Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Projects, blooms, embroidery

Good morning Folks,

Thank you for visiting my little blog once again. 

First of all I want to send you to a blog post about a pair of wonderful, heavy, huge, flower pots we got on this day May 1st in 2005. May Day Flower Pot Rescue.

Yesterday we had a T-storm with LOTS of heavy rain which lasted quite awhile, and little thunder and lightening, for which I was thankful. More is expected off and on for today through Friday.  The rain is great for everything, although I did have to hurry outside yesterday morning to bring in partially dried laundry to drape around inside to finish drying.

I mowed yesterday morning because I knew rain was coming, I also moved some bins of straps, and rods off the back shed’s stoop, left over from working on the caravan. Eventually I’ll get things straightened up and put away.  One day at a time.

Then I started working on a garden area that really doesn’t have a name yet.  It’s between the secret garden and the northwest back yard. The caravan is to the north of this space, workshop to the south west.

See the stump that the staghorn fern is sitting on?  That’s from part of the Melaleuca tree that came down in Hurricanes Francis, Jeanne and Wilma.  We saved this part because it was artistic and because of the hole it had in it.

This area is the ‘before’ picture.






The birdbath filled up from all the rain.  I believe we got around 3-4 inches and the road flooded out front, but the water went down once the rains let up.


Now here’s our screened rooms ‘Cat-rium’, roof. Dang raccoons have been playing up there and on the house roof a lot more since DH vacated these premises for heavenly ones. They have been pulling out the spline, and in other areas their weight is pulling the screening loose.  My BIL is coming over this evening after work, to see what we need, and we’ll go to HD for supplies, then he’s going to do the work. I am so thankful for his help.  I love the framework of this roof that DH designed and made, using found materials.



Orchids from a friend about 10 years ago that just keeps on blooming.  I love it.  You can see orange reed orchids in the background.




While I was hanging up laundry yesterday morning I smelled something sweet and turned towards the hedge and there was a passion flower vine bloom. Aaaahhhh.


Below are pictures of the two unkn roses that I got at the plant sale Sunday. Neither has a strong rose scent, just faintly, but they are beauties, and for $5 each, I can’t really complain.






This is Granada that I bought from SAM’s a couple of months back.


This is ‘Paul McCartney’ that I bought at the plant sale Sunday. This scent is a heavenly deep rose scent.  Just wonderful and the blooms are beautiful and huge.





I have been making more little journals. The one on the left you’ve seen before, it was my first one.  The one in the middle has uplifting Bible verses that I printed out and glued to the pages.  The one to the right will also get Bible verses once I get more ink for my printer. Smile I need to do that soon. These are 5 inches by 3 1/2 inches and have 80 pages. I’ve got seven more little journals to make covers for.


Monday I went to Walmart to use up some gift cards that still had a little money left on them.  I bought three spools of 5/8 ribbon for making ribbon roses and a cheapie watch. Here is my first ribbon rose. I look forward to getting more ribbon, smaller and larger as well as this size and in different colors.  I want to learn how to do ribbon embroidery too.  Mark would like what I am doing. He always loved it when I was in here creating and humming away to music as I worked.


Now, here’s what I surrounded this first rose with, a smaller ribbon rose, a couple of lace flowers, and embroidered flowers and leaves.  I love it.


Here it is sewn to the front of another journal. This one will be empty so that one can write down things they are thankful for.  I’m not quite finished with it, but just about.


This is morning sun shining through the kitchen door.  I just love the lace shadows on the floor. 


This morning I was barely awake and ended up sobbing while standing in the kitchen because I didn’t really get to tell Mark goodbye. He went into the MRI and at the end of the time suffered cardiac arrest.

Although, I thought after the sobbing had subsided, it’s not goodbye, it’s until we meet again. We did do a lot of talking especially near the end of those four months when he was so ill, about the possibility of his dying.  He was ready to go, I said I will let you go, but I won’t like it. I don’t like it. I miss him every single day. But, he is no longer in pain, everything is perfect and he is with our Great God, King of the Universe, Lord and Saviour, Jesus.  That is so worth celebrating.

I am learning to live a different life, trusting in God daily and an enjoying learning new things and carrying on with projects.  Each day is a gift.

I am thankful for our little haven here, thankful for help from others, thankful for all of you.

Now I’m off to fix a sandwich, then make some cookies for my BIL and his wife.  I’m planning on fixing Blue Cheese stuffed burgers for supper if he doesn’t have plans already. We’ll see.



NickiLee said...

Hello sweet lady,

You know how everyone talks about have a "Bucket List" well I think I've added another items to min e- I would love to take a walk in your gardens one day. I feel peace coming over me just looking at all the pictures you share with us.

Happy May Day - may this spring bring you much peace and happiness in your heart.

Big hugs,

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your gardens are like an oasis of colour.I love seeing them The journals are works of art,you are very creative.Have a good day and enjoy those roses.

flowerlady said...

Granada looks very elegant,as normal your photos are lovely and give us a wonderful insight into your lovely oasis.What a talented person you are,the ribbon roses and journals are so pretty,you must be so patient.

Julie said...

Everything is so beautiful! Glad you are doing well and so happy your BIL helps you out! God bless him!!! Take care.
Xoxo Julie

Dawn said...

Your blog gave me a wake up call. One moment here and the next gone! I feel for you - what sadness you have endured. I hope there are sunnier days ahead for you, and you ARE so talented! Seriously you could open a booth at your local Green Market and show your art -book journals off! Really, you can do it.,,

sharon said...

