Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The end of a gift of another day

Hi Folks ~ Here it is the end of another day, which was a gift, from the giver of all gifts.

We had a thunderstorm blow over early yesterday evening, giving us a good bit of rain.  I am thankful.

This morning I got out early to the so-called ‘back 40’ to pull tall weeds, which fortunately came up easy, then DH got back there and mowed.  What a difference.  He went around to the backside of our little barn and mowed there too.  Then I mowed what I usually mow, then I got out the electric hedge clippers and did the front hedgerow.  That wore me out.  Tomorrow I will take care of some other stuff that needs to be raked and bagged for the county to pick up.  What we put out there for them they turn into free mulch for the taking.

I’m not sure of the distance, where the stars are is the front entry sidewalk and gate, which we keep locked, to keep the night people out and any others who happened to think they can just walk in.


This is the front gate, part of one bird has fallen off, and I need to find another piece of weathered wood to make another one with.  There is a sidewalk on the other side of the gate.  The front patio which I look out onto from my little creative space indoor, is just on the other side of the greenery.


Here is the entry gate from the driveway.  It also stays locked most of the time.  We’ve had people come into our property at night before we put up this gate and the one across the driveway. It feels better having barriers from the outside world that’s for sure.


Now for some blooms taken today. Below is Jewels of Opar.  A sweet plant that I’ve grown from seeds from a FL gardening friend who lives in the middle of the state. This plant reseeds easily.


Here is my pink crepe myrtle.  Have several of these around the property.



This is a little rose called Golden Sun, which I bought many years ago online from a lady in the middle of the state.  The blooms are no more than 2” across, if that.



The clouds caught my eye. 


I worked on this piece this afternoon.  Hadn’t touched it in over a week.  I enjoyed sitting here listening to soothing music working with needle and thread.


Well, that’s it for this evening.  I need to get up to head into the scullery to wash dishes before it gets too late.

Have a nice evening/morning and a great day tomorrow/today wherever you are.


Don't go through life, grow through life.
Eric Butterworth


Sunray Gardens said...

Everything is really lovely and I love what you have blooming right now.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Rebecca said...

Of course, I always enjoy seeing the beauty of your flowers, but I absolutely relish the sights of the "hardware" in your garden -- like the gate here.

I also appreciate your rhythm of living today - today. Tomorrow is another day and will come in its good time with another set of joys and chores.

Good night, my friend. Keep on "believing"!

organicgardendreams said...

Very charming entrance to your property. I can understand that people want to come in even the unwanted ones, it feels very inviting :-)! Always love the tropical look of your garden and all the little charming details. The yellow rose if very pretty, never heard of that variety!

Mrs. Mac said...

.. do you see a 'heart' in the cloud photo? :) Made me smile. So nice that you had a good rain. You may have to mow again very soon :)

Hubby, Nathan and I are in Glacier Nat'l Park .. it is so beautiful here .. and we had a doozie of a storm at one point.

Have a blessed evening.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So nice to see your garden today. Wow, those clouds!

shadesofidaho said...

Again such a happy tour through your yards. I love the gate. And the privacy you have created. Those little yellow roses are gorgeous. Clouds too. We also had a storm blow through and it was a mad dash to get laundry off the line only to have the rain stop as soon as I got back inside. Hehehehe

Loving your new needle work.

gld said...

What a wonderful day you had. The rain was such a blessing.

I love the gates. I am curious about perimeter fencing. Do you count on the plantings or do you have fencing buried within?

The cloud picture is beautiful!

I hope today is as good as yesterday.

ChrisC said...

What a beautiful piece of property you have!I don't blame you for having a gate.Love the the cloud photo.We haven't had any rain since last week.I've had to haul out the hose and hand water.

Jeri Landers said...

OOOH, I just love that entry gate! I want one. I am so glad you are doing your embroidery. I used to do a lot of needlework as a teenager. I still have some wonderful samplers that need to be stitched and hope someday to have the time to do it.

Karen said...

