Saturday, April 6, 2013



The other morning I went out before it was light to walk around enjoying the beginning of a new day.  Looking at our cottage, I caught glimpses into the life inside.

Colorful, cozy, home sweet home.

Looking into the kitchen through the French door, which is main entry into cottage.


If you head south, this is the living room window. We had these two windows and my husband made a frame for them out of plywood, and we would put this in the west bedroom window before we put an awning up on that side, to help deflect the afternoon sun. I put it in the east living room window, (driveway side) for more privacy and a nicer, comfier feeling for me. The difference in lighting is that there’s a stained glass light hanging on the other side of the top window.



Taken a few minutes ago with morning sun shining in through trees outside.

This is on the south side of the cottage, living room window. Since this faces the street, I don’t have the blinds open yet. We are all shrubbed in and there are gates locked, but I close these when it’s dark out. It feels better.


I took this photo when it got lighter.  The little heart in the stick of wood was one of the last little gifts from my husband.  He had been cutting wood out in his workshop, and found this heart (knot) inside and brought it to me telling me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. He then placed the stick in my hands.  It is precious to me.

The stained glass window is from Karen and Carl of Quarry Gardens, also precious to me.



Still on the south side of cottage, this is looking into my space from the front little patio.


This is the south bedroom window.  You can barely see the stained glass in the window there. It’s behind a bougainvillea.


This is from inside when it was lighter out.  These are two matching stained glass windows, broken in places, and we got these cheap, many, many years ago. I have them overlapped to fit the space, which makes an interesting pattern down the middle.


Now, we’re on the east side of the cottage again, just north of the French door.  This is looking into the scullery.  My dear husband bought me the top stained glass window for my birthday many years ago.  The birds and flowers in the center are a reverse painting on the glass.  Very sweet.

The bottom little stained glass piece is from a wild life sanctuary in upstate N.Y.


Now we’re on the north side of cottage, looking into the scullery from the secret garden. You can see into the kitchen on the other side of where the tea pots are sitting, and then through the archway into the living room.


A little glimpse once again into Plum Cottage. It is packed with love and lots of memories made by two people who came together as teens, married and grew more in love, as the years passed.

These next photos are of a heart my DH made from a piece of the Melaleuca tree that came down in either Hurricane Wilma, or in Frances and Jean the year before. The inscription on the back says a lot and means a lot to me.



Thank you again for your love, prayers, hugs and support. Grieving is an ongoing and growing process. I’m just taking it one day at a time, with God’s healing, love, and peace surrounding and flowing through me.

Here is the link to a post I posted in my other blog yesterday.  I found the writing on a widow/widowers blog and it spoke to my heart.

Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady



organicgardendreams said...

Hi Lorraine, what an interesting idea for a post to "look into your cottage" from the outside! I like your stained glass windows very much. What a toughing gesture of your late husband that he placed the heart on the stick of wood into your hand. Also the other heart with the inscription that he made for you is very moving! It is often the case that men can't express their feeling very well, but your husband certainly found a way! Lucky you!

Sheri - Creative Spaces of S. Fla. said...

Catching a glimpse of your sweet cottage give me the impression that your house is filled with peaceful thoughts, comfortable moments and lots of love surrounding you. Thanks for sharing your lovely abode with us. Wishing you a most wonderful weekend!

Best wishes,

Carla said...

Oh Lorraine, thank you for the peek inside your charming cottage. If I were to pass by this cottage and peek in I would want to come by for tea and scones. I loved the photos of your collection of stained glass and the hearts are lovely. Such a warm and cozy place to live.

Linda said...

Your home does look so inviting and cozy at night. All that stained glass is lovely. Along with your garden of wonderful flowers you have a paradise there.

Coffee Lady said...

First off I love windows and yours are so beautiful. I also love stained glass. Your photos are amazing. Your cottage sounds so cozy. I wish you shalom.

flowerlady said...

