Sunday, December 30, 2012

Looking forward to …


learning how to do goldwork embroidery. Denimflyz who sent me wonderful embroidery threads and beads in the past, just sent more beads and gold threads that she’d found in storage.  She and her Mom had had a needleworking shop years ago. They also did ecclesiastical work for churches all over the country. The heavier gold threads she sent me are from the Vatican. I’ve not done this kind of work before and look forward to learning and I know Mark would be encouraging me if he was here. He was my biggest supporter and encourager. I sure do miss him.

Below is a picture of the gold threads, some pieces of leather, silk threads and even a sample of gold work to study. I’m on the look out for a good beginners book on learning this embroidery work. I want to do hearts and flowers of course.

Thank you Vicki and your Mom too for thinking of me.


A book on goldwork designs, really interesting works of art.


Great designs in this one.


Different projects made with different threads.


And this one I really look forward to using some of the patterns as I love embroidering the old historical designs


More beads.


More beads, threads, etc.


So, I’ve got some new needlework to learn ahead of me, and I look forward to beading and embroidering once again too. I will miss showing Mark my latest creations and getting his feedback.

It’s a few minutes after 12 a.m. and today makes three weeks since he left this earth and it still doesn’t seem possible that he’s gone. The silence around here is deafening. His physical presence is sorely missed in so many ways. I see him every where I look, in books he read, projects completed or in various stages of completion, in all that we have around here, the bits and pieces that made up our life. That is all comforting to me. I am thankful for our life. We wanted more time together, but that wasn’t meant to be. Loads of memories are locked in my heart.

Enjoy these last couple of days of this year. Have a wonderful 2013, filled with hope, joy and many blessings.



Sunray Gardens said...

What wonderful gits and it's exciting to be starting some new project that you haven't done before. Hope your New Year is wonderful.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff! What fun to learn something new like that!

These last three weeks have been really hard for you, I know. But you have found your strength. What an inspiration you are! Hugs XOXOXOXO Ilene

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see what you will create with those beautiful supplies! And you're right. Mark WOULD have been very proud (and depending on what Heaven is really like - who can possibly imagine(?) - he IS proud).

I wonder if three weeks seems like an "eternity" to you sometimes???? It sounds like such a short time, but actually living it out must feel much longer.....

Thinking of you up here in the cold north :)