Saturday, May 11, 2013

The saga isn’t over yet

Well, on the way home the noise started up again and the transmission really didn’t seem to be running right at all, so I again prayed, and made it home safely.

I remembered hearing about an automotive place on the radio the other day, that is not too far from me, closer than work, and hope to have an appt. with them on Monday.  I don’t trust the van to not blow up on me if I had to go all the way to work.

I emailed them just now and explained my situation and will go from there.

I will try to relax tomorrow and do something pleasant and not stressful. My life has been turned upside down, not being what it was at all. Tears are ever ready to spill. I feel strong sometimes and like this morning, I really felt positive and thankful to God for the new day and then wham, vehicle noises and strangeness that I’ve not had to deal with before.  Then thinking the problem was solved, now that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Dear God, be my strength as I am weak. Fill my heart with your peace.

I heard some thunder earlier and it’s really windy out and rain is showing on the doppler so if we do indeed get any, the gardens will be appreciative.

Below is a Grand Duke Jasmine.  This is absolutely wonderful, another scent right up there on my list of favorites like the gardenia.


Look at my messy overflowing work area, and my desk.  For Pete’s sake, that is depressing.  I hope to tackle both tomorrow.  I started yesterday morning and made a little bit of a difference.  I’m also working on the bedroom too, some remodeling there.





Thank you all so much for your kind comments, your emails, your love, prayers and support. All are gifts to me from God and I am thankful.



Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we still are.

Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference in your tone.

Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.

Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without affect, without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same that it ever was. There is absolutely unbroken continuity.

Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?

I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner.

Henry Scott Holland


I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death.

They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make.

Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories.

We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.

Leo Buscaglia


Nancy J said...

Lorraine, as your life was so much richer with your darling Mark, so mine is with your wonderful friendship.Let tears fall, grief is a part of your life,your faith will always be with you, and friendships out here will continue to comfort, send love and care always. Fondest greetings, Jean.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh my.I can feel your frustration.It would be very easy to fall apart at a time like this.Hang in there sister,God is on your side and as you make decisions and work through the hard stuff,you WILL get stronger.I would not be saying this if I didn't know it to be true.

Terra said...

What a pretty dragonfly and jasmine, I can almost smell it. I hope your van gets well soon, and cheaply too.
Heaven is more wonderful than anything we can imagine and there will be grand reunions "when the circle is unbroken, by and by, Lord, by and by."

Bernie H said...

I'm only just catching up with your problems with your car. It does sound like it hasn't quite been fixed yet. I do so hope it gets sorted for you. We rely on our cars so much don't we? When they're having trouble it's really annoying.

Here's hoping that rain does come and give your garden a much needed sprinkle. That Jasmine is just spectacular. I can only imagine what the perfume would be like!

Taking a look at your work area and desk, I didn't think they looked too bad at all. It just looks like you've been busy, that's all.

Love the poem too by the way.

gld said...

Weird car noises can put anyone into a state of fear! I do hope your is a simple and very inexpensive fix.

My desk perpetually looks messy...I tidy only when company is coming.

The last thoughts about death are something we all need to remember.They are with us forever.

Sallysmom said...

Do you know how to check the transmission fluid? Maybe, it is low.

Betsy Adams said...

Bless your heart, Lorraine. I am sorry to hear about your van problems. Hope you can get them fixed this next week. My love and prayers are with you.

That Jasmine is one of the prettiest flowers I have ever seen. Wish I could smell it...

We have been on vacation at Ocean Isle Beach this past week. Am going to try to catch up on some blogging this week... ha.. I have missed you.

Happy Mother's Day!