Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What a difference ...

in the weather this time of year. It is still hot and hu
mid but not nearly as bad as it was last month. I am thankful.

This is when our gardens start to come alive. Roses are full of new growth, buds, and blooms. Everything else looks great too. Not having the sun blazing down from directly overhead makes a huge difference.

The last few days I've weeded the main garden, mowed, trimmed and cleaned up. I've got some potted babies and others to plant either in the main garden or in larger pots. All the potted babies were grown from seed, popcorn cassia, desert cassia, Jerusalem thorn, Vitex, Dwarf white orchid tree, white powder puff tree, lance pod or lilac tree (which the snails have eaten all the leaves from).

Right now, the sky is clouding up, and of course, I washed a load of laundry this morning and was going to hang it up on the lines to dry. Doesn't that figure.

Below are some recent blooms and one garden helper laying down on the job.

Click on pictures to see larger view.

Below is a wonderful statue of St. Francis that I've had for many, many years. I love the way he has become covered in various colors of growth through the years. He stand maybe 3' tall and is on a pedestal.

This next picture is South African foxgloves.

Here is Pandora vine flowers.

This is Mexican Bush Sage.


La Marne


Basil blooms.

An unknown hibiscus.

Last but not least, my garden helper, Tork.

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday,

and a great rest of the week also.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


L. D. Burgus said...

So you have our sun. We are seeing it go to the south and not overhead, more each day. Your flowers look great. Those are wonderful roses. I think Tork will always be my favorite. What a nice cat that is.

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are very pretty--love the foxglove the best.

FlowerLady said...

L.D. ~ It is nice when the sun moves further south. I love my roses. Tork is my sweetie pie. A lady who knows all about cats, said she is a classic tabby.

Vickie ~ Thanks for visiting. I just got seeds for the SA Foxgloves this spring and I love them. The lady who gave them to me is going to see if she can get some of the lavender ones too. That would be nice. Living down here in s.e. FL I just can't grow all the lovelies that you northerners can. But, we have lots of beauties you are unable to grow also.

Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

sweet bay said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Tork reminds me a bit of my Prissy -- the white front paws, the black eyeliner, the brick-red nose. Very pretty!

Sue said...

Hi Flowerlady! Your blooms are lovely as always. Your recipes look good, too. I hope things are going well in your part of the world. I'm starting to accept (but not embrace) the changing seasons.

LeSan said...

Oh it all looks so lovely. Those flowers are beautiful! I love seeing your pictures. I especially love your garden statue. The fact that you have had it so long and it is all weathered in makes it wonderful and rich. The roses are gorgeous and that shot of the hibiscus is stunning. A very pretty post today. :-)