Sunday, April 28, 2013

A short break ~ couldn’t stay away :-) ~ long & photos

Good morning Friends ~ Thank you all for your comments, thoughts and prayers. The short break was just what I needed.  Sometimes, we just have to step back from things to get our bearings. My life has been changed drastically and is taking some getting used to. Not something I would have chosen, but it is what it is and here I am by the Grace of God.  He is sustaining me as nothing else can or will.

I am thankful for all of you. It is amazing the outpouring of love and support from all of you who I’ve never met physically, just here through the internet. Sharon Lovejoy’s post yesterday was just lovely about her old home, you can read it here, Old Loves.  What she said in her P.S. really spoke to my heart and it was about how as bloggers we are like neighbors sharing our lives, loves and thoughts.  I thank you all for being part of my blogging neighborhood.  Thank you Sharon for your thoughtful and gentle ways of sharing your life and thoughts with so many.

Today is a new day, may I rejoice and be glad in it.  I am looking forward to going to a spring plant sale at our local botanical garden later.  I hope to find some inexpensive goodies to bring home that are hardy, colorful and scented. I’ll let you know later.  I haven’t been to this event in years.  DH and I went many, many years ago, then I went once a few years back.  I even was able to print out a $5 off coupon on the entry fee, so that was thrilling. I’ve still got photos to edit and post about my visit to this lovely botanical garden on my birthday, a little over a month ago.  It was peaceful and inspiring. Anyway, I’m looking forward to my little jaunt out later.  They had the sale yesterday too.  I plan to go early, hoping it won’t be too crowded then.

Raccoons have been wreaking havoc with the screened roof on the screened room off the back of our little cottage. Ripping out the rubber tubing from the grooves, so that now I have a pretty big gap along one section of framework, and other areas are about to give way too.  If DH was here, he would fix it, but alas, this is not his earthly home anymore.  It’s not that big of a space, but it’s high and an artistic shape, so I looked up someone who does screen replacing in this area, on the BBB website. I plan to get in contact with one business who has been doing this for over 30 years for a free estimate. Keep this little project in your prayers, that it won’t be too expensive, that they do a good job, etc. It’s the daily, every day things that make me miss Mark so much. He could fix just about anything.  He loved to make things work, recycle and repurpose, to build and create.

I was sent to another widow lady’s blog the other day and she is such a gentle person.  A widow since October and her posts are encouraging to me and I am thankful for her being a shining light of hope and encouragement. Her blog is Let’s Chat.

All widows need love, encouragement, help, a gentle touch. We have lost so much, no words are adequate enough to describe the new person that we now are without our other half. So, if you know any widows send a note, hold their hand, talk with them about their dear husbands, let them know you care.  Help them with little or big things in any way you can.

That’s one of the reasons I couldn’t stay on a long break, you all are good for me, heart and soul and I thank you.

Yesterday morning I sat out in the ‘caravan’ with my cup of coffee, looking around at the tiny, unfinished space and said to my self, “I can do this.”  And I will, it’s only a matter of time. DH would want me to continue with this little project.  We enjoyed this immensely, taking something that was a wreck and making it a happy little space.

I will work on the inside of our little cottage too, working on projects there a little at a time. For some unearthly reason, I’ve been feeling like everything had to be finished up quickly now. Who said so?  We were moseying along at our own pace, what’s my hurry?  I want to savor and enjoy the processes, thanking God for Mark and his many talents, and that we worked so well as a team, and that I have this little haven to call home.

One of the inside projects is making a little office space in my bedroom to move DH’s computer too, so that it’s out of the living room, and I can do our bookwork in there.  I wrangled the little computer desk that he made for the workshop, out of plywood and  old iron legs, out from there onto the workshop’s stoop, so that I can paint it before bringing it inside.  It is going to have a 25 inch x 40 inch old enameled table top as the top, giving me a wider workspace and I look forward to that.  I think he is happy with my using this and what I am doing with it.  He even made it have a slide out piece for the keyboard.

Here it is before being painted.


First, I have to clear out the space where this is going to go and do some wall work also. It’s all a learning process for me.

I have been enjoying my gardens and love all of the textures, colors, shapes and scents.

This is a yarrow which makes a nice ground cover down here in s.e. FL. I was given seeds by a sweet gardening friend, Susan.  I bent down and smelled these flowers and they smell like honey.  Plant is about one foot high.  I love the feathery leaves and the dainty flowers.  I have several little clumps of this spreading around in the main garden.


