Monday, April 1, 2013

Hard to believe April is here


Time is zipping right along. I’ve got two weeks to figure taxes and that has me a bit frazzled as I’ve never done them before. I bought the H&R Block program that we used in the past, this morning, now comes the fun part.

The weather was beautiful for Easter yesterday. The church service I was invited to was lovely, and a couple of the songs really had me in tears. Dinner afterwards with my friend Julie and her family was great! I didn’t get home until around 4 p.m.

I had fixed my Easter lamb on Thursday in the crockpot.  I smeared mustard on the top, after cutting away most of the fat.  Then sprinkled on granulated garlic (I didn’t have any fresh to cut up and put into slits cut into the meat this time), Then sprinkled on Italian seasoning, and laid on minced fresh rosemary.  I then browned that in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes to brown, then into the crockpot it went on a little rack, and when I came home, the place smelled delicious.

After browning for 15 minutes.


After being in the crockpot for around 8 hrs.  It was so tender and delicious. My husband would have enjoyed it done this way.


Here’s my place setting, on the table, I ate in my lap like we always did as we don’t have a table for eating at. Smile


The glass has a blown glass red rooster in the stem.  I think we paid $1 ea for two of these many, many years ago, and we only bring them out at Easter.

The lion and the lamb, is a depiction of how it will be in eternity.

My husband bought two of these tulip plates for my birthday one year, I love them.

The two hearts are made from seashells. We had a lapidary set-up years ago for polishing stones and my husband made these.



Here’s my dinner.


Easter goodies from dinner with my friend and her family. We colored eggs after dinner and an egg hunt. I helped hide plastic eggs with a dollar in each one for all of the kids and their friends (teens-early twenties). That was fun to watch.  Got to bring  our decorated  eggs home with us. I also got some sliced ham too.


Easter blooms here at home.




Hugs and Kisses Hibiskiss

This is in a pot by the caravan, colors of hibiscus and caravan go great together.



These pictures were taken a couple of days earlier.

This is how it starts out.




I love how it looks as it ages too, antique.





I’ve been thinking about the tires on the van now that I am driving it regularly. We didn’t drive the van hardly at all, and the tires might be original and that’s 2001. The van only has 32,??? miles on it.  Anyway, I looked at them the other day and though uh oh, I better check into this.  Then I saw something on yahoo, about how to tell when you need new tires, and I had little cracks in the tires all around, and the tread groove was really shallow. So, this morning I went out with pencil in hand and wrote down the info off the tire, checked SAM’s and they had them online, so I called the store we go to see if they had them they did and they could do it today. So that was my big experience for this morning. I was excited that I did this all by myself.  Mark would be proud of me.

Oh yea, while I was waiting for the tires to be put on, I moseyed around the store and in the book dept. I found a lovely book that just came out and decided to buy it.  I’ve not heard of it, it was just laying there waiting for me to see it. I read the introduction and then placed it gently into my cart. I started reading it while waiting for the tires to be finished and it is another blessing for me at this time. It is so pretty too.


I hope you all had a lovely Easter, and that spring will bring you much delight, and that your gardens will be filled to overflowing.

Give thanks in all things.




Karen Soane said...

visiting from Down to earth after seeing some pictures about your kitchen sink and scullery. I enjoyed reading this first post on your blog and will check back in. I am in Australia. Visiting my parents who live near Melbourne for Easter but I live in Brisbane. I love the flower pictures and the dinner photos. K.

Rebecca said...

Your Easter plate looked YUMMY! I can imagine how tender that lamb was - crockpot cooking is my current favorite way to do just about ANYthing!

I glad you decorated eggs and watched the egg hunt. (We're having a delayed one Wednesday or Thursday when 3 of our grandchildren spend a few days with us. Our Easter was quite quiet after church...)

