Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rainy day ~ Lots of flowers

Good afternoon Folks ~ We’ve had rain off and on since 5 yesterday afternoon. More is expected through the weekend. I did some gardening yesterday morning, then mowed after a nap as it looked like rain was coming. I went to the grocery store in a lull this morning, and soon after I got back home it rained, same with taking pictures this afternoon.

If these are too many pictures to look at please tell me and I won’t  post this amount in the future.  I couldn’t help myself when I was outside, all of the colors on a gray day, and after working inside for the past five, three at my job and two here at home.

You can click on pictures for a larger view.

Frangipani & spicy jatropha to the right




Golden dewdrop


Hamelia paten


Spicy jatropha











Bulbine blossoms and bee


La Marne


Unknown roses




St. Francis wearing a wonderful patina.


For Rebecca who loves the caravan.

I found this painted yellow hope chest a few years back, did a U-ie to go back and load it in my van.  It must be cedar because that is what it smells like inside. It was out front of a day care center.  I took it out of the bedroom to make way for the desk I set up in there. In the caravan, I’ve still got to finish walls and then paint the whole thing.  All in good time. There’s only half of the team now, and I’m learning as I go without my loving tutor, coach, mentor. I’m used to being the helper with ideas, not the whole workforce.


Don’t you like my fancy headgear?


That’s it for now. The bread machine made a loaf of coconut milk bread earlier and I’m going to cook a pot of lentils for supper.  I have another day off from work, so plan to putter indoors working in the bedroom. Did some today, it will take awhile to finish this room, but every day there is forward progress.

Thanks again for you loving, encouraging comments.



God made rainy days

so gardeners could get the housework done. 

Author Unknown

(Well, at least make a start, or continue where you left off.)


denimflyz said...

Love your headgear. Are you trying to reach that wonderful radio station in Savannah? LOL.
Please do not quit with the flowers. I love them, and I know others do also. They are such a part of you, so please do not quit with the photos.
Enjoy your days off.
Love and Hugs

Rebecca said...

Thank you for "my" caravan pictures. You're putting some sweet feminine touches inside :)

And the flowers are so beautiful. Never apologize for having too many.... I like your St. Francis, too. Mine doesn't have quite the amount of patina as yours...

Nancy J said...

Too many photos? NEVER, I love seeing your beautiful garden, close-ups, always so in focus, tales of your days, and new achievements.I almost cried when I thought I had lost my list!!! St Francis wears age so well. Fondest greetings, Jean.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I enjoyed seeing your photographs. Your St. Francis statue has a beautiful patina. It makes it look ancient and gives an even greater feeling of serenity. What a wonderful area to spend time in.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Cutie, Just think... All of that rain will just make more flowers and more beauty in your yard!!!!

Love seeing your Caravan... Looks good...


Rose ~ from Oz said...

Never too many flowers Lorraine! Thank you for your encouraging comments at my place, you are in part my motivator!
I don't wish to talk about sunflowers, mine have been four inches high for over 3 weeks now :(
A gardener I am not, I'll stick with hammer drilling, seeing as I seem to have the hang of it.
Your words "the whole workforce" squeezed my heart......

Sunray Gardens said...

Well I enjoyed all the photos. Could be a problem maybe for people on dial up? I don't know, but I enjoyed it all.
Cher Sunray Gardens

gld said...

I am having one of those lovely rainy days today.

Never too many pictures of your beautiful flowers for me. I wouldn't have guessed the id on the sunflower....that is what these close up digitals do for us;make us take a really good luck. I do enjoy them.

The bread and lentils sound good. I would probably have to substitute white beans; we have never tried lentils before.

Have a wonderful day.

Annie said...

Beautiful beautiful flowers!

Stacy said...

Beautiful blooms! I loved the third photo - great eye! Somehow seeing rain or dew drops on a blossom is refreshing, isn't it? By the way - great job on the computer area in the previous post! Looks very nice.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Nicccce! Each picture looks like a card! The third one from the top is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine, you garden is alive with colorful flowers- i especially enjoy seeing your lovely roses.
You are so creative- be well n happy :)

His Sparrow said...

Never, ever do I get tired of all those wonderful flowers. Sometimes I just leave one up for a while and gaze at it!

crafty cat corner said...

I love the unknown rose and the headgear looks like you are about to be beamed up. lol

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful pictures.It is a rainy day here today as well.On top of that I attended the memorial service for a co-worker.

flowerlady said...

As usual beautiful pictures, never ever too many.I love the bee,just like you being very busy.Enjoy your weekend, just remember Rome wasn't built in a day

Leslie said...

Your flowers are gorgeous--there could never be too many pictures of them! I enjoyed looking at each and every one.

I'm so glad you got rain. We've had less than half an inch here this entire month. It's so dry, everything is wilted and the grass is brown.

I love the yellow chest and how you arranged it. Your caravan is just the cutest, coziest place ever.

Kalantikan said...

Hi Lorraine, good to see your profile on the mirror, haha! You have a lot of beautiful blooms, it's just like a GBBD post, everything beautiful. I love most the design of that sunflower, with red leaf edges. Happy Weekend.

Barbara said...

Lorraine - love all the photos. Need your e-mail address again. My desk top computer is
RIP and I am working off my lap top and have no e-mail addresses. Miss chatting. Barbara

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Fun photo of you with your 'headgear.' Looking good in the little camper.