Monday, August 16, 2010

Strength for the Day

Good morning Friends ~ I have been sort of 'burned out' the past week, so haven't posted here, and haven't done much here on the cottage grounds either. Nothing really picture worthy, no outdoor projects. The picture above is one from earlier in the year. I did get a 'hint' of autumn the other morning when working in my gardens, but a hint is all it was as ever since then it has been horribly hot and humid. I am so ready for cooler weather, and we have at least another month of heat and humidity to go yet.

This 'burned out' feeling will pass. We all have valleys and mountains, stretches of straight paths, some crooked ones too, but each day is new and we have opportunities galore to trust in God to work all things out, to carry us through.

I received the following from Grace Gems in my email box the other day and it was just what I needed. I need God's strength each and every day. Even when my faith is weak, my hope is in Him.

Wishing you all a day filled with God's love, peace and strength.


Strength for the Day

James Smith, 1859

"As your days—so shall your strength be." Deuteronomy 33:25

The future—who can tell what will be in the future? Our days are numbered—but we know not their number. Our days are appointed—but we know not their character. Nor would it be good for us to know. We know something better—for we know that our heavenly Father has made full, suitable, and sufficient provision for us; to enable us to meet, endure, and honorably pass through all the days of our appointed time.

Let me never look into the future—but through God's Word; and then, I shall not be unduly elated by the prospect of prosperity, nor unduly depressed by the prospect of adversity. Every day I shall have God with me. Every day I shall have the throne of grace near me. Every day the promise will belong to me, "As your days—so shall your strength be."

The future is here ANTICIPATED. "As your days," your future days. What will be the character of those days, or how many of them there will be—I know not. Whether they will be dark or light—wet or dry—foggy or clear—hot or cold—long or short—I am not informed; but I am assured of sufficient strength.

In the future—

I shall meet with days of conflict—when the enemy will thrust sorely at me.

I shall meet with days of disappointment—when lover and friend will stand far from me.

I shall meet with days of pain—when much patience will be required.

I shall meet with days of depression—when I shall be filled with heaviness, through manifold temptations.

I shall meet with days of bereavement—when the Lord will take away the desire of my eyes with a stroke.

But for every day—the strength promised me will be sufficient.

My working days may be many—and my resting days but few; my days of pain may be long—and my days of pleasure may be short; but long or short, working or resting—as my days—so will my strength be.

The future is here PROVIDED for. "As your days—so shall your strength be." It shall be sufficient for the day—be the day what it may. It is wisely apportioned, each will have enough, with none to spare. It is to be daily given, we shall not have tomorrow's strength either to use or squander today. As we must wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow's troubles; so must we wait also for tomorrow's strength.

The promise that ensures us suitable and sufficient strength for all future days, is made by one who knows all that will happen, he cannot be taken by surprise, nor can anything occur which he has not known long before. Not only so—but the promise is made by one who loves us dearly. Loves us—but who shall describe, who can suitably represent his love!

It is infinite love—and cannot be comprehended!

It is eternal love—and cannot be measured!

It is unchangeable love—and cannot be diverted from its objects!

It is sovereign love—and was fixed on them without anything in them to attract or draw it toward them!

It is Divine love—
deeper than a father's love;
more tender than a mother's love;
stronger than a husband's love.

This Divine love is . . .
a fire that cannot be quenched,
an ocean that cannot be exhausted,
a sun that will never set!

It is also the promise of one who will never leave us, nor forsake us.

O precious promise, of an omnipotent, infinitely wise, loving, and present God!

It is divine, therefore both true and certain. It is tried, and was never known to fail. As, therefore, it is divine and well tried, let us receive it as from God's hand, believe it with all our hearts, and trust it with all the strength of our souls.

Let us then look forward into the future without fear, care, or foreboding. What should we fear—if we have strength given us for anything, for everything? Why should we be anxious or worried—if all is anticipated and provided for by our heavenly Father. Let us rather exercise faith in God, consecrate ourselves to God, and manifest a growing love to the cause of God. And as God is so good, so faithful, and so true—let us direct others to him, encourage them to exercise faith in him, and expect sufficient strength from him.

My soul, I charge you never to forget, or doubt, or disbelieve this precious promise. But as in all times past you have proved it true, go forward expecting to find it true even to the end!


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Burned out is a perfect description when it gets soooo hot like it's been. Just a mini season in the growing season.

denimflyz said...