It DOESN'T seem possible that it's April (though the winter seemed really long). I'm looking forward to things greening up SOON. ♥

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Where to start? Your Easter meal looks so delicious and the setting is lovely.Getting to help with an egg hunt can be so much fun.Your flowers are stunning.I love Hibiscus and yours are gorgeous. Hope your week goes well.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Your meal looked wonderful.
I have never tasted Lamb.
Always picture how sweeet they
are and do not know if I could eat.
As always
your flowers are beautiful.
Your weather has to be perfect
to have such wonderful plants.
Do you spray your roses ?

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Where to start with this poignant and newsy post!
Your dinner looked really delicious and I'm thinking your feelings were overflowing at that moment.
The frilly yellow hibiscus is simply the most beautiful I've ever seen.
You were with loving and special people for Easter Lorraine and thats a blessing in itself.
Thinking of you dear girl, there are so many "firsts" to get through.
Big big HUGS

Karen said...

Rainey, your roast lamb looked delicious and your place setting was fantastic. I love the lapidary stone hearts Mark made, they are beautiful. I'm glad you had a nice Easter spent with friends. The hibiscus is phenomenal, the colors are beautiful in bloom and fading, too. Hugs to you, dear Lady!

Barbara said...

Oh your dinner looked lovely! I need to cook more, I hardly cook at all. Brad did our cooking. Loved your post. I have to check on that sweet book you bought. Just finished my taxes today. Forgot to send photos of earrings. Will get off this week. Hugs to you Lorraine!

Gary said...

What a wonderful post Lorraine. So much, it's hard to know where to start a reply. I suppose lamb is a good favourite! Even though vegetarian, I can still drool at the thought of roast lamb...and mint sauce...and roast potatoes....and that asparagus looks very nice too! Mark was clearly a sensitive man, jusging by the shells and plates, and that glass is beautiful (haven't got one like that with a blown glass stem. It's a good idea to get those tyres changed, it sounds as though they are finished. Unlike those lovely Hibiscus and pansies you have! Take care.

Heather said...

I am glad to see you are pampering yourself by setting up your little dinner setting and cooking yourself up wonderful food.... it's the little things that make the day special! Beautiful flower pics! Cheers~

Leslie said...

Oh, your dinner looks delicious. I love all the special details. And your Easter eggs are so pretty. I decorated eggs too, but mine weren't nearly so artistic!

I hate doing "car stuff" too. I dread going to the garage or even SuperLube. I'll be literally shaking, and I'm always so proud and relieved when the ordeal is over. It's a great feeling to have new tires and to know you won't have to deal with them again for a while!

Sunray Gardens said...

It does seem strange for April as it's still cold here, but think Spring is close now. Your Hibiscus are lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Balisha said...

First I want to thank you for all the get well comments. They really helped me feel better.
Now...on to your Easter. What lovely mementos on your special lap table for Easter. I love that everything meant so much to you.
Your lamb looks so yummy...I think I may try your way of fixing it soon.
That hibiscus is so pretty. I've never seen one like it. You do have the most glorious flowers.
It looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Your husband would be proud.
Blessings, Balisha

Betsy Adams said...

Loved reading this post, Lorraine. You are such an inspiration --how you are learning to do all kinds of things which you never had to do. I'm so proud of you.

Your Lamb Dinner looks awesome.... Congrats... Your hubby is smiling from ear to ear up there on a pink cloud--since he is also so proud of you... It's hard to cook for one I'm sure.

Glad you had a fun Easter --enjoyed the service and the fellowship... Love the decorated eggs.

Your flowers are so pretty. Hope our Pansies look like that soon....We just haven't had much spring here yet at all.

Congrats on the new tires.


flowerlady said...

A belated Happy easter to you,I have been so busy with work and managing to get together with family I haven't had time to do a blog,but yours put a smile in my heart.It can be difficult to make the effort when it is just for one but your meal and all the little touches were lovely.Your Hibiscus pictures are lovely,I must remember and take some of mine later in the year.Well done with the tyres as well,good job you checked,we actually changed ours last year for the same reason-cracking walls.

