Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First week in December blooms

Good morning Folks,

I do hope your holidays are off to a good start. While you are preparing for Christmas, pause to remember all that is important to you. Things/possessions are not important, it’s memories, love and the many blessings large or small that come our way and make our lives worth living. Enjoy all the color, twinkle, music and joy of the season and be thankful for what you have.

Below are some photos of what’s blooming this week.



Cydista Aequinoctialis ~ Garlic Vine

Read about this fantastic vine here.








Mm. Laurette Messimy







Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady Lorraine


The Christmas spirit--love--changes hearts and lives.

Pat Boone


Val said...

That garlic vine's gorgeous, Lorraine. :) I'd never heard of it before.

And a hearty "Yes!" about Christmas. Even though I just posted about the cat's Christmas stocking. ;) ♥

Have a great day--


Sunray Gardens said...

I love the Bouganvillea but that Garlic Vine is really pretty. Haven't seen photos of that before.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love seeing your flowers! I think right now it's the roses I miss the most. You are so lucky to have them blooming now!

Leslie said...

Wow, your garden seems like a tropical paradise. That garlic vine is fabulous! So amazing/romantic that your yard looks like this at Christmastime!

Mrs. Mac said...

You always 'deliver' a little sunshine to my bloom-less view. Amazing that such pretty vine smells like garlic.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Wow your flowers are so pretty.
Not yet gung ho into the holiday activities yet. Supporting more of the love and less of the stuff this year!

Balisha said...

Are the poinsettias in your header blooming in your yard?
The garlic vine is so pretty.
Your words about Christmas are spot on.

Susan said...

Your garlic vine is absolutely beautiful! I especially love the last rose photo...very artistic shot. Have a wonderful rest of the week Flowerlady.

lemonverbenalady said...

Not much blooming up here, FL. Always happy to come down south to you and your lovely garden. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear. xxoo Nancy

sharon said...

I would love to see and smell this vine...I take it it is a zone 10 since it will freeze ....thanks for sharing..I hope you have gotten all the work around there you were hoing to do and enjoying the weather...and sending good wishes Lorainne for these holidays

Georgianna said...

Hi Lorraine!

I hope you and hubby are well.

It's a treat to see so much color at this time of year. Truthfully, I have a few roses that are still putting out a few buds but otherwise it's pretty dreary in the garden.

Thank you for your wise reminder about the spirit of the season. Wishing you a most happy holiday!


gld said...

The garlic vine is a new one for me to hear about. It is much prettier than its name.

Enjoy your beautiful blooms and we will enjoy seeing them here. We are still nice and green, but no blooms.

Lona said...

Just beautiful ! How I wish my roses were still in bloom. (heavy sigh LOL) I just love that lavender vine. It is just gorgeous Lorraine. Have a wonderful week!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Dear Lorraine
Thank you for letting me
visit your garden.
It is beautiful - as always...
There is nothing blooming
here by the woods.
But beauty is in the bare trees.
During this
holiday season
Best Wishes
are sent to you
from me :)

sweetbay said...

Oh I love that garlic vine! How beautiful!

Mm. Laurette Messimy is a study of loveliness.

Jeri Landers said...

Beauty on the vine... still on display in December, how dreamy!

Morning's Minion said...

Browsing through your beautiful flower photos is always refreshing.
Bougainvillea is one I have enjoyed when we visited in the southwest--so colorful and exuberant.

Vetsy said...

The Garlic vine reminds me of Mandevilla's. Very pretty thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

You are SO right! "It IS memories, love and the many blessings large or small that come our way and make our lives worth living!"

I count the beauty of your yard & blog - pictures AND words - among the blessings that make life so enjoyable. Once again, the colors of your flowers brighten my day (which is yet another in a series of cold, wet, and grey ones).