Friday, December 14, 2012

More of today’s happenings

Hello Folks ~ I left work early today, as I was tired and drained emotionally. The mailman pulled up as I was about to shut the gate on the driveway here at home. In the mail was a book a widow friend sent me. I found her blog and started following it back when our dear aunt lost our dear uncle several years ago. I wanted to see if there were some insights into how widows feel and what they might need and I did send our dear aunt some of the things I read and felt blessed by on this blog, Reflections From My Porch Swing. The book is “From One Widow to Another”. From what I’ve read so far this book is so what I need. Thank you Candy.


I sat down after I changed from what I had worn to work and started to read, when I heard a truck pull up out front and it was UPS.

They delivered a lovely, sweet gift of living flowers from our dear nephew and his wife, Trish and Daniel.

It was so fitting and you will see why when you see the photos.

On the little wall space right behind the roses, you will see an embroidered piece of the serenity prayer that I had made for DH’s mother when we were first married. When she passed away I got this from the estate.


I love the sweet little birdhouse with bird. Smile


I decided to take my blue glass collection out of the window for now as these need light to be grown indoors. The roses are Canadian. I love the color. The new arrangement makes me feel happy and blessed. DH would have loved this too. He knows it is so me.  Thank you dear Trish and Daniel.



I got some meatballs out of the freezer that I had made up recently, cooked them up and simmered them in a gravy. Made mashed potatoes to serve meatballs and gravy on and cooked some frozen broccoli for my supper. A nice dry red wine complimented the meal.

I am starting to feel ready for bed, but will try to hold off until 8-8:30.

Thanks again everyone for your friendship and caring.

FlowerLady Lorraine


Susan said...

That was sweet of your friend to send you the book and I'm glad it is helpful. And the rose from your nephew is beautiful...very kind.

Terra said...

A beautiful living flower bush, a cute bird house, and a book; these things are arriving with peace for you. Have a weekend of rest my friend.

Nancy J said...

A book, and flowers, did they come in the white picket fence container?? Beautiful.People everywhere rise to the occasion with love and caring in their hearts, and we can be so thankful. I too, send prayers for the families whose lives have changed forever.Be surrounded by love from others, help from those they know, advice from anyone who can help in a practical way, and take comfort from their other family people. Fond greetings from Jean

Karen said...

The lovely plant arrangement is just perfect for you, Lorraine. I love the little birdhouse, too. I'd never heard of the book before but I'm hopeful it is filled with comforting words and advice.

The Serenity Prayer is one of my favorites along with the Twenty-third Psalm, and your embroidery work makes it even more special.

Your supper sounded delicious. I am so grateful to you for your postings. The miles that separate us are many, but the distance between friends is short. It is so good to have these chats, Lorraine. May you have a restful sleep.

gld said...

I think that arrangement is 'you' too. What a sweet,lovely gift.

I am glad that you are taking care of yourself and having a very good evening meal.

We were stunned by that latest act of violence and can't imagine how the parents of the children must feel.

I hope you had a restful sleep.

Antique ART Garden said...

A perfect and beautiful arrangement for you! So sweet of your neice. I am glad ot hear your cooking still, that is a special part of your are a great cook!! Hug and love, Gina