Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I did today

Like usual, I start out the door with an idea in mind, and other things transpire. I never did get done what I went out to do, which was plant some coleus cuttings that I had rooted in water .

I thought of planting them in the garden area below, but it was filled with 'thugs' that had taken over, so, I started getting rid of them. Mother-of-millions, I have a couple different varieties of this plant, info and pictures here and here

Then there were a few other things that needed to go and the Louis Phillipe and a bougainvillea needed to be trimmed way back.

After I got started, but still had more to do.

Yikes, what did I do?

Tomorrow morning I look forward to getting back out there to plant potted plants, cuttings and seeds, after I do some more clean up. It is always so shocking to clean a bed out, at least for me, as this place is mostly a jungle. But, it felt good getting that done this morning when it wasn't too bad out. I look forward to however this little garden looks next. I'll keep you posted.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


L. D. Burgus said...

I use to clean my classroom the same way. I would head to the other side of the room to get something, and I would grab things to put away, see a table to be cleaned, put away paints, wipe down the counter and then never get what I needed from across the room. You garden is looking good. That is neat you can get some new plants in the ground.

texasdaisey said...

Isn't that how it goes? It sure does in my garden days. I always get out there and before I know it I am doing something completely different than what I set out to do. An easy day of puttering around turns into a hard day of work. I guess I must love it though because I keep going back out there.

LeSan said...

Holy smokes you clobbered it! You really got in there and went for the airy look. LOL The thing is I know that if you didn't you wouldn't be able to get in there at all. In your neck of the woods things are a jungle just waiting to happen. I'm still so new at gardening I'm just happy to see a weed growing. I can't wait to find out what you do with this area next. I am sure it will be delicious!

Anonymous said...

It's going to look great -I couldn't imagine you planting anything and then I remembered you live in Florida- your so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Rainey, do you ever stop to rest? I'm sure that you have to keep on top of things in your climate or it would look like the rain forest. Hate to see what my garden would look like if I lived there!


FlowerLady said...

Good morning Folks,

Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.

L.D. ~ Having in mind to do one thing and ending up doing ten more and not the original thing happens to me a lot. Thanks about my garden. It is shaping up and will look better with time.

Debbie ~ I'm with you. I love it. Although today I think I'll take a break from gardening even though there's lots more to do. Indoor homecaring needs doing and some baking too.

Le San ~ When we get regular rain, it can definitely turn into a jungle around here right before your eyes. For being a newbie gardener, I think yours are just wonderful.

Vicki ~ Yep, we get to garden 365 days a year whether we feel like it or not. Stuff just keeps growing. This winter while your garden is sleeping, you'll be watching that new little grandbaby of yours grow. Enjoy.

Jane ~ Rest, what's that? ;-) When in drought conditions the past few years there wasn't as much work, but who wants those conditions, no one. I'm sure your gardens would always look nice no matter where you lived.