Sunday, May 12, 2013

A peaceful project

Good afternoon everyone ~

I hope all of you Mom’s are having a love-filled day.

Well, I didn’t tackle my indoor creative workspace yet.  I had to get outside for my sanity.  So, I decided to paint the gateposts as we had just recycled some 4”x4”s that we had and didn’t paint them, when we did this project in 2009.  While I was at it, I decided to freshen up the little sign I had made soon after we put up the gates.

Gate beginnings 1

Here is my DH working on the arbor over the iron gate that leads from driveway to front courtyard. May 2009.  Oh how I miss this mannish boy of mine.


We were in extreme drought conditions at this time and I was not wasting water on keeping grass green.


Below are pictures taken this morning.




After ~ which blends in with the wood and looks good with flowers and greenery.

The house needs pressure washing and repainting ~ all in good time. The walls have faded out, more in some places than others.  I’ve got almost a 5 gal. bucket full of this paint, and I’m itching to get it onto the walls.  I don’t mind painting at all, although, the last time I did this was maybe 6 years ago. Winking smile  If there is another way than pressure washing walls please let me know. Like white vinegar and water and a brush on a pole. My BIL has his own life to live and I want to do as much as possible by myself to take care of our place. I know how to use a caulking gun, so can caulk seams, and I know how to wield a paint brush. DH always did the pressure washing, I just stayed close by to move the hose when he went to next wall.  I cannot do pressure washing by myself. I don’t have a lot of $ to spend either, so am trying to do things as we always did them, only by myself and not together with DH.




I just painted in the light color. It’s funny how it does not look purple like it does on the gate posts or on the house either for that matter. Doing this made me feel happy, and more in love with DH than ever.


This van business has me flustered to say the least. I am going to go to the mechanic I have an appt. with tomorrow morning, just take things slow and easy to get there, which is about 30 minutes away.  It may be just the wheel bearings causing the van to feel like it does to me.  I did check the transmission fluid after looking up how to do so on google, and after I figured out how to get the dang hood open. Sheesh.

The things I am having to learn as I go. Amazing, and rattling at the same time.  I say a prayer as I do things, and a thank-you when done. God is seeing me through every step of this new part of my journey here on earth. Without Him I would be a total basket case.

I am so thankful for the 43 years Mark and I had together. A time of learning and growing, through ups and downs, falling deeper in love as time moved along.

Have a great week, count your blessings, ask for strength and help from God when you need it, ask for His guidance too as you go about your daily business, no matter how small or mundane you think something is. He is always there for us no matter what. He loves us unconditionally, from the beginning of creation, now and forever.



Nancy J said...

Lorraine, lovely painting.Super colour, you chose so well. Last time I washed walls outside I used " Sugar of Soap" not sugar, but I think washing soda and liquid dish wash and maybe white vinegar, home -made. In US, you can buy a product called So Safe Paint Saint, I guess brush it on and rinse off.Easier than water blasting.Do you have high walls? That would be harder than a one level house. Greetings from Jean.

Linda Fox said...

I'm praying all will go well in the morning. Can't help with the power washing, but you may have a good idea with the broom and vinegar water. A lot of work though. Gate looks great.

Sunray Gardens said...

You'll keep learning more and more as time goes along. Most you've seen hubby do and know how to do it, it's just the doing it yourself.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Terra said...

Pretty Plum Cottage sign and gate way. You are doing good, step by step moving along.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

The gate, the garden, your combined projects made with love all make for the most whimsical and romantic garden I think I've ever seen. Not to mention botanically stunning!
Lorraine, I really am praying for you that the mechanical problems get fixed quickly and without too many $$ to be spent. These are the kinds of things that really can put 'rattle' into your day.

lil red hen said...

Your gate is so inviting! There are so many little things that need to be done around here; I wish I had learned to use tools earlier in my life. Now I don't seem to have the strength it takes to do some things.

Leslie said...

Lorraine, I really like your new improvements. The gate and arbor are just lovely, and the plum paint is the perfect accent. I really admire your creativity!

I totally understand your fears about your car. I hope they can fix it quick and that it doesn't cost too much!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

All this learning new things,I guess is good,but it doesn't always feel so good.I pray that you will get the van fixed,without too much cost.

Heather said...

Every challenge is a testament to your strength... I hope everything works out okay for the van, am sending positive thoughts you way! Cheers~

Kit said...

Good to see you are still plugging along. :) I hope you can figure out your car problem. Such a hassle for you. Love the gate and your sign. :) You take care my friend. Love, Kit

tina said...

That's a beautiful arbor. Very sweet for Plum Cottage. I don't pressure wash my home. We use a hose, soft britled brush with a long handle, and bleach. Works great. I think pressure washers are rather damaging and the water can get in so many places you don't need or want it. Good luck.

tina said...

Forgot to say on my house washing post someone posted about an excellent product called Wet and Forget. Have not used it but you might look into it. I plan to the next time I have to wash my house (in about 3 years)

Betsy Adams said...

Yes, it is amazing the things we learn to do when we have to... When I got my divorce in 1982, I had to learn to do many things which I had never done.. BUT--it all works out, with God's help.

I hope you can get the van fixed at a reasonable cost. The home upkeep is huge.. Hope you can continue doing it. God Bless.

Love the arbor.


Jane said...

Your home is perfectly plummy, Rainey! Those cars! It was the most frustrating thing when I lived here by myself. Even with all the diagnostics that today's cars have, dealing with the mechanics was difficult. The trick is to find one you can really trust (ditto for plumbers and contractors).

Anonymous said...

Such rustic charm . . . I love it!

I hope your van repair went according to expectations today.

Hugs my friend ~