Below is Confederate Jasmine that I just love and wait expectantly for the blooms every spring.  The scent is wonderful.


One of my very favorite scents, gardenias. Aaaahhh. I thank God every time I take in their wonderful scent.  It is one of my earliest memories of Florida and my grandmother’s house.  She had a huge bush loaded with the blooms.


This is some sort of jasmine I think.  I don’t know where I got it but the flowers are sweet and the scent is too.  This is looking up through the lattice over the seating area at the back of the main garden.


This is a Vanda orchid that grows easily without much care.


My humble ~ jumble main garden.


I weedwacked the paths this past week, which made a difference.


Here is “HF” which stands for Happy Frog.


Friday evening on the way home from work, I found this 3 drawer storage unit, not broken, just faded and needed a good bath.  I was wanting more storage for creative bits and pieces I have stacking up here and there, and I found this in DH’s old childhood neighborhood. 


On the way to work yesterday morning, I found these staghorn ferns curbside.  I suppose they got rid of them because they were yellowing.  When I got home, I gave them a drink of water, and will give them some plant food later on. They are in a simple metal band basket, so I can use some chain to hang these somewhere, or else set them on a pedestal of sorts.  I need to see what I’ve got to use around here.

You can see a small staghorn I’ve had for a few years now, hanging in the Queen Crepe tree, with the two found ones beneath.




Caladiums from Meems either last year or the year before.



It’s early afternoon and here are my goodies from the spring plant sale.  I got there 8:45 and it didn’t open until 9, but I was the first in line at my gate. Smile  Wow, it was amazing, and in beautiful surroundings too.  I didn’t stop and gaze at every booth and once I spent my money, I left so as not to feel bad if I saw something else. I went with a certain amount of $ from my Christmas bonus, and came back with $2.  I am happy with what I bought and hope they all do well for me.

Here’s what I bought ~ 3 roses, two I don’t remember the names of but can get them from the nursery which is real local. The big bush is Paul McCartney, very fragrant and a lovely rose. All three roses are nicely scented which is what I want in a rose.

Most of these below are growing in the butterfly garden there at the botanical gardens, which really looked beautiful today.  I need to go back to take more photos.  I love that place. I think I’ll become a member.

1 ~ variegated guara with pink blooms

2  ~ holly hocks that grow here in FL. either red or pink.

1 ~ ‘Tingo blue’ Salvia macrophylla

1 ~ Rose Leaf Sage ~ fuchsia tubed flowers on a very showy long spike.

2 ~ ‘Purpletop’ Verbena

1 ~ Agastache

1 ~ Yellow butterfly bush ~ Buddleia Honeycomb

Here’s todays’ haul. Not everything is in bloom at the moment.




Variegated guara with pink blooms



Two unknown roses, scented.



That’s it for now. I’ve given you enough after being absent for almost a week.

Count your blessings.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady


Nancy J said...

Lorraine, so glad you are back, a short break,I can read that the break was good, but you are happy to be here again,( I've been waiting for all your news) and look at how busy you have been. The goodies from roadsides and sales, love that Gaura flower, beautiful.Your words and photos brighten my day, and " a blogging neighbourhood" is so true,I too am so thankful for all the friendships here.Fond greetings,Jean

Freda Cameron said...

You're amazing. Yes, you can do it and making it a peaceful journey rather than a dash to the finish is a good way of thinking.

The fragrances in your garden are wonderful! My favorites, too. You've picked up great plants at the sale.


June said...

Oh it would be glorious to grow some of the things you do Lorraine!!!! But at least I can enjoy them in your garden.
Thank you for the kind reminder about caring for the widows in our lives. I have some sweet friends here who are and my sister is soon to be one (I am going to leave and go spend some time with her later in the week).
I'm so grateful to have come by today and read this beautiful post.
I have you in my prayers.
hugs from here...

Rebecca said...

What a lovely variety you came home from the plant sale with! (And I sure look forward to seeing the painted, finished product - computer desk.)

It's good to have you "back", Lorraine. Thanks for the reminder about extending special interest and care to the widows (I have several among my friends).

Sandy said...

I hope you feel the love that exudes from everyone who is a part of your lovely blog world, including me. It's always a joy to see your beautiful flowers and hear about how things are going with you. I'm glad you are enjoying Barb's wonderful words on her blog. She is such a dear, as you are, and I hope you will become great friends.
Love you~

Sallysmom said...

Love and hugs back to you ;)

Julie said...

