Monday, May 27, 2013

Rough day Saturday, better day yesterday, project

Good morning Friends ~ I hope those in the United States have a nice holiday today. I plan to putter here working on the bedroom, which one half has been storage, since we opened up the two tiny rooms to make one larger room. We always have had several projects going on at once, and the bedroom was one of them. I’m just going to declutter, take out metal shelving, put up paneling, one panel at a time, and not stress.  The bedroom is a wreck as I go through things, the living room is too, as stuff is being stacked out there temporarily, and my little creative space is another disaster area.

I do get intimidated by things that need to be taken care of around here, but with God’s help, I can accomplish things I didn’t think I could.

I bought one sheet of MDF beadboard paneling yesterday.  It’s already painted white, eventually, I’d like to paint the whole bedroom when it’s done, a ‘silver dust’. For now, white works. I used a handsaw, a drill, and a little tiny saw on the paneling.

A worker loaded a sheet onto my cart, I rolled cart to check out, paid, rolled it out to van, opened back doors, and slid the panel off the cart right inside. I said, “Hurray!” as I shut the doors.


I am really a novice at doing this sort of thing, although, I was my husband’s helper on many a project through our 43 years together.  I am just bumbling along to the best of my ability. Smile

Below, I had cut the top off, easy, but took awhile using a hand saw.


Measure more than once, before you cut, or measure twice, cut once as the saying goes. Well, I had the measurement right, but drew out the box for the outlet hole, to the wrong side, for Pete’s sake. I am amazed as I didn’t cry, I didn’t use choice words, I think I laughed. I had a smile on my face at any rate. I just have an outlet hole twice as long. I had to cut another hole for the light switch, that came out ok, not perfect, but I can live with it.


Here is the area. I was going to use an old porcelained metal table top, but put it on top of the computer desk my husband had made, and it was too big really for the space so I wondered if we had a piece of marble that would fit.

I went back to our stack of marble, found one that was 16 inches x 48 inches.  Got a dolly for hauling it, got it inside, then could lift it myself to get it up on the desk top. Now, what am I doing to do.  I prayed and after awhile, I got the idea to use the two wooden kitchen chairs one at each end, and slowly add 2 inch thick pieces of wood on either side until I had it where I could slide it over onto the desk top. I already had the piece laying on a stool, so just had to slowly work my way raising the marble higher and higher. 

That marble is heavy, but I did it! I was so pleased.  The marble is not perfect, as when I was moving it, one corner broke off, it’s to the back under the clock. Stuff happens, I’m not perfect and won’t be in this life.  I am still thrilled with the way the space turned out and started hanging art work right away.  Now I am psyched to work on the rest of the room since I broke the ice with this project. This wall had no wall board as we had had a leak in bathroom shower plumbing. So, this 4 foot section and the one behind the piece of furniture next to the desk, had studs showing.  That piece of furniture is heavy, so I’m not going to worry about moving that right away.


My husband painted the large painting, the painting over the lamp and the pencil sketch is also his beside the lamp.  The monitor for the computer is going to go in the space under the large painting.


This was one of our favorite towns in Spain, Ronda.


This is an oil painted by DH while we were living in Rota. He would paint at the dining table in the tiny dining room. The painting is small and highly detailed.  If you click on the photo, you will get a larger one so as to see just how detailed it is.

It is La Mosquita in Cordoba, Spain.  We have the post card on the back of painting that he used to paint from. The size of painting is 10 inches by 12 inches.


This is a pencil sketch that DH had done from a photo he took in 1973, when we were on our 60 trip by eurail with backpacks before we came back to live in the states.  This was in Florence, Italy.  We waited around to capture the little lady in black for I don’t know how long, because we knew it would be a great picture.  Widowed ladies in Spain and Italy, maybe Portugal too, all wear black.


This painting I found at a local flea market many, many years ago.  It is a copy of a famous painting.  I bought it and two framed prints for $1, so I got this for 33 1/3 cents. I couldn’t wait to show DH.  We had seen this painting in an art book of ours.

