Sunday, July 17, 2011

More from Plum Cottage

Good evening Folks ~ We’ve had dinner and before I get too sleepy, I’d like to get this post written and sent.

We are watching the weather to the east of us, which has become a tropical depression.  Earlier I read that it was slowing moving south, which would be toward us, now I’m reading that it is heading north-westardly, and may impact Bermuda if it becomes anything at all.  We should be getting some rain and hopefully we will.

Below are pictures I took yesterday morning and today, here at Plum Cottage gardens, where we live in a tropical climate.  It has really been hot and humid for the past week, but thankfully we get easterly breezes from the ocean which is about 3 miles to the east of us.

This morning I grabbed my clippers and headed out to do some trimming of stuff that was growing into pathways.  I just let things fall and left them where they lay as by the end, and I didn’t even finish, I was too hot and pooped to do anymore.  I can rake the stuff up in the mornings when it is cooler.

This is our front patio area, looking south.  The pathway goes to the mailbox which is off to the upper left, then on around.


On around the corner.  The 5 lane road is about 10’ to the left/south of the gate on the left side of picture.


This is on the west side of the main garden looking north.


Here we are at a junction of the path above, heading left/west/north to a seating area under a lattice rooflet.  The rose ‘Phyllis Bide’ is growing up and over the top. We bought that Victorian wire bench at the flea market for $10, many, many years ago. I painted it purple a couple of years ago.


This is at the same junction but heading easterly at the back of the main garden.  We used roll roofing (some found, some bought) and found shingles for the pathways.


The next three pictures are of Mom-of-millions.  When any one of these little bits fall off the plant more grow, so you can see why the name.




Below is a mushroom that popped up in a crack in the pathway.



Penelope roses



Pandora vine blooms in the hedge material along the path. The foliage smells like garlic when you cut it.


I guess that is it for now.  Hope you all have a nice evening/morning wherever you are. A new day is a gift and I wish you all much joy and peace.



L. D. Burgus said...

You have been busy. I know the humidity and heat combined had to slow your down and bring you in a lot sooner than you had planned. I really like seeing the different varieties of plants that you have there. Tropicals sort of work here if you spend a lot of time taking them in and out with the change of temperatures.

Joanna said...

So lush! You've created so many areas of interest. I'm going to have to research Moms of Millions. That looks like something I need to put on my wish list.

Anonymous said...

May your garden thrive and grow . I love the mushrooms and Penelope roses - never seen this kind before.

www.yesugarden.blogspot .com

Masha said...

I love the lush look of your garden. You have so many plants, all so exuberant and happy, no wonder you feel tired! Thank you for a virtual stroll through the garden, I really enjoyed it.

Grace said...

Here's hoping the storm moves far, far the other direction. That 'Mom of Millions' is so cool!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Your yard sure is green and the growth cut away makes it look fresh and tended. You do have such unusual plants .. so different from our mountain plot of land. Hope you had a lovely weekend.



NanaK said...

Keeping those pathways clear is a full-time job in these summer days isn't it? You have such a peaceful, private garden it is hard to believe that a highway is just outside the gate.

I plan to spend this morning doing some much needed gardening until it gets too hot. Enjoy your new day FlowerLady.

gld said...

You do live in a lush tropical area...and the garden shows it.

I prune the same way; let it fall, wilt and then either I or DH picks it up.

The pandora vine has gorgeous blooms.

Hope you had a good restful night.

Darla said...

Love seeing photos of your gardens, I too toss trimmings down for pick up later. Looks like you have a lot of Asparagus Fern along your path. I have those tiny little things all over the Moms of Million that you sent me. Love the photos of the Banana Spider in your last post!

Balsha said...

Thanks for the stroll through your garden. I just came in from outside, where it is so hot and humid, and here I sit enjoying your garden.Hope you get rain, but no storm...

Karen said...

It is so hard to believe there is a five-lane highway so near to your beautiful garden. You have such a little paradise there, it is just gorgeous. I often just weed and prune without picking up right away, I feel I can get much more done quickly working this way and then just go back with a pitchfork (yes, I have a LOT of weeds, lol) and pick it all up. Otherwise my weed pails fill up too soon and I'm spending precious time and energy emptying them into the trailer.

Even the mushrooms in your garden are pretty! Hugs to you, and hope for some gentle rains and moderate temperatures to be sent your way.

Darcie said...

You do just a lovely job of photographing your pictures! It seems like you get every little detail of the flowers and plants when you get up close. I marvel at your green thumb! Stay cool.

Gayle said...

You really did a lot of work trimming. Smart to leave the clean-up until it is cooler. Maybe a garden fairy will come in the night and give you a hand. :) Have you ever done the Google Earth or Maps to see an aerial of your property? The one of my house isn't very current and blurry, but you do live in "America" so maybe your view is better. LOL

Cameron said...

Never seen a Mom of Millions! Very interesting.

I hope the storm brings rain to those who need it, but the wind and floods stay away.

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

It certainly looks like a very interesting little path to follow. I hope the temperatures ease alittle for you.

shadesofidaho said...

Totally amazing you have created suck calm serenity so close to a large road. A little pocket of heaven. Just beautiful. Even with things in the path. Did the same here this morning with a great big pile of weeds I pulled. Tossed them over the fence towards the compost pile until it cools down this evening. I am sure they will wait for me.