Monday, April 6, 2020

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Hello Folks ~ Anni from Hootin' Anni's Day Trippin' blog, thought of something for us to do since we're cooped up inside for the most part. It has been fun and I'm going to try to get this post linked to her event.

10 items:

#1 - A piece of jewelry with RED on it - pair of clip on earrings ~ I don't have pierced ears so go for the older clip ons.

#2 - An animal [live or stuffed]

 #3 - A printed item [book, magazine, letter, package, etc.] with the letter "L" on the cover/front

#4 - A YELLOW flower [artificial or real]

#5 - Framed art with a human image

#6 - Anything made of glass [except for a drinking glass!]

#7 - Something with a buckle

 #8 - Something square or rectangle that is blue.

#9 - Anything that is unopened [can, jar, carton] with the word "Nutrition" printed on it

#10 - This is #10. It is an odd one. Find something and make it a "Macro Mystery". It has to be an item that is uncommon. Something we do not see every day. :for instance, a paint can opener:...and a macro image [close up]. Make the image a mystery for us to guess what the item is; not the 'whole thing'.

 Thanks Anni for something fun to whittle away some time being indoors. Now to see if I can link it.



Hootin' Anni said...

Your linking worked perfectly! Thanks for hunting. Love your jewelry, kitty, human frame, yellow flowers (with my favorite wild critter...birds)...that rose with L is a work of that a blue sponge? That could be the mystery photo too...I do have blond roots. Lol. Now, your mystery item...a tool to be sure, but what tool? A leather punch? No. Probabky not. You did a terrific job of all. But, I'm leaving stumped!

Sandra said...

love all your FINDS.. I think the blue square is soap, it is a mystery. I know the last one is a tool of some kind but what is beyond me... rachet on something. thanks for stopping by my post

My Mind's Eye said...

Flower Lady,
Well done on your 10 items.. What a pretty kitty...oh I have a real weakness for stained glass windows. These are beautiful
As for your macro I'm guessing part of a can opener.
Oh and very nice to meet you.
Hugs Cecilia

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Anni ~ The blue rectangle is a piece of lapis lazuli that my dear husband gave me for my birthday many years ago. Yes the mystery is a tool, I will reveal at the end of this time frame, the 15th I think.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Hi Sandra ~ the blue piece is lapis lazuli, a stone. The mystery is a tool which I will reveal at the end of this hunt. ;-) Thanks for visiting.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I think Miss Tork is a pretty kitty too. She's a real sweetheart. I interrupted her sleep when I took this picture. I also loved stained glass and this piece was given to me by my husband for my bday one year. The center piece is painted on. You'll have to wait and see as to what the mystery tool is. Thanks for visiting ~ FlowerLady

nookworm said...

Nice selections! The live animal is gorgeous. Could your mystery macro be a ratchet for tightening a strong strap? or maybe a can opener part?

ellen b. said...

That's a fun activity that Anni came up with. I enjoyed your selections!

Ruth Hiebert said...

You found some good objects.

Ann said...

You did good with the scavanger hunt. What a beautiful cat that is. The stained glass is so pretty.
I'm stumped on the macro shot. I'm guessing a tool of some kind.

Lynn said...

fun pictures! Especially Miss Tork for a "stuffed" animal.
Be Safe.