Thank you Flowerlady, for your wonderful comments on my blog. I feel overwelmed also. My blog is not interesting as I live in a un-interesting area and state. I guess I blog to help some people transit to a slower or simple lifestyle because of the current economic situation. I seem to run into folks who need help on how to bridge this gap.
I just want you to know that your blog is one of my favorites, I also love Down to Earth. Please keep blogging, we love you, just step back and maybe do a weekly or bi-weekly blog until it cools off. It has been terribly hot here, and I don't function well either. It has been delightful here the past few days with much cooler air (in the mid-70's and low 80's with little humid air, so I enjoyed it and was able to get outside things done. I am anxious for cool fall air.
Please take care,

Ami said...

FlowerLady: Wish your burned out feeling pass soon! Like you said, everybody has the down time. Just try to take it easy to yourself. I think the weather also has something to do with it. I am sure when the weather cools down, you will feel recharged, and there are so many beautiful things in your garden will cheer you up!



NanaK said...

It's good to rest sometimes. Time to just "be" and listen is a good thing. The extreme heat has kept me out of the garden except for short bits of time. But, just as the extreme cold of winter taught me, it's all part of the cycle. I can either embrace it, or fight it. And, I can't win the fight because I'm not the one in control. Only God.

Enjoyed the Grace Gem.

leavesnbloom said...

Thankyou Flowerlady - the words here today are so powerful so much so that I have just subscribed to Grace Gems after reading this. :) Rosie

Sandy said...

I live by "As your days, so
shall your strength be."
The Lord gives us His
strength daily to live
for Him. I, too, am
waiting for the cool crisp
autumn air. I do know
though that it is much
hotter where you are.
Try to take it easy and
rest in Him.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Good morning. You are sure not alone with that burnt out feeling. I think this summer has us all a little drained and disconnected. Hopefully when the humidity and heat goes down we will all feel like getting into the gardens again to work.

Susan said...

Hang in there FlowerLady. We're on the downside of summer now. Just 6 more weeks and the humidity will begin to loosen it's grip on us. At least, that's what usually happens, but this year the weather has been a bit unusual. We can always hope anyway.

Rebecca said...

The words you have passed on are so very encouraging and uplifting. But beyond that, they are TRUTH based on the promises and Word of the Almighty God, our loving Heavenly Father. He has compassion on us - realizes that we are but "dust"!

Thank you. In spite of feeling "burnt out", you stirred some of the embers remaining and God blessed me with them. May He (in His perfect time) bless YOU and rekindle the flames of energy, imagination, and creativity within you!

Skeeter said...

I love the warmth of the sun but the humidity is the pits! Sitting under a shade tree doing nothing but sweating is not for me! I am so ready for cooler days and nights but not winter to arrive, sigh...

Wonderful words...

FlowerLady said...

Good afternoon folks ~ I am feeling much better this week. It seems like this year's summer heat and humidity have bothered a lot of us.

Gardener on Sherlock St. ~ Wish summer was a short season for us, we've still a couple of months to go yet.

Denimflyz ~ You are quite welcome. It is a treat to visit your blog, to read about your canning and other ways of living frugally. Living a simpler life is a much quieter life, one that is satisfying in many ways.

Ami ~ You are so right. I was telling my DH that it's the heat that has really gotten to me this year. I've had glimpses of autumn this past week and that was nice. Just a hint to let you know it will be here, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Nana ~ It is much better to embrace than fight, just not always easy to do. :-)

Rosie ~ Glad you liked and I know you'll like getting this in your email too.

Sandy ~ Such a great verse to live by. I'm hoping for cooler weather soon.

HHG ~ Yes, we'll all feel much better once the heat and humidity are behind us.

Susan ~ Wow, six more weeks and the humidity will be leaving us? I sure hope so. It's really be awful this year. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older.

Rebecca ~ Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and encouragement.

Skeeter ~ Sitting under a shade tree after you've been sweating like crazy almost feels like air conditioning as the sweat evaporates. Almost.

Thanks again all of you for your kind thoughts. They are much appreciated.

Wishing you all well, and cooler days ahead.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

I'm glad I read down to here, FlowerLady. My jaw is not hurting as much, but I've been tired now that I'm back to work. From 11:30 to 2:40, I work with a low functioning boy who sometimes needs to be corralled to keep him in the area he needs to be in. He is a handful, and wears me out, but I am enjoying getting to know what works with him, what he understands, and such, since he does not talk. He makes lots of vocalizations, but no words that we can understand. I come home, cook supper, and have to force myself out to water plants. Sometimes I don't even make it out to do that. Then, I try to blog, and have to struggle to stay awake.

I'm glad you are feeling better. I love all your references to God's provisions for us. I was uplifted by reading them. Yes, He does give strength for each day.