Saturday, December 29, 2012

More sweet things


Good morning everyone ~ Today is a new day, I will rejoice and be glad in it. That is my ‘hope’ anyway. I’ve already had a good sob this morning, which is part of my ongoing healing/grieving process. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through.

I can’t even express in mere words what your kind, loving and supportive emails and comments mean to me. Thank you and I know Mark would thank you too. He knew a lot of you from my reading things from your blogs and showing pictures to him.

I’ve also gotten ‘sweet things’ either in the mail or delivered as in flowers. I’ve shown you the potted anthurium and another of roses earlier that I received, here is a sweet arrangement from Kit, called an ‘Angel Bouquet’. Very sweet and comforting bouquet. I’ve known Kit since around 1999 when we met in an online forum called Country Life. You can visit her blog here.



Lemon Verbena Lady and Herbal Husband sent me Spicy Basil Apple Jelly and Raspberry Jam. You can visit Lemon Verbena Lady’s blog here.


Next I’ll show you a happy pkg. from the outside to the inside. This is from Val, a sweet young lady who I also met in an online forum many, many years ago. I came home from work one day and there was her pkg. inside the patio’s garden gate. It just looked so festive and happy and it brought a smile to my face. Look at the gingerbread, candycanes, and other Christmas goodies on that paper.  I blocked out all the shipping info. Smile You can visit Val’s blog here.


When I opened and read her beautiful note and saw these photos of DH, one of which she used in one of her gifts, I bawled. I had been wanting to print out this photo of Mark, but need new ink cartridges. This was wonderful. I even have taken one to work to set on the desk there right by the monitor. Smile


Miss Tork even got a little stocking, inside was a red velvet collar with bells on it. She sniffed at it, but I wasn’t about to try to put it on her neck, she’d go berserk. Instead I put it around the inside doorknob of the kitchen door. I love it there.


Look at the stocking she made me, roses and paisleys, is that neat or what?


Below is a beautiful linen piece and stocking goodies, candy, cup cake liners with hearts on them, body wash, candles.


Look at the beautiful detail of the lace insert and edging.


A sweet hand made heart.


The ornament with Mark’s picture.


A sweet book and bookmark just meant for me.


I sobbed when I read the verse at the top, as this verse I read out loud many times to Mark over the last 4 months. It was for both of us then and it is for me now.


I’ve already gleaned a couple of positive gems from this book.


And here is a sweet, delicate piece to enjoy also.


I already mentioned the three books that Gina sent me and showed the little hand painted sign “I’m in the garden”. Well here are a couple other lovelies that were in her pkg. This lovely oil painting.


And this bracelet with Mark’s name on it. I love it.


I’ve also gotten a sweet little colorful jingle bell bracelet and a wonderful book, ‘Tasha Tudor’s Garden’ from a friend I know from work.

Thank you all for everything.

Blogging is very good for me at this time. I’ve always enjoyed it but now it is even more special to me as it’s how I am sharing my grief, my wonderful memories of the 43 years we had and there will be more. We had a good life together and I am oh so thankful for that. I miss him terribly as there is this void in my life that he once filled with his ‘exuberant’ personality.

Love and hugs to all ~ FlowerLady Lorraine


Sunray Gardens said...

What wonderful gits. The vase arrangement is really lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Sandy said...

I am so happy for you that so many have blessed you with beautiful gifts from the heart. I pray you will be comforted and soothed by these acts of love and concern for you. I send my love as well. We just lost our dear mother (hubby's mom) and the hurt is fresh and deep but we know in time the Holy Spirit will lessened this pain. Life continues and He alone makes it worthwhile.

Heather said...

The bond between humans comes in many forms, I am glad you are finding comfort in your blog and from those who have gifted you with so many wonderful things... in time, your pain will lessen... may your days be filled with comfort, happy memories, and great joy.... Hugs!

Nancy J said...

Gifts to you, enjoy, accept, they are all sent with so much love and care, and if they help/heal/comfort, we can be so glad our few words do this. Beautiful flowers, wotds, book, bracelet, let the healing tears fall, remember, look at DH in his photo, that is so special. Greetings from Jean

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

So happy for you
a special blessing
to you at this time.
God is Good....

Linda said...

You have some wonderful supportive friends. I'm so glad for you. I'm praying that you will heal and be comforted. Do something nice for yourself today. Hugs.

Karen said...

What wonderful gifts, I love the pictures of Mark. Hugs to you, Lorraine.

Mary Walker Designs said...

Your love for Mark is touching to me may you always have an intimate closeness no matter the distance death can't stop love.

Annie said...

You are indeed a blessing to others with your honesty through grief.

sharon said...

what blessings are friensd that care...and ones that are open honest and share of themselves like you!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm new to your blog, but one thing is certain, you are very loved. You have a network of wonderful friends.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Such sweet and beautiful gifts. You have certainly touched many people who care about you. It's great to make friends in many ways.

Rebecca said...

Soon you'll need to add a room to your cozy cottage to contain all the beautiful things coming your way!

It is SO wonderful to read of the generosity and outpouring of love. May it continue to pour in at "just the right times" for you, Lorraine.

Kit said...

I am so glad the flowers turned out so lovely. :) I hope they gave you a good feeling inside. Love the bracelet! Such awesome gifts for a wonderful lady. L, Kit