Sunday, July 10, 2011

More from Plum Cottage

This morning we went for a little walk (about 6 blocks away) to see if the yard sale that DH had stopped at yesterday was happening today. It wasn’t. It was already warm and humid, just a few minutes after 7, but it was a nice little walk anyway. DH found 3 pennies.

I didn’t see any gardens. We did see a nice brick home set a way back off the road with a nice piece of property with trees that we thought would be a nice place to live and garden.  But, I’m sure it cost a bundle and we are not in the market to move down the road and get into debt. We got back home and I said to DH as we came up to our little gate off the driveway, Oooohhh, look at this little place, I


wouldn’t mind living here. Smile I really appreciated our humble little place after that walk, and am very thankful for it.


Now for some pictures, with no comments.












“Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace”

St. Francis of Assisi


Have a lovely week.



Seven Gates Farm said...

There's no place like home. I don't think I could ever get such outstanding color in my yard. Truly amazing what you have. I love the way the gate leaves it to my imagination of what is yet to come behind it. I love cottage gates. Wish I had one. Debi

Annie said...

Such beauty in gardens. Too cold tO go out in mine

organicgardendreams said...

I think you have a very lovely home, I wouldn't mind living there myself :-)! It has so much charm, feels very warm and homey and definitively has a wealth of gorgeous flowers and plants!

Kit said...

It made me smile to think about you saying that. I feel the same way when we go garage saling around town and see such atrocious places out there! Yikes! And then we drive up to our little house and say, "Oh how lovely." We love our homes don't we, even tho they are diamonds in the rough. Hugs, Kit

Cathy and Steve said...

The colors of the blooms in your garden are amazingly vivid!

Nell Jean said...

Your comments and descriptions are the best part, FL.

My former neighbor used to say, "All houses are just alike. They all have 4 walls. It's what you do with them that matters." Hers was lovely and welcoming. So is yours.

Several flowers only here! said...

There's no place like home. :) Plants and flowers feels very welcoming! [url=]Magestic Flowers Online all taken at Keukenhof[/url]

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful blooms. It's nice to be home isn't it and I'm sure your place is more comfortable than the other house anyway.

Masha said...

I think there is a lot to appreciate in your little home! I wouldn't mind living there either... It makes for a happy contented person to realize that the next hill is not, in fact, any greener.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

I'd much rather live in your sweet cottage than live in a larger expensive home any day! What a beautiful secluded garden you have and I love your lychgate as my sister in England would call it. I also need to show my hubby your 'bottle tree'...I bet that's lovely with the sun shining through the glass. Thanks for stopping by today! Have a wonderful day and enjoy that lovely garden of yours!
Maura :)

Morning's Minion said...

Your cottage looks to be a very homey place. You have such an interesting variety of blooms--but how does one garden in the heat of a Florida July?
I always enjy your photos--I like them best when the plants are identified as some of the deep south plants are outside my gardening experience.

gld said...

Those flowers don't need a comment; they speak for themselves.

I share your feelings about home. Every time we go somewhere, the closer we get to home the 'lighter' I feel. There is truly no place like home.

Karen said...

Oh, I love to hear about you and your husband's adventures. They sound so similar to ours, just being together is the best, isn't it? Your husband surprising you with the book on roses the other day and going on walks with you, it's so idyllic.

We went on a big garden walk yesterday and most of the homes were huge, expensive and of course, beautiful, but it was such a relief to get back to our little place here. (I would hate to pay taxes on those homes, we'd have to take a second and third job just to make ends meet!)

Just peeking through your garden gate creates such a sense of welcome and wonder; you and your DH have created your own oasis of love there at Plum Cottage.

Sunray Gardens said...

Everything looks so beautiful and I can see why you wouldn't mind living there. :)
Cher Sunray Gardens

sweetbay said...

A garden adds so much love and beauty to a home doesn't it? And you have so many beautiful flowers. I love your hibiscus by the gate.

Anonymous said...

Your "little place" is beautiful. Of what use is 8 bedrooms for only two people?

I'm able to post comments again and am a happy camper. Hugs

Nancy said...

Your little place is so cottage wonderful with beauty bounding everywhere. It is fun though to look over the fence sometimes.

NanaK said...

You have created such beauty in your space. It is wonderful and it is yours. Enjoy your time caring for and creating your home with your hubby.