Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm itchin'

It's gently raining now and there have been a couple of loud thunderclaps that made us jump, but the rain is so welcome. It's been raining at least a couple of hours now.
We've had rain off and on for the past few days and things are greening up and growing nicely.

The heat and humidity have been absolutely awful so that I've hardly done anything at all outside, except some hand watering, and pulling a few, very few weeds. I need to get out the weed wacker to edge borders, I need to grab the clippers for stray vines and shrub branches, the electric hedge clippers need to be put in use too.

Hopefully in the mornings this week it will be nice enough to get out and do some gardening as I'm really itchin' to get out there and do something. I watched some garden you tube videos today and they always inspire me.

I see so many things that need doing around the yard and am antsy to do something. The heat/humidity forced time off from gardening really has me chomping at the bit, I'm sure some of you know what I mean. Even though the heat makes me feel ill and aggravated, I'm ready to get out there once again.

The pic below shows the secret garden and it definitely needs trimming, weeding, etc. The statue is out of the little bird bath because the dang 'coons get up there to play and poop. DISGUSTING! We've been keeping it empty, but the rains have filled it up and coons found it again and used it last night. So, it will be time to clean it tomorrow.

(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Here we have the orange hibiscus in the next three pictures. This is a bush we found thrown out curbside in front of a house many years ago. I know some of you have told me what this is, but at the moment the name is not in my brain where I can recall it.

Red hibsicus.

Pandora vine

Pinkpet or Caldwell's Pink

Night blooming jasmine.

Spicy jatropha.

Glory bower vine or Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Three Chrysler Imperial rose buds.

Yellow firecreacker plant blooms, Russelia equisetiformis.


Even the smallest landscape

can offer pride of ownership

not only to its inhabitants

but to its neighbors.

The world delights in a garden....

Creating any garden, big or small,

is, in the end, all about joy.

Julie Moir Messervy

Happy Gardening,

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Cameron said...

Those blooms are so lovely! Those rascally raccoons! Pooping in your birdbath is just disgusting. I thought they would be cleaner than that.

I tried to do a bit of weeding and just about got sick on my stomach this morning. It didn't take long to feel bad.

Ami said...

Today we have the rain almost the whole day, with a couple of hours no rain in between. I was hoping to finish up one of my garden projects, but rain stoped me. Sigh. Your hibiscus, Caldwell's Pink and Glory bower vine are so beautiful. Seems you have lots of new bloomings in your lovely garden.

L. D. Burgus said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. We are having the heavy humidity up here with 93 degree temps. I am surprised you have raccoons but I have never been to Florida.

Kit said...

Hot and sunny and a bit breezy today. I am on my way out to reorganize my garden shed, since it was holding all the tools while we painted the new garage. It will be nice to get my space back. Love the photos of the Hibiscus. So pretty! Hope it cools off for you soon! Kit

Susan said...

We got some wonderful rain today, too. I did venture out this evening to do a little trimming back on some plants that were desperately in need. Your flowers are looking lovely and refreshed.

NanaK said...

Your garden looks very joyful with all those blooms. Lovely photos of that orange hibiscus. Glad to hear you got some rain. We finally got some today too. Love it!

Priscilla said...

We never got rain! You're very blessed to have such beautiful flowers. I love Hibiscus and your Pinkpet looks adorable. I'm sure the Jasmine smells wonderful too. Thanks for your inspiring post and have a great weekend!

Sandy said...

The flowers you are growing
are so beautiful they almost
make me want to move to Florida. Almost! The heat is what stops
me from moving.
We do have lots of family in
the sunshine state though.
Thanks for sharing your

Dave said...

"Chompimg at the bit"....that describes it well, the feeling a lot of us gardeners in the south feel this time of year. We watch for the skies to clear, run OUTSIDE and do some the storms roll in again and run INSIDE to plan our next escape. One must love gardening to have these thoughts.

Andrea said...

Hi Flowerlady, i opted to comment in this older post than the white spider lily as i dont seem to mind them anymore. They are growing everywhere here, as if every landscape purchased from one source. I love your posts here more, there are variations and colors and the photos are beautiful. thanks.