Saturday, May 18, 2013

Goodies :-)


This morning I was going to stop at the library on my way to work, but changed my mind and decided to take the little scenic route of older homes with cute gardens, etc. I found my two stag horn ferns on this route recently, and last year found a neat wooden hanging shelf unit with a cut out heart at the top.

Anyway, near the end of this route, there was a yard sale.  I passed it and went around the block to go back to it.  I don’t go out looking for yard sales, only stop if they are on my way somewhere.  Well, I was thrilled to find spools of ribbon, and some twirled ribbon too, never saw it before, but thought I can use it, and a baggie of simple ribbon roses.  $10 for 10 items.  A good deal to me and I felt like it was a blessing, and encouragement for continuing to create.  God changed my mind about which way to go to work so that I would find these ribbons.


I then moseyed on down the road, and at a home I’ve enjoyed seeing  roses growing there for years, they were having a yard sale too, so I stopped.  There I bought some fabric for more journal covers $1, a sweet book that spoke to my heart $1, and a yellow oncidium orchid $5, ‘Dancing Ladies’.  The nice lady of the house even gave me a cutting of a bush morning glory that happened to be in bloom.  I put it in water as soon as I got to work.  She said it will root in water.



I was really depressed Thursday, missing my dear Mark, and dealing with the van problems. I felt better yesterday and today feel pretty good too. It is so hard getting used to living without my best friend. Some times it just feels like ‘what’s the use’? I am told this will all get easier, and it is, as it’s much better that right after Mark left. But, the missing of your loved one you will never get used to, it will always be with you. He’s the other half of me, waiting for me in a much better place and I look forward to our reunion.

My gardens are very comforting to me, even if they are work to keep up.  I feel love, healing and joy when I am in them.

There is also something comforting in working with needles, hooks, threads, beads and ribbons creating bits and pieces to give a way and to sell.  Mark always enjoyed hearing me humming while I worked creating in my little space, and I want to continue on doing things I enjoy, sharing God’s goodness and love, enjoying life, in spite of my loss.

I did get my van back yesterday afternoon and it is running nicely.  The mechanic did not charge me for the wheel bearings. The rebuilt transmission, labor and tax  = $1600. Not something I was planning on spending money on, but a necessity and I hope the van gets me around for many more miles.  God is taking care of me in all areas and I try to give all my worries and cares of each day, no matter how big or small, to Him. He is my continuing source of strength and comfort.

Be grateful for each new day and for all that you are blessed with.



Do not take anything for granted

not one smile

or one person

or one rainbow

or one breath,

or one night in your cozy bed.

Terri Guillemets


Julie said...

Thankyou for that poem at the end of your blog! It was just what i needed to hear!!!

Sandy said...

How very sweet and pretty these ribbons are, Lorraine. And, yes, I do believe our Lord led to right to them. After all, Holy Spirit gives us our gift of creativity and He wants us to grow in it. The little book is beautiful and I know Karla's work well. Keep your heart settled on Him and He will continue to guide and comfort you every day.
Love & Blessings ~

Rose ~ from Oz said...

I'm so pleased the van probs are fixed and you are reliably and safely back on road (the number of $$$'s is unfortunate though)
I adore the little garden book, its so cute - and I agree Lorraine the crafty ribbons at the yard sale was for sure a sign to keep going with the beautiful work you do.
I am so far down the track from you (nearly 10 yrs for me) but as I read your post your words deeply impressed me as its true that it does get easier, but none of the "feelings" go away. I read somewhere that the ..."the grief matches the depth of the love" - and that really struck a chord with me too.
Your amazing garden, your crafts, your faith will all guide you along.
Hugs dearest Lorraine.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am so happy for you and the special things you found. No,we will never forget and we shouldn't. I chatted with a friend today whose wife has been gone for almost three years as had my hubby,and we shared a moment of tears.Some places and circumstances just bring tears.

Stacy said...

Nice finds at the yard sales. I know you'll make some lovely things with them.

I've never heard of a morning glory bush... but it looks so pretty. I'll have to research that one.

I'm sorry that you're missing your sweet hubby so deeply... but am grateful that you experienced a love like so many folks never get to enjoy. My heart is with you and you find your way.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Glad you're feeling better. Nice to have the van going again and what neat finds at the garage sale.

Terry Mann said...

I always enjoy deviating from the norm, anxious to see what God has in store for me.
I thank God daily for the gifts and talents he has given me.

I'm sorry, it must be hard trying to go on alone.

Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

Oh, you did find some lovely treats at the yard sales! I know you'll enjoy yourself crafting and those are the important moments, reminders of what you still have to do and give :) Glad to hear the van is up and running again. Cheers, Jenni

Morning's Minion said...

The cost of your van repairs is an amount that is troubling to most of us--sometimes when I give such problems to prayer I find that I take them back again to fret about. I do think the 'cheer up' blessing of the ribbons was a surprise that you were led to find--a reminder perhaps to continue experiencing joy in beauty and creativity. My gardens are a blessing--although I do wonder how many more seasons I can crawl about on my hands and knees!

Jeri Landers said...

Thank goodness for gardening, it is a solace to the soul and a therapy for the mind and body. Also, working creatively with ones hands, making something beautiful and lasting, is so calming and satisfying Even the knowledge, that one day, your lovely work will be treasured by others. Sorry about your unexpected van bill,but now, it is fixed and no more a worry.

NellJean said...

You are so blessed with memories of Mark in everything you do, knowing the loving things he would say and do.

The ribbon roses are lovely and what a find, all that ribbon!