Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday ~ 1st of July

Good morning everyone. Hope your weekend will be a great one whatever you do, wherever you are.

It is a gray, drippy morning. Thunder has been rumbling to the east of us. It is 81 and feels like it is 92. We’ve been having rain every day for about the past week. Sometimes we have thunderstorms with strong winds. Yesterday was one of those storms as I was driving home from work. I do NOT like driving in T-storms. It is always a relief to pull into our driveway, then to get indoors to our humble home sweet home. More of this weather is expected over the next couple of weeks. It is beginning to feel more like our old summertime weather pattern.

Thank you all for your comments about our funky summer project. I’ll keep you posted as to it’s progress.

This morning I went out with camera in hand to take some pictures and here are the results.

This was my one caladium that keeps coming up every year. I love these plants for their heart shaped leaves, and their many color formations.


Below is my newly opening Miss Muffet caladium from Meems. (Thank you Meems.) It has been fun waiting and watching these come up. Since they started out like this.


I planted three in the pot below so they will be growing with/under plumeria and firespike. (Thank you Darla for the firespike cuttings.) The other three are in another pot, just starting to unfurl.


In the next few pictures you will see the yellow dwarf poincianna blooming tree. I grew this from seed.





Sweet Prosperity in the next two pics.



Spicy Jatropha grown from a cutting from my late parents-in-law’s property many, many years ago.


Sweet Tork, our outdoor/indoor girl.


This is the rose called ‘Love’.


And speaking of love, I just finished watching the series, From Larkrise to Candleford and I loved this. It was filled with love, hardships, heartache, wisdom, morals, forgiveness, joy. I laughed and cried through the whole thing. The ending was great, although I wish they had shown Robert coming back home to Emma and his family. (He had gone off to find work to support his family.) Maybe they will make a follow-up.

Here are a couple of ending lines I will leave you with today.


“Exhibit tolerance and kindness.

Cherish one another every day.”



Cameron said...

Your kitty is adorable! :-) The poincianna is amazing! Never have seen one in person.

Have a wonderful July 4th!

Becca's Dirt said...

I love your beautiful rose. Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

Karen said...

Carl and I were just poring over your post on the trailer project, we love it! This is going to be a fantastic little retreat for you, what I envision our little cottage project will be if we ever finish it. The stained glass windows add to the romance.

I'm glad to hear you're finally receiving some rain, now I hope it is not too much. We are very hot (for us) today, over 95 degrees is predicted with smothering humidity. I am not a fan of the high temps, but the garden is starting to grow much better.

Love all of your flowers; always gorgeous and new varieties I have never seen. I hope you and your DH have a very pleasant, safe 4th of July weekend. Hugs to you!

ONG said...

Sweet Prosperity is .... ummm ... sweet! Great pics!

Rebecca said...

It was interesting to "meet" several plants for the first time here :) I'll have to see if that series is out on DVD. It sounds more wholesome than typical television fare.

Masha said...

I love caladiums too, I wish I could grow them here. Your kitty is adorable, and your flowers so gorgeous. Thanks for posting all these pictures, I enjoyed looking at them.

Sandy said...

Your "Love" rose is gorgeous. And I still love
little Tork...
Hope you and your husband have a good 4th!

Bernie said...

My love for Caladiums began a long time ago. They are just such brilliant plants for our climate. I just wish the nurseries here would stock so of the more recent varieties instead of the old standards. Your dwarf Poinciana is doing very well and that Jatropha is a gorgeous thing. It sounds like you're getting some decent summer rain.

Darla said...

Everything looks wonderful. We too are having those afternoon thunderboomers, had one blow throw with winds in excess of 60 mph...sigh

organicgardendreams said...

Flowerlady, it always amazes me how many tropical plants are flowering in your garden, most of them I never heard of. Today I especially love the dwarf poincianna blooming tree. The photos of it with the shells are so artistic and beautiful! Your cat is so adorable. Great shot!

Lona said...

What beautiful yellow blooms on your tree. I think the Spicy Jatropha has such fantastic looking blooms. Have a wonderful weekend.

Vetsy said...

Lovely photos, and what a cute kitty.

Happy 4th of July to you.

Kimberly said...

Hi, FL! Your caladiums are beautiful! Everything is in bloom now that the rains have come. I especially like your dwarf poinciana. I have the red one but it's still too young to bloom. Your yellow is gorgeous! And your roses always leave me in awe!!! Happy 4th of July!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Your garden is always so interesting (and pretty) is fun to see plants from a different climate. Have a great weekend!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Tork is sweet! She looks like she is smiling.

NanaK said...

Yes, the rain is most welcome in the garden but it is challenging on the road. Prosperity is so pretty as is Tork:) Caladiums are rewarding and return reliably each year. Your Miss Muffetts are going to add much to your containers.