Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pumpkin Mincemeat Pie

I didn’t write the date the first time I tried this, I just put one star and said it was very, very good. My cookbooks all end up with stains and I write comments as you can see. This recipe is from the cookbook “Farm Journal’s Complete Pie Cookbook”. This is one of my first cookbooks as  a newlywed. I have over 300 in my collection now.


The pastry blender is one of my all time favorite kitchen tools. When we first got married I used a fork or two knives to blend, then I read about a pastry blender. Our Navy base did not have a very big commissary but the Air Force had a huge one and when we went there I got several things, one of which was the pastry blender.  DH bought me the bowl, at the flea market or a yard sale or a thrift store.  It’s plastic but I love the colors and use it for regularly. He thought I would like it and I do.



This is expensive, but I only buy it once a year. I use half the jar for the pie and then make some mincemeat cookie, which are good too.





I am too full from turkey supper to have any pie tonight, so, I’ll have some with coffee in the morning. Sounds good to me.

I am so thankful that DH always encouraged me with my cooking and complimented me too from the very beginning of our marriage. There were only a few things in our life together that he didn’t like, and I noted it on the recipes.

I miss cooking for him and miss his love and encouragement. But oh the memories. They are locked in my heart.

FlowerLady Lorraine


Terry Mann said...

Very sweet pie and post.
I found you through Denim, hope you don't mind.

Nancy J said...

Lorraine, I wll try your recipe, I too have some very old and trusted never fail ones. Yes, DH will be in your heart always,he would truly want you to carry on, as you are,continue with those lovely meals, your photos, your wee haven outside, and your blog . Fondest greetings, Jean.

Karen said...

Dear Lorraine, I'm sure DH is looking down and smiling at the beautiful pie with the two hearts. My recipe cards are rather spattered and tattered too, but that way I can spot my favorites at a glance in the drawer I keep them in.

How wonderful and loving of DH to always thank you for the meals you lovingly prepared.

Anonymous said...

I have that same cookbook, and several others by Farm Journal that have some of the most wonderful recipes in them including the recipe for runzas.

You had a very special Christmas. XOXOXOXOXO Ilene

Jillayne said...

I love pumpkin mincemeat pie too - I think the recipe I got was from Good Housekeeping many years ago. A while back I started topping it with a pecan-brown sugar streusel topping, just around the outer two inches (you put it on when the pie is about half-done) and it's really wonderful.
I have to say, I like my pumpkin pie best in the morning - cold, with no whip cream.
Thank goodness for the gift of memory - sometimes it can be painful but more often than not it's a comfort to think of loved ones and happy times. Whenever you try something new you will think of your DH urging you on, as if he were right there...


I bet DH loved this pie, didn't he? It sure looks yummy. He was a lucky man to have you to care for him. You're such a wonderful cook and homemaker. Cheers to you my friend.