Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Plum Cottage Blooms

Good morning Folks ~ I hope you all are able to get out and play in your gardens today. It is perfectly gorgeous this morning, yet I won't be playing in gardens as I'll be at work again today. I did take some pictures this morning and yesterday.

Here is Vanda.

This is what I saw last evening as I was sitting here at my computer.

Prosperity next two photos.

Popcorn Cassia ~ the foliage smells like freshly popped pop corn.

Next three photos are of the man garden.

This is Love.

Basket flowers and Chrysler Imperial rose.

East gate which leads out to the driveway.

Enjoy your weekend.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


L. D. Burgus said...

Everything looks so good. I really like the roses. I am sitting in our public school being a test admin over test givers of the ACT test. This will be my last time in my life time to do this as I will retire from that too. Have a good weekend.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I love the walkway to your gate. Such a pretty space. Your blue bottle tree looks pretty in your garden. Isn't it so beautiful when the sun goes behind the clouds and make them look like pink cotton candy. We had some here the other night and I had to run to grab the camera. A plant that smells like Popcorn has to be a good one LOL!

Ami said...

Love your beautiful spring garden! That venda and prosperity are so lovely. The color is just so scrumptious! Hope you still canhave some time play in the garden after the work. When sun went down, the garden should be cool enough to enjoy.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I love your blooms, but I really love the long shots. So much intimacy and privacy in what I know is a busy neighborhood. That walkway is to die for.

Hope you're having a great day. It's 64 here.

LeSan said...

There were so many beautiful things to comment on in this post. The roses as usual are simply gorgeous and that vanda is really special. I've not seen that before. Love is outstanding and the "Man Garden" just made me laugh, too cute. I can imagine myself passing through your charming gate and walking along your garden paths. I could get lost in there. A lovely day!

FlowerLady said...

LD ~ Glad you like the roses, I do too, as if anyone couldn't tell. Bet you'll be glad to retire from this last bit of schooling. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

HHG ~ We have two gates alike and DH made the arbors to go over each one with the birds on either side. This gate leads into this front patio from the driveway.

I couldn't believe those clouds when I saw them, and even with the wires had to capture the picture. We had had rain earlier and this cloud formation was just lovely.

Ami ~ I love both Prosperity and The Vanda orchids. The only thing about working after supper is that's when the mosquitoes come out to feast. I try to get my gardening work done in the mornings.

Tom ~ I'll try to go out front onto the street tomorrow to take a couple of pictures of our hidden sanctuary. Pics of the driveway also. I don't have many longshots, well, what I consider longshots anyway, like some have. ~ I assume the walkway you are talking about is from the gate? It's a patio of sorts, and I'm standing up on another patio that's out off my office. We have little nooks and crannies here and there and just keep working on our little haven. It's a never ending project, one I thoroughly enjoy.

LeSan ~ When I red 'man garden' after publishing this post, I burst out laughing. What a hoot! I was going to change it, but now that you've mentioned it, I'll just leave it. I'm not perfect, and obviously don't catch my mistakes even when I proof read.

Thanks every one for your comments.


Cameron said...

I love the last photo of the gate! Yes, the blooms are gorgeous, the gate perspective is such an inviting view.

Jim Groble said...

Your yard looks great. It looks like there are plenty of places to just sit. jim

gld said...

Beautiful as always.

I was just going to ask about the "man" garden. I thought maybe you had split it in half and he took care of one and you the other!

I keep trying to get my dear husband to "share" more of the gardening chores. It is going slowly!

Floridagirl said...

You have a bottle tree! O_O Gorgeous flowers as usual. Your garden is so wonderfully cottage-y. I love your courtyard and gate!

NanaK said...

Love the view of the east gate. Everything looks so lush and lovely. Prosperity is one pretty rose.

Sylvia said...

I love your garden and walkway...especially the blue bottle tree...


NellJean said...

I always like the views out your windows, too. Sometimes, I consider dragging out a ladder and trying a pic or two from up above, sort of what the birds see, LOL.

sweet bay said...

Wonderful pictures -- I enjoyed seeing both the garden views and the flowers. Vanda is stunning, and the photos of the sunset and of Prosperity are amazing. You have created a haven of beauty.