I so enjoyed the tour of your garden again today. Love the gates, I sometimes wish there was a way to enclose our garden. You have a romantic Secret Garden behind the gentle walls. So beautiful!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Good Morning Flower Lady!
Oh to be surrounded by such lush gardens...just beautiful. I'm thinking that when hubby retires we need to move to someplace where they get rain in the summer! I love your lychgate. I see the heart in the clouds...what a great shot. I hope you have a wonderful day...enjoy your gardens!
Maura :)

Kit said...

One of the clouds looks like a big heart to me. A heart just for you! I am glad you have started working on your embroidery project. I can't wait to see it when it is finished. Hugs, Kit

Lona said...

I see you are working on a new beautiful creation. I love all of your gates and arches.I know what you mean about keeping people out. I live in a state parks area and I was out in the garden and two people just came up out of the woods and into the yard.LOL!There are always people around here in the summer strolling about. Maybe they think the whole area is state owned. LOL!
I love your yellow roses.Your Crape looks like mine. I just noticed this morning that it is starting to bloom. Such pretty blooms they have.Glad you are getting some spots of rain.Take care in this heat.

Grace said...

Your gates are so cool. Your Crape myrtle is awesome and that yellow rose reminds me of one I have called 'King Tut.' I love your stitchery.

Andrea said...

It seems i am looking at our own garden, except for the signature gate, haha! And your clouds are exactly the same as what i took shots last weekend. By the way, i am amazed how you manage to keep active the 5 blogs you have, when i barely manage one!

Mindy said...

Your flowers and gates are beautiful! Your Crape Mytrle is beautiful, I have some of those too, I enjoy seeing them bloom every year! Your stitchery project is very beautiful as well! Thanks for sharing!
Happy Gardening

sherryocala said...

Your gates are wonderful, FlowerLady, and so are your flowers and clouds!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful entrance gate to your beautiful gardens. I am amazed at the private oasis you & hubby have created around your cottage.

I said, "Wow!" to the cloud photo, too. So dramatic.

And the stitchery is inspiring. I imagine you feeling soothed and peaceful as you work it. (I hope that is so!)

Gayle said...

You are very much an inspiration of goodness for me. I despartely need peace in my life and while I haven't been able to make it happen, I do find it while I'm reading your words. I hope tomorrow is a beautiful day for you.

Cally said...

Oh I love your entrance gate. Crafts and gardening are such great things to combine. And your yellow rose, such a delight to someone like me how does will with most plants but fails with roses. I love the intensity of the newly opened bloom and then the subtle fading in the sunlight.

Meems said...

Good morning, FlowerLady,
So nice to have the gates to keep the strangers at bay. And they are lovely to look through, too. The street side looks JUST LIKE South Florida everywhere ... so lush and green.

All your flowers are pretty and your stitchwork is coming along. I can picture you listening to soothing music while doing that project and melting into the peace and calm. Lovely.

Enjoy your day.

Susan said...

Hi FlowerLady...It's so nice to see some pics of your lush garden. And, how wonderful that you got a rainshower. It's been very dry here this week...hopefully, the rain will return. Your flowers are looking beautiful as usual. Take it easy in the hot summer sun. Have a great weekend!

sweetbay said...

Your gates are very charming and decorative as well as practical. I would keep them locked too; it would make me very uneasy to have uninvited visitors. Your garden looks like a tropical oasis with all of those colorful flowers. Your embroidery flowers remind me of Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate ~ it has pink lacy flowers like that.

Diane said...

Hello from Canada. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, about my gardens. There is nothing I enjoy more than working in my gardens, I can't even call it 'work'.

Your flowers are lovely. It must be quite challenging gardening in such a warm climate. It was a heat record breaking day yesterday here in Ontario and the heat actually kept me inside!

Enjoy your blog and will be back.

NanaK said...

Glad you got some rain. We've been dry here this week, but rain is predicted for the weekend. Is your rain barrel doing its job? I am thankful for mine this week. I'm emptying them during this time of no rain and then they will be ready for the showers to come.

Love your gate. It's nice that something protective is so pretty as well. Hope the rest of your week is a great one.

Masha said...

I love your embroidery, you seem to have such a delicate touch. I haven't heard about Jewels of Opar, it looks wonderful! I wonder if I can find it here...

I love your front gate - it looks like you have a lot of privacy.