Oh your flowers are so lovely with the diamonds of raindrops.....I adore your orchid!! I love yoru beautiful jounal cover....yes great job!...Oh Lorraine, you did have time for closure with are fortunate that you talked about the possibility and what he wanted you to do...yes, it's sad that you have no companion and that you have to do things alone now..but you had a great relationship you have nothing to regret..yes its too bad that he didnt have another 15-20 years...but not to be...

Barbara said...

I love your roses. May inspire me to try a few in my garden. And the bird bath is wonderful. Your yard is a treasure, Lorraine. Hope your BIL enjoyed the blue cheese burgers and got some work done. You are in my thoughts! Barbara

Anonymous said...

True to form, it's early and I'm enjoying your post with a cup of coffee. Visiting your blog feels like stepping into an old friend's living room (and I have a select few friends). :-) So thank you, once again, for sharing your life with us.

I love the "stump" for it is very much my style. I also love the little journals . . . which makes me wonder if you might open your Etsy shop again one day (just glanced above to see four beautiful little bird paintings). Your creations have an "old soul" feel to them, in my opinion, and I just love them.

Mark will "be waiting for you on the rainbow bridge" . . . I'll never forget that post, nor those words. The life you two shared was such a blessing, Rainey. You were and continue to be blessed.

Love and hugs,


Morning's Minion said...

Your lovely photos always make me want to reach in to touch and smell the flowers. I am continually amazed at how much you and Mark managed to create in what I imagine to be a small space.
Reading your last few posts all at once this morning I thought suddenly of a phrase in Psalm 23-"the valley of the shadow of death."
I've interpreted that as meaning the time when we face our own death or the death of a loved one; now I'm thinking that the 'valley' can also be that time after a death of someone near and dear--the long walk without them and the long shadow cast by their passing.

Betsy Adams said...

Oh My---I love your roses and your orchids.. You are SO fortunate to live in an area where orchids can grow outside like that... WOW!!!

Your journals are awesome. Such a talented lady you are!!!!

Nice of your BIL to help you with the screen problem. Hope the critters will leave it alone now.

That Passion FLower vine bloom is neat---so different.

Love your new garden. You need to name one of your garden areas in memory of your Sweetie.


Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady, As I was reading your post it occurred to me that your garden must be very fragrant with all your roses. So glad you got some rain, too. We've gotten several much needed inches. Love your little journals. Enjoy your day.

Sandy said...

Your needlework, your flowers, your words...everything is so special and lovely, just like you, dear friend. Once again I feel refreshed after my visit with you. And, I agree with Susan above, your garden must be so delightfully fragrant. Sometimes I can almost spell the flowers!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Beautiful as always.
Missed you
as I am having continual
computer problems...

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"FlowerLady's Musings" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

The Horse Mom said...

What a lovely blog you have. I so enjoyed all the photos from your post today. The flowers are gorgeous. I love the design on your catrium and the book covers you are creating are amazing. Thanks so much for adding some beauty to my day.

Freda Cameron said...

The staghorn fern, along with your needlework, are works of art! Glad your BIL is helping you with the repairs. Take care. Hugs.

Sandra said...

You really do have the most beautiful flowers, some of which I've never seen before :)

Every time I step into my garden and see my flowers blooming, I think of you and your garden.

Lorraine, I wanted to thank you for your words on my blog, it means a lot to me.

Hugs and love,

Lona said...

Now that stump is just the spot for that Staghorn fern. It looks so wonderful there.Your roses are beautiful. I found three new ones a the local Rural King store for 2.50 a piece. I just had to snatch them up. Now if they just grow, LOL! Loving your little journal. You put such lovely detailed work into the covers. Beautiful!! Have a lovely weekend.

sweetbay said...

Your flowers look wonderful! What a beautiful orchid!

Stacy said...

As always, your gardens wow me... but I've got to say the photo of the lace shadows on the floor was so beautiful. Would make for a lovely front cover for a book.

My heart and prayers remain with you. Stay strong in your faith and memories!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Lorraine
Let me tell you how loved you are especially after reading all of these comments - but I already knew that with opening your heart to the Universe after losing your most treasured partner. You are so brave and I do admire you and your lovely creations of late - the little books and the beautiful arrangement of flowers on your latest book.
Anyone who surrounds herself with all of those beautiful roses has a heart full of love,
and I'm sending more!

lil red hen said...

I have just recently found your blog through Ernestine. I admire you so very much for your strength and your trust in God, your beautiful garden work, and your lovely creations. I have been married for 52 years to my farmer and work with him every day. Should I be left alone, I hope to have a measure of your strength.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for the reassuring words you left on my post, Lorraine. Coming from you with your loss and grief over the past year, this means SO much to me.

Now, seeing your beautiful flowers & the incredibly detailed journals, I'm inspired to get off the couch and do something creative!

crafty cat corner said...

Lovely post, thankyou.

Skeeter said...

It seems as though it was just yesterday that you were talking about your beautiful passion flowers. And yet, another year has passed us by....

Those pesky critters, your BIL is kind to assist you in those repairs and a yummy meal sounds like a wonderful reward!

Love the way the Staghorn fits in so well at the base of the tree! Great idea with a lot of impact...

Your ribbon rose's are just as pretty as the blooms in your gardens!

Jillayne said...

Such a beautiful post Lorraine. The imagery of the lace shadows on the floor, full of darkness and light is the perfect accompaniment to your feelings of loss and sorrow. You loved him well.

Your journals, and rose ribbon embroidery are lovely - your work is very special and these little journals are wonderful. Beautiful.