. Smile I’ll take some close-up shots later. Looking at other shots I took of this, I realized I had it on upside down, so that the backside is showing.  The work is beautiful, and I crochet so I know that this took lots of hours in the creation of it. It’s a combination of filet crochet and medallions.


We are in for some ‘tropical storm’ weather Sunday. Wind and rain! I’m hoping and praying it stays a tropical storm and doesn’t turn into a hurricane.  The last hurricane we had was in Oct. 2005 and that was Wilma. The eye went right over us and the whole storm was very scary! Our little 50’s cottage survived and we were thankful.  We did have to do some repair on a storage shed and that was kind of depressing, but DH did a great job. We had lots of clean up to do too from downed tree debris.

Well, that’s it. Just putting more thoughts out to you. I do thank you for reading, and your kind and encouraging comments.

Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady



Jane said...

You have a very wise sister-in-law. Love the tablecloth. It must have taken hours to make.


ladyhawthorne said...

I agree that if it is meant to be it will happen.

Love the tops you picked out and the tablecloth is beautiful. I am always rescuing handmade pieces at thrift shops. I don't crochet but I know there's a lot of work in those items and I appreciate it.

Dewena said...

This is exciting! I hope the door will be open for you if it's good for you and that the interview will bring you clarity about your decision, as well as theirs. Stepping out into something new is always scary but this time next year you might be so glad you did. They sound like good people, don't they? And an office that you will be comfortable working in.

Beautiful fabric in your new tops! You are ready for this. God bless you!

Ruth Hiebert said...

My friend,I can understand how you feel.One question I often ask myself,when making a decision is,what would my Hubby advise me to do?Keep on trusting as God prepares the way for you.

lil red hen said...

Wishing the best of luck to you, Flower Lady. I know you will be blessed and do a great job for them. God is good!!

Julie said...

Hey, I always say "GO FOR IT"! If it doesn't work out, no biggie, but at least you gave it a shot! Good luck, and best wishes!!!

Nancy J said...

look at those new clothes, love the pants, and super tops. Nervous, yes, that is quite normal, excited, ditto, and the pay packet each week or fortnight, excitement there too, And if this is meant to be, it will all fall into place. You are in my thoughts with so much love, wish I could be right there to talk, but this is the next best. your DH would be right there with you all the way, and from Heaven, he will be looking down with his loving smile and say " Go, Rainey, you know you can do this". XXXX from a drizzly NZ.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

I think it is a wonderful opportunity! It's so nice to have company during the day and have a little work 'family'. I love your new tops and tablecloth, too. You will really enjoy having the extra income, too, I'm sure. You are perfect for this job! Hugs xo Karen

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

It sounds like the job would be a good one for you. Just because we are getting older does not mean we cannot learn new things. Sometimes it just takes longer. I miss working, but due to my panic attacks it would be hard for me to keep a job. I am thinking about opening up an etsy shop next year, but that scares me too.

We have to put our negative thoughts away and think only positive ones. I will be looking forward to hearing about your new job when you get it. Just keep positive thoughts.

Connie in Hartwood said...

Goodwill is my favorite clothing boutique! You got some lovely things.

Take a deep breath, plan a bit for your interview, then put it out of your mind and do something else. It's easy to let planning and preparations turn into worry. You got this!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OKay, your first sentence ticked me off. Who in the world was thoughtless and, yes, insane, to actually SAY that to you. 67 is not old at all!! The only think holding you back is your fear and insecurity and stupid comments like that. 67 is young in this age. I'm 65 and do not want to go back to work, but if I had to I could do it in a heartbeat. the only thing that MIGHT hold me back is our crappy winters in Northern Indiana. A job doesn't scare me and neither do our snowy roads, but I would have to think twice about going out everyday in the COLD, lol.

Rainey, just don't stress over this job. Your interview will go fine. After all, someone that KNOWS you has faith in you because they thought of you when the opening occurred.

Much love and encouragement to you.
xx, Carol

Betsy Adams said...

Glad we are here for you to talk to.... When I made a big decision once about moving from Texas (and leaving my kids/family down there) and moving to TN, I had a dear friend whom I talked and talked and talked to. I also enjoy writing (as you can tell from my wordy blog posts) so I made lists of pros/cons, etc... AND---I prayed that God would help me make the correct decision.... Later I found out that God was leading me to TN to meet GEORGE.... You know what happened next... I am so blessed...

You WILL make the correct decision... I am older than you (74) ---and could work fulltime again if I chose to. We are as young as we FEEL. You'll be FINE.

Hugs and Prayers,

Becky said...

Good luck with the new job. I hope it is all you were hoping for. I have returned home full time myself since Scott got the new job in January. Now to get us settled into a new City... going to take awhile but we will get there. I think our son has decided to move up with us if he doesn't change his mind and more to Maryland to be near his friends there. That tablecloth you got is absolutely stunning!

BeachGypsy said...

Ive been on the lookout for lace tablecloths for weeks now--- no luck. Yours is gorgeous! Like your new outfits too! I went last week and not much luck EXCEPT a gorgeous plum color long sleeve long shirt---- can't wait for a cool day to wear it! That may be awhile here! Ha ha lol

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rainey, Keeping you in my prayers for this job to work out if it's God's will for you. I think it can be a great opportunity. Enjoy a nice weekend and blessings to you. xo

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Trusting you and you home will stay safe during any storms. The interview will be probably be a worthwhile and interesting process, whether you are successful in securing the position or not. You may even find something more suitable comes along later if this one doesn't work out.

Jean Campbell said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Rainey.

Most jobs have a trial period in which they and you can see if it is going to work, which it will.

A job will add structure to your days and something to look forward to each day as well as on payday.

You are looking for purpose; the employer is looking for dependability. Prayers for the highest good for all concerned.

Summer said...

Your tablecloth is so charming ♥

Rebecca said...

I agree with Jean above. I think I said it before, but it sounds like this company is providing a service that is very, VERY needed. I hope it works out for you.

And kudos on the bargains you found! Great buys - all of them ♥

gld said...

Of course you can do this job! I suspect it is just getting out of your comfort zone that is causing you the doubt. We all need a boost sometimes to force us to move forward. I believe that if it is meant to be, it will be.
Everything about it seems positive.

I love the new tops. They are my kind of clothes. We have just had a new very large Goodwill open near us. I want to check it out.

Great find on the table top.

Be happy; hope the storm misses you and you just get gentle rains.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You just keep learning new things! Hope the storm doesn't get nasty for you too!!!

Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...

Praying it works out well. The tablecloth is so pretty.

Melanie said...

I agree that you should at least go for the job interview and see how things pan out! Like you said, it can't hurt to try and if you didn't, you would always wonder how things could've been. My 76-year old mom still works PT in an office and loves it. The small, laid-back office style you described sounds ideal. I've mostly worked in large offices and also mostly hated them, lol. One time I did work for a smaller company and office, and I did like that job.