Friday, December 14, 2012

14 December

Good morning dear Friends ~ I do hope you are enjoying your holiday preparations and are not getting ‘too’ stressed out. I am enjoying my little funky Christmas tree. I always love decorating for Christmas and this year has been no exception. I love the lights, the sentiments with ornaments and the reason for this wonderful season.

Yesterday I came home from work to find a pkg. out by the gate. Inside was a jar of spicy basil apple jelly and one of raspberry jam. They are jewels and are sitting under the little tree. I had a sweet note with these too which really touched my heart. Thank you Lady for your wonderful and thoughtful gift at this time, you know who you are.

Yesterday morning I had three hours before I had to leave for work so I got outside and trimmed overhanging stuff in our driveway from the neighbor’s property to the east of us. That took about an hour and it felt so good to get my blood and lungs pumping. I needed that. Just like I need to cry as it releases so much tension in me. Always has. I cry when I’m happy, sad or frustrated. DH knew that all too well.

There are so many things I want to do around here to keep our little compound going, it will all keep me busy from here on out. My days will be full. I will deeply miss my Love, but I feel and see him all around here and that is so very comforting.

A dear friend bought my last bit of needlework from my Etsy shop this week and that inspired me and felt like a sign of some sort to keep on doing what I am doing, but even more so with my little shop. I won’t upload anything until after Christmas though.

Last night I had homemade vegetable/turkey soup, it was delicious, even if I do say so myself. I love to cook and bake and will continue to do so, but will be freezing things up so that I can just take things out of the freezer to heat and eat.  With supper, I will raise my glass of wine in a toast to DH and to Jesus/God with thankfulness in my heart, for my life, the love of my life and my continuing life with God by my side.

A few months ago I won a give away from Gayle of The White House. It was a jar of Rose Petal Jelly and one of Highbush Cranberry. I opened the Rose Petal jelly yesterday morning to serve on homemade oatmeal bread. When I opened the jar and took in a breath, I gasped in delight, it smelled just like roses. It was very nice on my toasted and buttered bread. I look forward to trying the cranberry too. She also sent a coffee mug depicting the humongous national park there, and a pack of playing cards with a neat Alaskan bird on it.


Highbush Cranberry


Rose petals



As a teen, DH wanted to go to Alaska and was going to head that way when he got out of high school, then he met me and those plans changed. Smile

A few weeks ago I notice a bud stem coming up out of one of my pots of ground orchids. Now it has buds getting ready to open. I am thrilled. This plant was in bloom when I bought it.  I put the plant in the ground and it never bloomed again. I’ve had it for a couple of years. Well, I dug it up, divided it up into 4 pots (I think) and this is the result. I will take pictures when the buds open.


I hope you all won’t get sick of me posting more regularly, but it is good therapy for me right now. Thank you. I live alone now, and Miss Tork does not carry on conversations. I miss those conversations that happened every day with DH, and much, much more.

Thank you too for your continued love, support, prayers, emails and gifts.

We had a nice rain yesterday, have had a little this morning and it is cooler.

I’ll be heading off to work shortly.

Happy Holiday planning.

FlowerLady Lorraine


This is my wish for you:

peace of mind,

prosperity through the year,

happiness that multiplies,

health for you and yours,

fun around every corner,

energy to chase your dreams,

joy to fill your holidays!

D.M. Dellinger


Leslie said...

Oh, the rose petal jelly sounds just magical. I've never tried that before. I'm so glad you've got big plans for your shop. I love your needlework.

sharon said...

I♥ rose jelly i used my last one up from goes well in yogurt drinks with cardamon...every question I think about you ,you always answer the next you are alleviating our worries.

Nancy J said...

Please keep posting, I would miss so much your daily updates, news, flower photos, and how you are now, we can share and care, send love and hugs across the miles, and we can smile, thinking of you trimming the hedge, have a tear as we know you are "just you" from now on, and we can be thankful for your faith, that DH is free from pain, and you have him by your side, in spirit every day.Fond greetings from Jean.(Goodies from Gayle were surely meant to come to your postbox, enjoy.)

denimflyz said...

You do not need to apoligise because you are posting too much, I should say not. We are all here for you.
Love all of your florals, they are such eye candy for me, in this drab brown world I have here.

Linda said...

I enjoy reading about your daily life. You are a good writer. It sounds like you have a full life. I didn't know you worked, but that's probably a good thing. My problem is not having enough energy to do the things I would like to do like garden, so you are blessed that you are able to do the work. Have a good day today. Hugs.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Keep writing.
It is good for you.
I love to write
and wonder where do the
thoughts come from.

gld said...

You could never post too much! You are good for all of us and an inspiration to live our lives well.

I am so happy to hear how you are doing daily. As I get older, I wonder about being in your situation and how I would cope. I would hope I would do just as you are doing.

I know cooking and enjoying good, healthy food is part of your life as it is mine. You keep doing that and sharing recipes with us.