Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mown, weedwacked & trimmed

Good evening Folks ~ We have had dinner, it is lightly sprinkling, and DH is out in his workshop.  He has been in his  computer quite a bit today in a CAD program drawing out the original back door lock mechanism to the ‘camper’ now stationary ‘gypsy wagon’ as we call it. He is making a door for the ‘front’ of the wagon and will be incorporating this lock into it.  He took drafting in jr. college and  enjoys doing things like this.  He drew up plans many years ago for his workshop, the barn and the storage building and he was given the go ahead to build and passed all of his inspections.

Yesterday morning after we ran our errands, I mowed and let me tell you it was miserable.  I was sweating buckets, drinking water, and decided to quit and not finish up the pruning I had started.  I did that this morning and weedwacked too.  It all looks nice now.  With all the rain we’ve been getting lately things have been growing like weeds.  We haven’t had rain for the past three days, but more is in the forecast for the next week or so.

Below, I’m standing at the edge of the sidewalk by the road.  This is our long view of property.


Now I’m standing just inside the gate area.


This is a closer view. My shed is by the pink crepe myrtle.


Now I’m at the back of the property looking south.


This is my newest garden section,


I will close with the two pictures below of the blackberry lily.  I grew these from seed.



I have more pictures, but I’m ready to go get horizontal to read for awhile.


"There is no season such delight can bring,
As summer, autumn, winter and the spring."
William Browne, Variety, 1630




Bernie said...

Lovely Blackberry Lily. I have the same plant, but we commonly call it the Leopard Lily. Of course, it's really an Iris but the name sticks.

Your place is looking very spick and span. There are many familiar looking plants growing at your place. It sure can be hard work mowing in the heat and humidity. Gardening in the summertime here is very hard going as well.

Karen said...

Oh, what a lot of work on a hot, hot day. Everything looks so neat and trim now, it must be such a good feeling to have it all done. I can't wait to see the new addition to your garden, I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Grace said...

What a gorgeous blackberry lily. Your crape myrtle looks beautiful too. Doesn't it feel wonderful to have everything in good condition? If only it would last. :)

Darcie said...

I have always loved Crepe Myrtle...mainly because it reminds me of my mom...her name is Myrtle. Lovely property, and beautiful header on your blog too.

Gayle said...

I don't know the right way to say it is so jungle like without it sounding bad. I don't mean wild, but full. I love yards like this with trees, bushes, full of life. My yard is exactly the calculated and bare between beds. This is my 4th summer and when I started this I envisioned neat and perfect. Now I think it looks like a golf course and if I was doing it over I would have it more like your house. I've thought about making changes, but one hates to start changing what you have before you finish the rest of the yard! LOL Can't wait to see the rest of your photos.

Darla said...

I agree, it's just miserable out this time of the year in Florida. Your grounds are so nice. I started blackberry liles from seed last year and one has buds on it now, yippee! Hope mine is as pretty as yours.

gld said...

After all that you deserved a rest.

It sure does look nice though. I believe trimming does more for the garden than mowing.

The blackberry lily is a beauty.. When I grow something like that from seeds I am as proud as a new momma. I have some daylily seedlings this year that I am proud of.

Becca's Dirt said...

Lots of hard work in terrible heat - glad you are drinking a lot. Love the big view of your yard. You have a lovely place. I hear this morning that you may get some tropical rains from the low pressure system. I'm hoping we get lucky and get some of it.

Vetsy said...

I love those Blackberry lilies they are lovely.
I'm also delighted to learn that you grew them from seed.

I have wild lilies in my garden that I incorrectly posted on my blog last year as Tiger lilies.. got to fix that.

Nice job you have done with the weeding and mowing.. your yard looks nice and neat.

Sandra said...

I love your yard, you put so much work into it and it pays off because it's just beautiful :)

Lona said...

I really like the gate to your view. The Blackberry Lilies are so pretty. I started some from seed that Patsy gave me and they are growing well. I cannot wait until they bloom like yours.

sweetbay said...

It's nice to get the mowing done, isn't it, although it's hard in oppressive heat. We always get behind in the summer. Your garden looks like a tropical oasis beckoning one down the driveway.

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

What a pretty gardens or....gardens! I know it is hot and sticky this time of year....we are right by Lake Huron and we have the same. I do most my gardening after dinner when the sun is headed West!
Keep hydrated with all the work you are doing!
Thank you for your visit to my blog, I just became your newest follower!

HolleyGarden said...

That's a lot of work in the heat of the summer! I quit at 11:00, no matter what is left to do. Glad you're getting rain. Love the views of your garden. It all looks so nice and neat and tidy.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi FlowerLady,
I'm glad you took a break after all that mowing. I have been quitting when it gets hot, too. We've had quite a lot of rain, so there are mornings where all I get done is deadheading the daylilies.

I enjoyed seeing the photos of your place. Great job on the blackberry lily. Mine have been seeding themselves around the garden.

Sunray Gardening said...

Love your long shots. How lovely it all is and those Blackberry Lilies are beautiful. I am your new follower. When you have time would appreciate your stopping by and following. Have a nice weekend.
Cher Sunray Gardens

NanaK said...

I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading since coming back from a vacation. Your cleaned-up garden is looking perfect. This heat is awful here in central FL, I can't imagine down "south."

The blackberry lilies are so cute and carefree. Mine don't have the freckles like yours. Nice to know you were able to grow them from seed. Mine multiplied in their clump but I don't think any of the dropped seed germinated. I'll have to try growing the seeds on purpose.

Kit said...

Looks great! I have been busy today myself with some pruning (till I got a blister...LOL) and weeding. Took a break and went to the nursery for more annual color for some pots around the yard. Stay in and stay cool! Hugs, Kit

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

You have a lovely yard and gardens and I love the 'garden rooms' and your privacy. Everything looks so lush and green We are drying up here in's all I can do to keep up with the veggie and flower gardens and new lawn off the old porch. I hope you get some sunny dry weather soon and I hope we get some rain!
Maura :)