It is called “Matrimonio en Seville”, originally painted in 1570 by Juan de Cejeda (off the back of painting), this copy was done in 1950. 

DH picked me up at Seville’s airport Jan. 1970, as I had flown from home to be with him in Rota while he was in the US Navy. So, this was the beginning of our living together.  Seville was another favorite city of ours that we visited a few times while living in Spain.


This is a sweet oil painted in 1965.


Well, that’s the extent of yesterday’s project.  Not perfect, but it makes me happy.  Today I plan to move DH’s computer out of the living room into it’s new space.  I hope all goes well with that. It makes me nervous.  I think I’ll pay some bills online first, in case I have a problem.

If you care to, you can read about my rough day Saturday, and what helped me out of my sad state here.

Have a great week everyone.  Count your blessings, learn from mistakes, and love, live and enjoy in each new day.



Sunray Gardens said...

That looks great. You did a really nice job of it also. I love the beadboard also. The paintings are lovely, what a nice job they did. Hope you have a nice day today.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Morning's Minion said...

What adventurous projects you are tackling--and with success. Mark was undoubtedly an artist, but I think you have an artistic eye for arrangement and composition--indoors and out!
Be careful with all those heavy bits and pieces.

Sandra said...

You are amazing Lorraine, so talented, love it :)

And what beautiful paintings your husband did, he was very talented too. :)

I hope you're having a good weekend so far and that you take some time to relax today.

Hugs and love,

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

How busy you are, Lorraine! Thank you for showing some of your DH paintings. Each of them is a moment of life seen through his eyes.
Have a nice Memorial Day.

Betsy Adams said...

It is truly amazing what you have learned to do. I could never attempt to do anything like you are doing. The paneling is gorgeous --and I love your marble.

I did read your Sat. post. I'm sorry for what you are going through, Lorraine. I know it is hard. BUT--with God's help, you will get through the hard days. God Bless You.

Hope today is a better day for you.

Hugs and Prayers,

tina said...

Lovely job Lorraine!!

Kit said...

What a great job you did! Way to go! I love the new area. :) Kit

lil red hen said...

Yay for you, accomplishing so much by yourself! I help all the time but never use saws, etc., therefore sometimes I have to wait a long, long time to get something done. :)

Lona said...

I think it looks marvelous Lorraine. Good work girl. LOL!
New blog address:

Jeri Landers said...

He would be so proud of you, I know I am! I can just see myself cutting out the wrong side of the is exactly the sort of thing I would do. But I might not laugh, it would not be nice to hear what might be muttered! Hubby was quite a good artist, wasn't he?! The area looks brightened and cheered by the white, really nice job. Have a nice rest of day, friend.

Linda Fox said...

As everyone else has said, you are amazing. I couldn't saw a straight line if I had too. I've come up with some creative ways to move things too, needs must, but watch your back. I love art work and you have some wonderful pieces.

Nancy J said...

Beautiful marble top, you do everything with much thought and planning, carefully, and it all fits togtehre perfectly,Lovely paintings, and the computer move, guess it is a desktop one. I labelled every cord, matched up a little sticky label where they fit back in.It will all go OK, I know for sure.Fond greetings from Jean

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You are an ambitious lady. I don't think I would tackle some of those jobs,but good for you.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Everything looks beautiful.
So proud of you
A few years ago
I would attempt anything
but not now...
The paintings, marble, your sharing
are priceless.
God is Good...

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh Lorraine, you clever girl! Such an ambitious project, I'm filled to the brim with admiration!
DH really was so so talented.....

Dawn said...

Your DH was obviously a man of many talents. The painting of the town on the hills with the bridge is just frankly amazing! Almost Tolkien.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I can relate to trying to get organized, and things getting worse before they get better. You did a fine job.

Wow! I didn't realize the gift for art your husband had! Did he use it in his work? I don't remember if I knew what he did for a living.

sharon said...

what a wonderful oil Lorraine....of the town and great memory for you in many ways