Monday, April 6, 2020

Inside looking out

Hi Friends ~ It has been a gloomy day here at Plum Cottage, some sprinkling going on. I was going to work outside but with the weather the way it was, I decided to stay in.  Photo below taken this morning from 'inside looking out'. Lamp reflections in the windows. Sweet yellow dancing lady orchids blooming outside.

 I gave my 'weeping lady' statue a blast with my 'little big shot' nozzle and she looks so much better.

 Below is a look into front patio from the driveway.

 Friday I tackled the overgrown garlic vine that was taking over everything in its' path. That was quite the job as there are tendrils that wrap tightly around whatever they can grab hold of. It had covered the crepe myrtle, and just kept going and going and going like the pink bunny. Enough was enough.

Sat. morning my friend Mary texted that she was going to the grocery store and did I need anything. I texted back yes and that I'd make her a list.  That is so hard to do, when you aren't planning and not going yourself. But, we did it and I paid her when she delivered with a smile, and big wide stay apart air hugs. I've not been to the grocery in 5 weeks, so I don't know what it looks like out there except via photos online. They had chicken thighs so she got me a pkg. We had to go with what was available, but I was pleased with what she got. She even gave me two rolls of toilet paper from her pkg. One pkg to a customer and I do have 4 rolls, now 6. The only things that she couldn't get was mint jelly. I am making some sort of lamb dish, probably meatballs, to be served over mashed potatoes, tender asparagus, and a glass of merlot to toast Jesus with. I had been wondering about getting wine, because I was out of red, and then she called, my prayer/problem was answered/solved.

Fading away carpet rose.


 Unknown, maybe Mr. Lincoln. Smells wonderful.

  Below are sweetheart roses.

Guess that's it for now. I did get a little discouraged yesterday reading someone's blog post filled with negativity about the goings on with the virus, the government and the state of the world. I prayed, re-read Psalms 62:1-8 and Psalms 91:1-7 and felt better. We do what we can to stay safe but we don't need to fill our minds with all of the negative energy that is floating around.

Here's a very encouraging song I came across the other day.

And another one found this morning.

Also below is a nice video from the New York Botanical Gardens orchid exhibit.

That's it from here, I'm getting hungry so need to think about fixing some supper.

God bless and keep you all ~ FlowerLady


Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Rainey,
Beautiful songs you are sharing. Thank you. Your friend Mary did great to find you some things at the grocery store. Wishing you a wonderful week as we move into Easter week. I am glad you will make yourself a nice meal.
Big Hugs,

Melanie said...

How nice that your friend picked up some groceries for you. I've been going to the store once a week and it's a very strange experience, having to keep your distance from people, wear gloves and/or a mask, and having plexiglass shields between you and the cashier. (Though I use self checkout.)

Be safe and well!

Nancy J said...

Down here, we are SO thankful a friend is doing our grocery and pharmacy shopping.and look in delight as the bag holds ordinary things we took for granted. I have tried so hard to get an online delivery time, but hope to get one LATE tonight for a pick and collect in 8 days time. Your flowers are beautiful, for so many life has changed forever,. at our age, I think of all the younger generation, and what is ahead for them. Then I realise, do not worry, is what I need to remind myself every day. Easter here will not be as normal, no church services, and our Prime Minister told the children the other day the Easter Bunny might not be able to travel outside his own bubble and your egg might not come at all.For the little ones, too young to understand, I hope some home made ones will fill the gap. Take care, and like us, so thankful for groceries dropped off, a true blessing right now.XXX

ellen b. said...

That's a nice grocery haul. Thank the Lord for good neighbors. Yes, concentrate on the Lord's good Word and find encouraging posts to enjoy. We all need to do that. Blessings!

Terra said...

That is a nice photo of all the bounty your shopping friend brought over to Plum Cottage for you. Who would have guessed we would be doing air hugs? Enjoy your lamb meal. Sending you hugs, Terra.

Ruth Hiebert said...

What a blessing our friends can be. I am blessed to have my son live with me and he is very willing to pick things up for me when I need something . i have been to the grocery store a couple of times.

Ann said...

I so agree with you about the negativity. It really isn't helping anyone. We all need to stay positive and have a little faith.
Nice of your friend to pick up some groceries for you. Since I work in a grocery store it's nice that I can get things when I go to work.

Deb said...