Annie said...

What a lovely Easter time. I was drooling over your delicious dinner. You have so many wonderful treasures and happy memories. Enjoying your flowers too, as our leaves start to turn and our days are getting cooler.

Kalantikan said...

Hi Loraine, those are all beautiful photos of your flowers, but i am biased to the pansies as it is a favorite but doesn't grow here. I also love the red rooster on the glass stem, so fanciful and unique! Regarding being alone, i eat all by myself my whole life, only with some people during gatherings and outside my condominium unit. I understand that it might be very different when you are used to be with someone especially during meals, compared to someone who has been all alone through life! But this is alone without being lonely, haha! Take care Loraine.

Anonymous said...

Quite huge hibiscus, lovely flowers. Hibiscus flowers do not require water, the blooms will stay viable until they're time has passed, with or without watering. Hibiscus flowers last only one day, maybe a bit longer if kept in the fridge.

HolleyGarden said...

Your dinner looks so delicious. The little rooster glasses are adorable. I've never seen any like those before. Hugs and Kisses Hibiscus is is gorgeous. Those things we don't usually think about - like taxes and tires - can be so intimidating. Kudos to you for jumping in there and getting things done.

tina said...

Such a lovely Easter meal. I don't think I've ever seen such a lovely meal! Sounds like your Easter was good even considering your recent loss.


Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Bravo for buying tires yourself. Mark would indeed be proud. And taxes too.

Your flowers are beautiful and I love your place setting.

I'm glad you had nice weather. We did too--surprisingly. Usually it rains but this year it was sunny and warm. Steve and I had all 4 kids around the table for about an hour. Good times.

Cheers my friend.

The Heart's Hunger said...

What a beautiful post and blog to stop by for a visit:)

I LOVE all the flowers and the lion and the lamb figurine- a wonderful thought of peace that we long for in heaven.

I'm your newest 'friend follower' here.

Would love to have you stop by my blog sometime when you've the chance.

God Bless you, especially during this Easter season.

It's Just Dottie said...

I am so glad to hear about your lovely Easter and your flowers are so pretty.
Smiles, Dottie

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lorraine,
I'm glad you had a good Easter. Good job on getting the new tires!

Your photos are beautiful! I was surprised to see you have pansies. I thought they were more for cooler climates. I got some Saturday, but haven't had a chance to plant them yet.

Sandra said...

Oh your dinner looked so delicious, you have my mouth watering.

I started doing our taxes about 5 years ago, I always use TurboTax online and it's so easy :)

Love your flowers as always, I often sit here and think that your garden must smell AMAZING when they're all in bloom.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday.

gld said...

I really liked the pictures of the hibiscus bloom evolving...sometimes we fail to appreciate our flowers in all their stages.

I am glad to see you cooking such wonderful meals for yourself and using your lovely things that you and your husband bought together.

You are truly an inspiration to all of us.

I have never bought anything for any of our vehicles....Congratulations on the new tires. Maybe this is something I should do now and then.

Susan said...

Your crock pot meal looks delicious. I love cooking roasts in the crock pot. It definitely makes the meat so tender. Sounds like you had a fun Easter and got some nice goodies to take home with you.

Congrats on the new tires. You are a strong and self-sufficient woman. Your new book also looks very interesting. Please let us know how it is. Have a sweet day! Hugs...

Val said...

You have already grown so much, learned so much--I'm proud of you, and I'm sure Mark is too. Those moments you feel his happiness and pride are real, I'm sure of it.

I'm glad your Easter was filled with so many blessings.

And if the items in my giveaway interest you (or any of your readers), you're welcome to enter--the winner's being picked tomorrow, and the contest is being hosted over at Jenny's blog at:

--if that brightens your weekend any :)

Much Love, and I hope you're surviving Tax Season! :) ♥♥

~ Val