What a lovely and unique way to show us your lovely cottage,filled with so many memories and so much love which no one can ever take away from you.Godbless

Kerrie said...

Thank you for your visit and comment. I am a follower now of your blog :) I am also sorry for your loss ~it is a hard long path you walk when you are now one. It has been over a year now since I lost my beloved so I know what you are going through. Writing in a journal of how you feel helps a lot and you will see your progress in your journey. God Bless and hugs, Kerrie

Nancy J said...

Beautiful header photo, and a virtual tour of your lovely home.Peace and happiness within, and in the garden too, let it soothe your heart always.Greetings from Jean

Sandra said...

I have always loved all your stained glass windows, really pretty :)

You have such an adorable little cottage, love it.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for the tour of your home.The only thing missing is the one person who would make it complete for you,right?Have a beautiful Lord's Day tomorrow.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Wonderful glimpses in your windows. You have so many lovely stain glass pieces. We've talked about adding a stain glass design to our living room window. We never see what our home looks like lit from inside. Everyone should do this. Thanks for the window tour.

Heather said...

Beautiful post Lorraine... I loved the little stroll around your sweet home! Blessings to you! Cheers~

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Your DH was a true romantic Lorraine, creative and thoughtful too.
Plum Cottage is so beautiful and a real testament to a true love story.

Karen said...

Rainey, so glad to have the chance to visit your lovely home. I love the knot heart Mark found and the gorgeous Melaleuca heart. The words he inscribed are so touching, he was a very romantic husband. Your home is so beautiful.

Sunray Gardens said...

I love stained glass and you have some lovely choices in your home.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Gary said...

Your home speaks so much of the relationship you both had. And so many little gifts carefully and tenderly made, all about love. It's a beautiful home Lorraine.

The Heart's Hunger said...

Totally LOVE it!
Especially the Heart stained glass- and the view outside that window!!!

I've wanted stained glass for a window or two in my home- but, I've no idea where to start!
My creative gene- well, I don't think I have one, lol!

I appreciated your comment at my blog the other day. Very endearing.

Happy Sunday to you!!

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Lorraine, Beautiful post --and I love all of your stained glass.. You do have so many many memories of a wonderful life. Thanks so much for taking us along on your tour.... Loved it.

HolleyGarden said...

Sweet images. Your home is full of love, and precious memories, as shown in every glimpse. I especially love the heart inside the wood. What a beautiful gift.

NellJean said...

Thank you for inviting us in, through the windows.

That block of wood with the heart is so precious.

Rebecca said...

You must know how much I enjoyed the peek into Plum Cottage! ALL of your stained glass windows are beautiful. (In my next house, I'm going to pay more attention to window placements. We have too few in this house!)

Thank you for sharing your heart(s) and home. It's always delightful to visit your blog♥

Julie said...

This is a neat angle! Looking in! Awesome. Love that little heart made of wood.

Becca's Dirt said...

I so love your keepsake heart DH made. It is so nice and is very special to your heart. You have so much stained glass and they are all so pretty. Hope you have a nice day. Many people are praying for you.

NickiLee said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home - I love each picture and felt the love you have for everything - including your memories. Your spirit and beautiful words have given me hope that all will be ok in the future as I recently lost someone very close and now see that life does go on and thank you for showing me that.

Big hugs

tina said...

Your husband left you so many precious momentos to remember him by. It was wonderful you two had each other.

Barbara said...

Beautiful windows and I love the peek inside through them. Your cottage is beautiful! Hugs.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

All the views
you show
are beautiful.
Love everything you share :)

Gayle said...

I've never given stained glass much thought, but as you have shared it is just beautiful. I am going to keep my eyes out for some to add to my home.

I am so sorry for your pain. There are no words.

Cheri Farnell said...

All of your posts have been so beautiful today. The flowers, the tour of your home and the things you and Mark shared. I'm so proud of my big sister and I love you very much. Hope you have a wonderful day.