I love your flowers (I always do). So glad your friend could help you with your shopping. Sounds like you got most everything. I found TP today at Big Lots. I have some, but it is always nice to fine it out there. We also found some anti-bacterial wipes today. I feel like I go to the store more now, than before we were supposed to stay home - just looking for things we need. We are staying well and taking lots of precautions - have started wearing masks. You take care and stay well. See you again soon!

joe said...

Thanks for sharing a beautiful post.

Vee said...

It is all a balancing act, isn't it? We need to know some things, but not gorge ourselves on them. I feel the same as you about not being able to shop for myself since you and I have been away from the grocery store for the same amount of time. I laughed after I had complained to my son saying, "It's a thankless job to shop for your mother." Yet he had managed to tick most of the boxes even though my list had gone to the wrong email address. God is so good. And it happened all over again when my daughter delivered groceries yesterday.

Your flowers are beautiful. Since I have none here yet, I look forward to my friends' blogs sporting blossoms. I think your garden lady is weeping because she has no clothes.☺

Lynn said...

Wonderful friend, your Mary, to call and then shop and bring
groceries to you. A lot of folks are helping out this way, certainly
helps keep the crowds down at the stores.
Not sure if the food looked best or the flowers! Thanks for sharing
some more inspiration.

pilar said...

I'm sorry you were made upset by the other blog. My sister upset me two weeks ago. I could not sleep all night from worrying about what she's afraid of. Next day I emailed her the longest thing reminding her about God! Because what else can we do, but Trust in God? I'm glad you have your flowers and your good friends to help you and thank you for reminding me about Psalms...I better pull out the Bible and read it. God bless you and those around you!

Henny Penny said...

It is always so beautiful around Plum Cottage. I love the name "Plum Cottage". Your posts are always so sweet and kind.

GretchenJoanna said...

It takes some cleansing from the Holy Spirit to recover from a dose of that secular and joyless energy. I pray the rest of your Holy Week is holy, filled with peace and the joy of the Resurrection.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Lorraine, I'm glad you were able to get the groceries you needed. I am thinking of ordering over the phone so my kids don't have to drive so far, but wonder how hard it will be to get what we want. Your flowers are just beautiful. I don't have anything blooming right now except the camellias and the rain has made them all brown. Enjoy a quiet Easter and stay well..xxoJudy

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

So lovely of Mary to offer t do some grocery shopping for you. It sounds like shopping is rather much the same over there as it is here in Australia. Your garden is still looking lovely and a daily joy to you. We just had a roast leg of lamb for our 'passover' Easter Thursday evening meal.

Anni said...

Love the hot pink of your sweetheart roses. And we have a similar predicament with our trumpet vine, as you do with the garlic vine. Your friend did a wonderful act of kindness.

Stay well
~Hootin' Anni

sonia a. mascaro said...

Your friend is so sweet! Have friends is precious!

Love your photos!

Wishing you are safe and well!

Love these music too! Thanks for sharing!

Lots of Hugs and Love to you my friend!

Rebecca said...

Ah! I especially liked the peek into your front patio!

I'm not minding the stay at home a bit. I did catch a bit of a cold and have a cough that hangs on. Very thankful my 93 year old father didn't catch it!

Forsythia bush outside our dining area is brilliantly yellow, and the full moon has been so beautiful both evenings and mornings..

Karen said...

Dear Rainey, Glad to see you are staying safe and have been able to have groceries delivered. Our son has been doing that for us, too. Your gardens are so beautiful! We're forecast a possible blizzard for Easter Sunday, not that the snow will last long, but we just put the snowblower away. :-) Sending big hugs and much love! Karen

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

I love taking peeks into your 'secret garden', especially through the gate - so pretty! You have done a lot of work out there and it shows. I hate having to cut overgrown plants, but it has to be done and it always makes you feel like you have accomplished something big! I have ivy that I need to cut back....So nice of your friend to offer to shop for you. I've been going late at night and have the store almost to myself, but it is a little bit scary. I think we just have to put our faith in God. I've been doing a lot of praying.....There are so many kindnesses and unsung heroes, and that is what I have been trying to focus on. Love the songs and orchids. Sending you peace, love and blessings for your Easter day. xo Karen

M.K. said...

Hello, Flower Lady! That is a wonderful grocery delivery! My 86 year old mother told me yesterday she is down to her last roll of TP!! I hope my brother has some for her. He lives nearby. I don't think she was much interested in preparing for this ahead of time.

We have very stormy weather today, tornado watches and warning. Very blowy. But we've also gotten some outdoor work done recently. I'm glad to have a day inside. Take care! This will all pass, and we will all get out again!!