Nice finds around the neighborhoods and plant sale! I love your two pretty roses!!!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That is one cute desk for your computer. Can't wait to see it all painted. You really got a lot of great plants and continue to find lots of free goodies.

Darcie said...

Sending you much love and hugs, as you continue to navigate through this unplanned voyage. I think of you often with tenderness, and when I come over here to check on you, your courage inspires me.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is like a breath of fresh Spring air.
I adore the whimsical feel of your garden Lorraine.
We all need a break now and then- welcome back.

Heather said...

What a lot of great plants and some free treasures to boot... sometimes a break is all we need. Cheers~

Sunray Gardens said...

Lots of new plants for you. That is always something new to look forward to this year.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you didn't retreat for too long. Although my comments are typically brief, I thoroughly enjoy your posts each morning with a cup of coffee.

You remain a constant source of inspiration to me dear Rainey.



tina said...

That's the trick! Stay busy and take it one day at a time.

His Sparrow said...

Lorraine I just enjoy reading your posts so much - I savor the pictures and imagine the peace that must be present in your garden. Blessings to you.

flowerlady said...

I am sooooooooooo glad and pleased you are back,I didn't even read all the other blogs I needed to catch up with I went straight to your post.As usual a lovely post,so full of lovely pictures and so full of YES I can do this.big hugs x

Betsy Adams said...

Wow--great post... I love your 'treasures' that you bought at the sale. You did GREAT.... Did you pull a little wagon in order to get everything back to your car?????

So glad you are feeling better since your break. I took a week off recently also--and it did me wonders too!!!!

I'm so impressed with that little desk. Your hubby really was a 'jack of all trades'... That is awesome.

Proud of you for keeping on keeping on... God Bless You as you plug through this earthly life.


L. D. said...

I really enjoy your posts. Show and tell helps one to share who you are and even how you feel. The flowers look great and the desk will be a great thing to reuse.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is good to see you getting out an doing things. I remember how after Jake was gone,I felt I had to hurry and get all the work done.By now that has changed and I take my time doing what needs to be done.Funny how our minds work when we are grieving.Hope today is a good day for you.

HolleyGarden said...

Gardenia, jasmine, roses, and a honey-scented yarrow. I could almost smell those wonderful fragrances! I am also quite impressed with your staghorns. And I love the happy frog! I agree with you - the blogging community is like an extended family. Glad you are feeling better.

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady, You got some nice plants from the show. I've never seen a var. gaura before...very pretty. Glad to hear you are doing well and being divinely led to the right people. I think of you often and always send a little prayer your way. Enjoy spring while it lasts.

gld said...

You did well at the sale! Would you believe I have had a Paul McCartney rose for over 15 years so it must be a hardy one. Roses aren't my forte.
I never noticed it being very fragrant. I think soil and climate may influence fragrance.

Glad to hear your time away was good.
I think you are doing fantastically well getting things done on your own.

Bernie H said...

Lovely to see you back after your little break. It's great to hear you're still going to be working on that gorgeous caravan of yours. As you say, there's no rush really.

You made some great purchases at the plant sale, and you've got some quite lovely white flowers around you at the moment. I particularly love the Gardenias.

Skeeter said...

While living in Germany, The Saint had to go to Bosnia without me for an entire year. I had never been alone in my life as I had always been surrounded by family. That was a time I shall never forget as I learned that I could do so many things in life that I would have never thought I could have done with out Mark at my side. I found friends and became active in the community. This is when I also learned I was a crafter and could create things in which some one would pay money to have in their home! I really blossomed in that year and have not been the same shy gal ever since. My life was like a rollercoaster. Some days I was on top of the world while other days, I just wanted to close my eyes and scream! The year past and Mark returned home safely to me.

Keep your Faith and Embrace every day here on earth and know that you will once again be at your DH's side some day...

Rose ~ from Oz said...

I'm so glad you're back Lorraine, and pleased the little break was good.
Never tire of meandering around your amazing garden that has evolved over the years with your DH.
And yes there's a wonderful community of like-wise widows out there only too willing to share the pain and reach out with a loving hand. The blogging community is a wondrous and beautiful thing.

Cheri Farnell said...

Hey Sister, so glad to see you back. Missed reading your blogs and seeing the beautiful flowers you have. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you.
Love the frog.

Morning's Minion said...

I was happily meandering through this post [with my morning coffee]enjoying your plants and projects. When I got to the photo of the guara I realized that is the plant I bought last spring and enjoyed all season--but which seems to have disappeared. I remembered that it had an odd name--but not one I could pull from memory.