Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a difference ...

... a few days makes. This morning when I first went out, I could really feel and sense a difference, fall is coming. It will no doubt be very hot and humid again, probably until the end of October, but fall is definitely on its way. It is cloudy this morning, we had a little rain last night too. Right now it is 81 and feels like it is 91. Lately it's been in the high 80's and into the 90's and feel like it's around 105. So, today is a wonderful break from what we've been having. Birds sounded happier this morning too.

Here is a youtube presentation of the song "I Can See Clearly Now", that sounds right for today. Please turn off my playlist on the sidebar in order to listen to this piece.

Here we have Duchesse de Brabant and colorful crotons.

The pictures below are of a bromeliad bloom.

Here is a whimsical photo to end this post.


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Winston Churchill


Every day may not be good,

but there's something good in every day.

Author Unknown

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hello Flower Lady! Bromeliad is beautiful, and I like it even more because I can't have it in my garden. The cat is absolutely charming!

Sandy said...

Love your flowers, love the
quotes, and love your funny

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Very nice. Love the photos.

Kit said...

I can feel Fall here too! It is so breezy and about 72 degrees. Sun and puffy clouds and it just feels good. Looking forward to the changing of the seasons! Have a great week! Kit

NanaK said...

Really? Fall is coming? Do you promise? It has been hot and humid here. Is that a Dwarf Pride of Barbados next to the kitty? Whatever it is, it sure is pretty.

Linda said...

This has been a hard summer in that it was very late in coming and then it was muggy. I try to keep my spirits up and count my blessings. Your pictures are lovely and are a real blessing.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Flower lady, each photograph was incredible. Your music made my day!


Ami said...

That brom flower is so pretty! I can feel the night is cooler than before, hope the summer will end soon.

Noelle said...

I am also seeing some signs of fall, although the temperatures during the day have not changed much. Fall is my favorite time of it yours?

gld said...

I have been thinking the same thing here. Even though we are still getting to 90° daily, early in the morning there is just a different feel and smell to the air.

Love the exotics and that cat with the yellow nearby, a perfect combination.

I love starting my day with your Blog.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Oh how I wish I could feel fall energy level would move up several notches....Beautiful pictures..